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These 22 Stylish Chinos Will Have You Ditching Your Sweats

Fall’s just about here baby, and we hate to say it, but winter’s right around the corner. By this time, you’ve most certainly ditched short shorts, and whether you’ve been on the prowl for new fall fashion picks or have been sticking to sweats, it’s time to get yourself the best chinos for men.

Men’s chinos are everywhere right now and are exactly what you need to crank your work wardrobe into high gear this season. They’re so easy to pull off, too. Pair them with just about anything — your favorite sneakers, a sweatshirt, a jean jacket, whatever. When it gets even colder, bust out your parka and beanie but keep the chinos on. They’re an excellent multi-seasonal pant pick to rock no matter the weather.

The best men’s chinos, like your stay-at-home sweats, are built for both speed and comfort, especially when the weather cools down. They’re a great change from the typical suit pant or the trouser we once upon a time wore before March and offer something a bit more fall and winter. Even during the work-from-home grind, wearing actual pants and not just sweats can help increase productivity by putting you in the right mindset. 


Are Those Chinos or Khaki Pants?

Maybe you’ve heard “chino.” Maybe you’ve heard “khaki.” If you’re from Boston, like I am, you’ve also heard “cah keys,” a real engine-revving pair of men’s pants. Are they different? Does it matter how you say it? Consider this. 

Both chinos and khakis, like so many things we wear today, were first used as part of military uniforms. 

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Khakis came first, in the mid-19th century, after the British military adopted them as a cooler, lighter-weight alternative to wool while stationed in a very hot colonial India. The term “khaki” translates to “dusty” in Hindi.

Chinos were born during the Spanish-American War, when US troops were stationed in the Philippines. The troops’ uniforms were made of a twill material sourced from China. “Chino,” literally means Chinese in Spanish. 

Today, we’ve adopted the word “khakis” as the term for the garment rather its color. Furthermore, when many people hear the term “khakis,” a professional setting comes to mind. Traditional khakis have taken on more of a business-casual role, not too far from their proper military roots. Chinos, on the other hand, have developed a whole new personality and are suitable for both casualwear and semi-dressy occasions. They also come in a wider variety of colors. 

Bottom line: They’re a category and a subcategory. If you’re wearing chinos, technically you’re wearing khakis, but the reverse isn’t necessarily true. 

So, without further ado, check out the best chinos for men that you need to incorporate into your wardrobe right now.


1. Dockers Slim Fit Workday Khaki Smart 360 Flex Pants


Any conversation about the best men’s chinos that doesn’t mention Dockers isn’t worth hearing. With that said, Dockers technically aren’t even chinos, they’re khakis! Dockers, since 1986, has had a stronghold on the American man’s choice for casual work pants as does their parent company, Levi Strauss, as the face of American denim. But these aren’t your dad’s khakis.

They’ve completely revived their lineup by introducing brand new fits and their 360 Flex technology, which allows for a full range of motion, even when bending over. They’ve also included a conveniently hidden fifth pocket that zips shut. Wear this dressed up with your work shoes and a nice button-down shirt or casually with a cuff, white sneakers, and a comfortable hoodie. I’ve worn these myself and they’re far better than originally anticipated.

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Courtesy of Amazon


2. Banana Republic Aiden Slim Rapid Movement Chino


Banana Republic’s Rapid Movement Chino was (before COVID-19) often seen riding on trains in subways in swarms. They’re the go-to men’s pants among young professionals because of their high quality, affordable price and frequent seasonal color drops. Banana Republic developed its Rapid Movement technology to add stretch and shape retention to the pants along with semi water- and stain-repellent technology for messy commuter days. The Rapid Movement Chino line offers four fit options: slim, tapered, skinny and straight. This chino is perfect for working through the day and heading to a bar or restaurant with coworkers afterward. Dress them up with a shirt and tie. When you’re ready to let loose, they’ll keep you comfortable for the duration.

For fall 2022, they offer several colors to match the season. Try their autumnal rust brown color and pair it with a pair of Thursday Boots and a button-up for a casually cool work-to-pub outfit.

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Courtesy of Banana Republic


3. Banana Republic Slim Traveler Pant


This is Banana Republic’s “anti-chino.” It’s still lightweight but it’s far softer than any other chino-type pant. It’s all in the name, really — traveler. If you’re somebody who runs around the city or is constantly moving from place to place, you need a pair of pants that can keep up and stay comfortable. That’s what the Traveler Pant does. I have four pairs myself and they’re still just as comfortable today as they were the day I got them.

I think they look best with a rolled cuff, a clean sneaker, a t-shirt and a casual button-up over that. The black, however, is perfect for dressier occasions. The material Banana Republic uses for the black Traveler Pant doesn’t fade and doesn’t collect dust like other black chinos do. Whether you’re rocking the sneaker look or you wear it with a black leather shoe, you’re going to look great. If you’re looking for the best chinos for everyday wear, you can’t beat these pants for comfort, fit and style.

