Slap These Cleats To Your Shoes To Help You Get a Better Grip When Shoveling Snow

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Would America’s Funniest Home Videos even exist if there weren’t videos of people falling on ice? We’re not sure. But what we do know is that no one wants to accidentally film their own falling video. It’s painful, it’s cold, and it’s impossible to look cool after falling. Not even James Bond can pull that off.

Thankfully, cleats exist for this exact reason. Easily attaching to your boots or shoes, ice cleats can turn regular footwear into grip footwear, helping you battle icy sidewalks, snowy driveways, and anything else this winter wants to throw at you. Take that, snowstorm.

But what should you look for when purchasing cleats? For us, we want a durable construction that’s not only easy to add onto our shoes (preferably, any shoes) but a setup that comes with some seriously heavy-duty spikes and chains. The last thing you want is for your cleat to fall apart when you’re out and about.

We’ve rounded up the best ice cleats with these thoughts in mind. Take a look below.

1. Wirezoll Crampons, Stainless Steel Ice Traction Cleats

Comprised of 24 stainless steel spikes attached to silicone to help them fit over boots and shoes, these anti-skid traction cleats can grip icy and uneven ground. As a bonus, the cleats come with a handy pouch for easy storage when not in use. The spikes are also multi-directional to help you get a solid grip, even when the footing is uneven and blocky.

Wirezoll Traction Cleats Amazon

Image courtesy of Amazon

2. OuterStar Traction Cleats Ice Snow Grips

The OuterStar Traction Cleats Ice Snow Grips mean business. If you’re looking for cleats that will keep you standing during snowy walks with the dog, hiking in the snow, or shoveling your driveway (and your neighbors, you good Samaritan!), OuterStar’s stainless steel spikes can take on just about any terrain. These cleats cover the entire length of the shoe with both spikes for digging into snow as well as chains for added grip.

OuterStar Traction Cleats Ice Snow Grips Amazon

3. Hood River Shoe Ice Cleats

The Hood River Shoe Ice Cleats can fit on any sized shoe or boot thanks to the cleat’s totally adjustable nylon and Velcro straps. Our team likes that the cleats easily go on and off in seconds, turning even dress shoes into gripping machines. Plus, their lightweight design makes them easy to carry and have on hand for surprise snowstorms.

Hood River Shoe Ice Cleats Amazon