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10 Best Cashmere Beanies to Really Cut the Cold

Owning a cashmere beanie is an easy way to elevate any hat game. Beanies are one of our favorite winter accessories when the weather starts to drop, combining the comfort of a snug nat with the luxury of cashmere in a knit that never overheats. This wonder wool often gives everyday winter staples such as sweaters, scarves, and even socks instant insulation. A cashmere beanie is an all-around winner for bracing cool temperatures because you can wear it with numerous looks.

There are several levels and grades of cashmere, but even the most basic thereof is wonderfully soft — just a 5 to 10% addition of the fiber to any garment can lend a warm and cloud-like feel that is unrivaled by most fabrics.

Also, we like to think that purchasing an item made from cashmere is an investment because it’s reflected in the price and the quality, so it should be cared for even more than you would with your regular fabric, and it will serve you well. 

Here are our top cashmere beanie picks to add insulation and style to your hat collection.

1. Everlane Cashmere Rib Beanie


We know, $65 for a beanie seems pretty ridiculous, but imagine what this might feel like while swaddling your cranium. The Everlane cashmere rib beanie will be your best friend this winter as you leave your heated apartment for the frigid outdoors. It does what other beanies don’t have the power to do and keeps your head warm, soft, fresh, and cozy day in and day out. Made from certified grade-A cashmere directly out of Inner Mongolia, this will be the softest, most durable beanie you will ever wear.

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Courtesy of Everlane

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2. Oxfords Cashmere Beanie Hat 


Oxfords Cashmere is pill-resistant, durable, and made from de-haired three-ply yarn, making it both warm and lightweight. The hat is available in six colors with a cuff that you can also wear down to wear the beanie slouched. It’s also made in Scotland, so you know you can trust it to be wind and weather-proof.

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Courtesy of Amazon


3. NAADAM Signature Ribbed Cashmere Beanie


NAADAM is the one-stop-shop for all things cashmere you need to get you through the seasons from head to toe. This cashmere knitted beanie that comes in an assortment of cozy, classic colors will keep you warm while on the move. It is made with soft cashmere in a smooth knit and ribbed cuff to make sure you keep your most important asset warm at all times.

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Courtesy of Naadam


4. COS Oversized Cashmere Hat


For days when you want to feel relaxed, opt for an oversized fit in everything from your coat, jeans, and accessories – of course. This COS oversized knitted rib pick is the one for when you want to look understated yet seen and works well with any scarf and glove combo, so you can look well-dressed without even trying. 

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Courtesy of COS


5. H&M Cashmere Hat


Having a bad hair day, don’t worry; a hat can come to the rescue, and H&M offers a range of failsafe colors to make sure that no one has to witness what’s underneath. It is made in a tight weave to keep you cozy during long and short commutes. So what are you waiting for? Go out and explore?

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Courtesy of H&M


6. Black Double Faced Cashmere Beanie


Ever fancy two hats for the price of one? The Black beanie offers just that, made from a double layer of Italian Cashmere you can easily change sides to take you from day to night dressing. It’s also flexible on how it can be worn, so you can roll up the cuffs during the week and lounge around it in slouchy on the weekends.

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Courtesy of Black


7. Good Man Brand Animal Print Recycled Cashmere Beanie


It pays to be a good man and you can feel like one every day as the brand co-founded by athlete Russell Wilson donates to the Why Not You Foundation, which works to encourage and empower every time an item is purchased. Also, as this is made from 100% recycled cashmere you will feel good every time you were this animal print beanie.

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Courtesy of Nordstrom


8. Herschel Supply Co Cardiff Beanie


You’ve probably invested in a bag or two from the Canadian family-run business so why not venture into their hat collection? As you can imagine, their hats are designed to be extra durable and are designed thickly ribbed to provide comfort and support. So next time you are out, why not pair it with a longline coat and the brand’s backpack for an effortless off-duty vibe.

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Courtesy of Mr. Porter


9. Burberry Stripe Cashmere Beanie


If stripes are more your speed, why not try this Burberry option for size. It is designed in a subtle three-tone and can be color-matched with a tan coat, bright sweater, and dark pants for a put-together look. It is designed in a relaxed fit and made from a cashmere and merino blend, so you can weekend in style.

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Courtesy of Lyst


10. The Elder Statesman Tie-Dyed Cashmere Beanie 


Indulge in your playful side with The Elder Statesman cashmere beanie that comes in an array of fun and child-like friendly colors. Who says beanies need to be boring? TES shows us that it definitely doesn’t have to be, by including tie-dye into an all-year-round dressing, not just for Summer-Lovin.

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Courtesy of Mr. Porter


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