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Storage Slacks: The 9 Best Cargo Pants for Everyday Wear

* Cargo pants are back with updated designs
* Great for off-duty errand running or casual office look
* Find age and work-appropriate looks for men and women

One of the trends we started to see last winter and continuing into this fall is the return of cargo pants. But instead of baggy,

, high fashion brands are modernizing the look by slimming the silhouette, adding new colors, and making them more functional for 2017. These new variations are great for off-duty activities and errands, and can even be used to elevate your office look.


1. Lee Modern Series Cargo Pant

These well-priced, slim fit cargo pants from Lee sit just below the waist (old cargo pants are high rise) and use 2% spandex for breathability and comfort. This neutral color allows for versatility.


2. Nike Club Fleece Cargo Pant

Nike masterfully pairs the utility of cargo pants and current athleisure with these fleece cargo pants. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better pair of errand-running pants than these. The fresh take on the cargo pocket (it’s slanted here as opposed to squared off) is a nice detail.

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Image courtesy of Zappos[/caption]


3. Hugo Orange Shay Cargo Pant

Made from a stretch woven material, Hugo Orange’s take on the modern cargo pant features elastic cuffs and a tailored fit for a versatile off-duty look.

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Image courtesy of Nordstrom[/caption]


4. Michael Bastian Dyed Cargo Pants

Even though clean white pants are the antithesis of rugged cargo pants, Michael Bastian successfully pairs the two for a contemporary look that works year-round.

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Image courtesy of Nordstrom[/caption]



5. Champion Fleece Jogger

These tapered leg athletic joggers are made of super cozy fleece, and feature a side pocket for cargo pant utility. Throw on a denim or casual jacket and wear this to your workout, or for weekend errands.


6. H&M Lyocell Cargo Pants

H&M’s lyocell-blend cargo pants take heavy inspiration from the rugged look of original cargo pants, but bring them into 2017 with a slim, comfortable fit.

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Image courtesy of H&M[/caption]


7. Caslon Slim Utility Pants

Caslon modernizes the cargo look by eliminating most of the pockets and slimming the fit, while keeping the olive color and utility design notes.

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Image courtesy of Nordstrom[/caption]


8. Splendid Cargo Dress

This cargo dress by Splendid showcases how the cargo look can be successfully used as inspiration for more than just pants. Add a streamlined leather tote to take this look to the office.


9. Nordstrom Cargo Trousers

These sharp, linen-blend slacks are a great office essential, elevated with sleek cargo pockets. They allow for a seamless transition from crisp work uniform to trendy evening-out attire.

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Image courtesy of Nordstrom[/caption]

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