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Courtesy of Banana Republic


4. Bonobos Stretch Washed Chino 2.0


Bonobos broke menswear when they said something like, “You know what, people enjoy different colors, let’s create a pair of chinos in every single color under the sun,” so they did exactly that. This chino runs from a 28-46 waist size and the inseam is available up to a 36. As if they hadn’t set themselves apart enough, they went ahead and designed this chino with a mid-rise waist for extra pouch space and optimal comfort. For fall, the Field Tan color, seen here, is a great way to add color to your wardrobe as the temp begins to drop. Wear this with a plaid or patterned dress shirt and a work-appropriate pair of sneakers.

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Courtesy of Bonobos


5. H&M Slim Fit Cotton Chinos


Oh H&M, should we just hand over our wallet and be done with it? It’s a bit too damn easy to walk out of a store (or online site) with way more items than you thought you were going to pick up. We’re liking these slim fit chinos for a couple of reasons. They look like they’d still be comfortable after wearing them for 12 hours. They look way more expensive than they are. They’re a cotton twill with stretch, so they’re not too stiff and not too loose. And lastly, they also come in seven colors including gray, blue and black. Wear them with a basic tee, dark casual shirt, and a low-profile sneaker to complete the look correctly. Simple is better.

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Courtesy of H&M


6. Nordstrom Slim Fit CoolMax Flat Front Performance Chinos


If you think chinos belong solely in the office, well, you’re wrong, but we respect your opinion. These slim-fit cotton chinos are the epitome of men’s officewear around the world. They do look like a pair of classic chinos, but the fabric is what makes them special. CoolMax is a moisture-wicking material that can keep you cool during humid days, sticky commutes and really long presentations. Rock these with a classic tech button-down long sleeve and a pair of eyeglasses to complete the look. Maybe keep some pens in your shirt pocket even, you do you.

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Courtesy of Nordstrom


7. Entireworld Cotton Pleated Trousers


If you want a looser fit to your chinos, look no further than these cotton pleated trousers from Entireworld. Although they aren’t technically labeled as chinos, these trousers have the same style and fit you can expect from your classic modern chino. They’re looser all around and fitted at the ankles to provide that handsomely modern pant look you know you want. The pants are made from a sun-dried, crisp Japanese cotton canvas to give them an everlasting kind of look and feel.

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Courtesy of Entireworld


8. Polo Ralph Lauren Stretch Chino Pants


You can never go wrong with a little dose of Ralph Lauren in your workwear rotation. These ultrasoft cotton chinos come in two fits: slim and straight. The slim cut chinos are fitted, but not constricting. They could well bring out your preppy side, so don’t be afraid to knock the look right out of the park by adding your favorite pair of boat shoes and a decorative over-shoulder sweater to give us some real New England vibes. These pants come in several neutral colors, so they can be worn year-round. Just trade out sweaters for polo shirts when it gets warm again.

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Courtesy of Mr Porter


9. ASOS Design Relaxed Chinos in Navy


When we say relaxed fit, we mean it. Just look at these relaxed-fit chino pants from ASOS Design and see what we mean. These chinos are as baggy as a pair of chinos can get. They taper towards the hem and are cut off right above the ankle. This style definitely isn’t for every kind of guy, but if you’re willing to change up the mix every now and again, this is a great, subtle way to do so. Match this with your favorite white tee, a pair of Converse hi-tops and a beanie to pull off a dope OOTD.

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Courtesy of ASOS


10. Goodfellow & Co Slim Fit Tech Chino Pants


Think about it this way, you’re going to shop at Target anyway, so might as well kill two birds with one stone and pick up a pair of chinos while you’re there. Or, better yet, make your next Target run from the comfort of your own home and get ’em delivered. Target’s Goodfellow & Co brand is selling these casual khaki-colored chino pants right now for just $30. Currently, each and every size is also available for purchase online. So, you better act fast before your size is gone!

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Courtesy of Target


11. Vuori Collins Chino Pant


If you’re in constant movement, as if the idea of sitting down and working on your computer instead of standing and multitasking is abhorrent, you need Vuori’s chinos. The company that makes performance wear that looks just as good out of the gym as it does in it, has chinos that stretch like you do, and most importantly, they’ve got an anti-odor thing locked into their fabric. These brushed cotton chino pants can withstand everything from a quick sprint, an insane commute and a quick workout. They also come in three other neutral shades.

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Courtesy of Vuori

12. Everlane The Performance Chino


You’ve got navy, grey, tan and black chinos. Cool, but you need to try this dark slate color from Everlane’s Performance Chino Uniform line. Performance and techwear is a booming trend right now in menswear and, to a degree, it’s not going anywhere. Everlane’s chino was designed with four-way stretch fabric that is also moisture-wicking and quick-drying to keep up with a long day of wear. As part of Everlane’s Uniform line, these chinos come with a 365-day guarantee that states “in the unlikely event that a tee gets a hole, a sweatshirt collar shrinks up, an oxford loses its color — don’t sweat it. We’ll gladly replace it with a new one.”

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Courtesy of Everlane


13. Scotch & Soda Blake Pleated Corduroy Chino


Corduroy chinos are a thing and we’re 100% here for it. Merging the classic style, with corduroy and a fit that’s even appropriate for the office, these corduroy chinos are an easy-to-wear casual staple for any day of the week. Slide them on with your favorite pair of white sneakers and hit your skateboard or plop yourself down at your work-from-home desk and grind all day long, you’ll stay comfortable no matter what. Wear this with a cozy tee or an open flannel to exude a breezy vibe. These are perfect for the autumnal season.

