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Look Suave Without the Stress by Using a Clip-On Bow Tie

Fashion trends come and go, but one style that has never fallen out of favor is the bow tie. Maybe it’s all thanks to James Bond and his six decades of making it the quintessential accessory for a tux, but bow ties continue to be the premier choice for graduations, weddings, formal events, and thanks to the increase in hipster chic, hanging out at the coffee shop. It’s officially cool to wear a bow tie just about anywhere.

Of course, the main issue with a bow tie is the actual tying. Maybe you’ve watched YouTube tutorials, or read men’s magazine articles. Relatives and friends may have tried to impart knotting tips with little to no success. But even with ample practice, knotting a bow tie is tricky at best and impossible at worst. That’s why we love clip-on bow ties.

If you’re ready to add a classic flair to your next formal event without the need for YouTube tutorials, check out our favorite clip-on bow ties below.

1. The Dapper Tie Men’s Pre-tied Clip On Bow Tie

Add a touch of class to your next event with the Dapper Tie Men’s Pre-tied Clip-On Bow Tie. The chic and durable bow tie is made from 100% polyester and measures 4.75 inches across and 2.5 inches high, making it the largest bow tie on our list. The Dapper Tie features a sturdy metal clip on the back that secures it to your collar. Each bow tie comes in an individual box, making this an excellent option for Father’s Day gifts and groomsman gifts.

Pros: The Dapper Tie clip-on bow tie is available in 37 colors, making it easy to find the color you need for your next event.

Cons: The Dapper Tie bow tie comes with a big price tag.

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2. Men’s Red Tartan Plaid Clip On Cotton Bow Tie

If you want to add some color or an element of tradition to your look, try the Men’s Red Tartan Plaid Clip-On Cotton Bow Tie. The colorful and classic bow tie measures 4.5 inches across and 2.5 inches high. Made in the USA, the tie has a cotton outer shell. The traditional red tartan pattern is easy to match to smaller children’s ties for family photos.

Pros: The clip on the Tartan tie is 3 inches in length, making it longer than most clips and easier to secure to your collar.

Cons: The Tartan tie is only available in one color option.

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3. TieMart Carnation Pink Clip-On Bow Tie

Keep your tie in place all day and night with the TieMart Carnation Pink Clip-On Bow Tie. The light pink tie has a soft satin finish for an elegant and classy look. The back of the tie features heavy-duty clips that are durable and strong. The 100% polyester tie measures 4.5 inches across and 2.5 inches high for a traditional look that will suit almost anyone. TieMart also makes clip-on bow ties in red, purple, green, blue, pearl and black.

Pros: The clips on the TieMart bow tie extend one inch on either side, making it easy for users to secure the tie to their collar.

Cons: The TieMart bow tie is a light classic pink color, which can be challenging to see in the picture.

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4. Brybelly Formal Black Casino and Poker Dealer Clip On Bow Tie

For a truly timeless look, we recommend the Brybelly Formal Black Casino and Poker Dealer Clip On Bow Tie. Go full James Bond with this black clip-on bow tie, which features a slight sheen that catches the light and matches standard tuxedos. The bow tie is stitched into shape and won’t fall at the edges or come loose, regardless of whether you spend the night dancing at a wedding or on a secret 007 mission. The clip is made from heavy metal to keep the bow tie in place.

Pros: The Brybelly Formal Black Casino and Poker Dealer Clip-On Bow Tie is the most affordable option on our list.

Cons: The tie is on the smaller side and users with large collars may have issues securing the clip.

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