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Courtesy of Scotch & Soda


14. Western Rise AT Slim Pant


Come on, clumsy, it’s time to get yourself a pair of chinos that won’t stain on you. The AT Slim Pants from Western Rise are for the type of guy who spills his drinks and drips his dips on the daily, because these bad boys won’t stain. We mean it — you’ll never want to wear a different pair of pants again after realizing how resistant these pants are. You can wear these chinos in any kind of weather and still feel comfortable, too, whether it’s 5 or 80 degrees outside. They’re also easy to move around in, whether you’re spending days on end biking around the city or working endless hours in numerous positions at your work-from-home desk.

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Courtesy of Western Rise


15. Hollister Slim Straight Chino Pant


You’ve got the basics covered, but if you’re looking for a way to subtly show off your personality at work, these are your chino pants. The neutral shade ensures that no matter what you pair it with, the outfit will work. The tonal pattern is slightly edgy, with a subtle nod towards that 70s patchwork denim trend. Hollister’s chinos have a slightly relaxed cut, easy to wear at work or for hopping on your skateboard and executing a couple of moves. They’ve got side pockets and tons of stretch, too.

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Courtesy of Hollister


16. Mugsy Travelers Morgan Chino


This is BY FAR the stretchiest chino I’ve ever worn. One of the new kids on the block, Mugsy’s mission is to “#FreeYourBalls.” Mugsy Jeans was born after the founder was told his baggy pants looked like garbage. Still needing extra room for the boys, he designed a product that was the perfect balance between a slim and a straight fit with the added bonus of stretch. Mugsy chinos look great, but there have been specific times when they’ve come in clutch, like for indoor rock climbing, riding the bike to the office and just living in the hot Los Angeles summer. But wait there’s more! The travelers have a passport hidden pocket and drawstring cords at the ankle so that you can convert them into joggers.

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Courtesy of Mugsy


17. Todd Snyder Duck Camo Chino


These chinos are so camo, we can barely even see them! They just blend in so well. All jokes aside, these camo chinos from Todd Snyder are a handsome yet stylish pair of pants to keep in your closet. Synder’s been doing camo chinos for a while, and this fresh take for fall 2021 is pretty damn cool. These will look great on any guy more into street-style fashion because if you are, you’ll know that camo’s super in right now. Pair these with your favorite athletic sneaks, a casual hoodie or a cotton turtleneck and a backward cap.

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Courtesy of Todd Snyder


18. Chocoolate Corduroy Slim Cut Chinos


You can never go wrong with a pair of cords, and a pair of cord chinos is a handsome choice for fall. Chocoolate, the in-house fashion label of I.T group, aims to design high-quality casualwear for all ages.  They’re known for their youthful, graphic-driven pieces, but they also boast a range of staples, like these corduroy slim cut chinos. These slim-cut chinos feature a stylish logo patch on the side and the leg ends in a very small, almost indiscernible cuff.

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Image Courtesy of FarFetch


19. Thom Browne 4-Bar Cotton Twill Pants


Use Thom Browne’s handsomely styled chinos to shine a spotlight on your good taste. His signature four bars are sewn onto one thigh and a logo name tag applique sits above one cuff.  These snazzy cotton chinos have angled front pockets and are cropped just above the ankle. If you really want to make an entrance, pair these chinos pants with Browne’s coordinating 4-bar chambray shirt.

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Courtesy of My Theresa


20. Nike Flex Golf Pants


If you’re one of those guys whose office is somewhere in the back 9, or you like to hit the driving range during lunch, or just want a pair of comfy pants, snag a pair of Nike’s golf chinos. Made with the brand’s iconic Dri-Fit Technology, sweat doesn’t settle on your body leaving you with a case of the itchies. These sport chinos are styled to look good anywhere. They have a standard fit and lots of pockets.

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Courtesy of Nike


21. Levi’s XX Chino EZ Waist Corduroy Shorts


Shorts lovers are always looking for a pair that can work during fall’s warmish days. If that’s you, snag a pair or two of Levi’s cord chino shorts. Levi’s are stylish, classic and reliable and these slim-cut chino shorts are no exception. They feature a hidden drawstring and an elastic waist so you can feel comfortable while looking your best. They come in two neutral shades to raise your shorts game. Try them with a tee or plush terry polo now, and then layer them with a hoodie or chore jacket when it gets chillier.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Levi's


22. ASOS Design Two Pack Slim Chino Shorts


If you’re looking to purchase one more pair of shorts before the summer comes to a close, ASOS Design has a killer deal for you. For the price of one pair of slim chino shorts, you get two of them in neutral colors so they’re easy to pair with anything. Made with cotton and just a touch of stretch, they’re a comfortable, casual and cooling way to end your summer even if you’re playing with adding layers to your look as the temp drops. They look dope and handsomely appropriate combined with a tank and an open short-sleeve button-up shirt.

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Courtesy of ASOS


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