Did Jeff Bezos Ruin Cowboy Hats for the Rest of Us? We Say No, and These Are the Cowboy Hats We Love

Stetson Cowboy Hats
Courtesy of Stetson
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Yes, we really are living in the weirdest possible timeline. And, yes, uber-billionaire Jeff Bezos did have a fashion moment this July when he celebrated his trip to space in a penis-shaped rocket by wearing a very conspicuous cowboy hat, which quickly became the laughingstock of the internet.

Frankly, we’re a bit disappointed that Bezos decided to wear a cowboy hat because we’re generally open to bold style statements like this. There are a lot of ways to style a cowboy hat successfully, but this ain’t it.

Bezos’s cowboy hat featured a classic “Gus Crease,” and the one-time bookseller turned capitalist demi-god paired it with a royal blue spacesuit. He took his “Wild West” theme to the limits with matching cowboy boots. Did Bezos take his style inspo from Steve Miller’s Space Cowboy? Or was he simply trying to prove that even billionaires can have a midlife crisis? To be honest, Bezos looked more like a Woody and Buzz Lightyear mashup than open skies explorer.

After doing a deep dive, we found that Bezos picked up his cowboy hat in Aspen, Colorado about 10 years ago. If you’re looking for something similar to Jeff Bezos’ cowboy hat, we found something very similar for sale from that same company (when you start scrolling you’ll be able to find it). We can’t promise it’s the exact same hat, but it’s certainly the closest you’ll come.

Below, we’ve got some tips for styling western-style men’s hats, as well as the best cowboy hats of 2021.


How To Pull Off a Cowboy Hat

Pro tip: if you’re the richest man in the world undertaking a wildly expensive vanity space trip, wearing a cowboy hat is NOT likely to endear you to the general public. In fact, the opposite is more likely. But what about the rest of us?

Cowboy hats have gone in and out of fashion over the years, and they’ve very much been in for the past few years. But for guys who can truly pull off the look, they’ve always been cool. Some people consider them a necessity, others like the iconic nature of them, which adds a little flex and flair to whatever outfit you’re wearing. A cowboy hat sets us apart from the herd, so to speak. The gay community has also helped re-popularize the cowboy hat in recent years, as has the viral Yeehaw agenda. Lil Nas X made them seem pretty damn cool after the release of “Ole Town Road.” From Diplo and Post Malone’s love of the nudie suit to Instagram accounts that document Americana from a black perspective, pop culture has fixated on the most American accessory of them all: the cowboy hat. Yee-haw!

This renewed interest in Americana has also made apparel like men’s western boots popular outside of places like the Deep South and Texas. If you’re interested in this trend but find that denim shirts and Cuban-heel boots are too subtle for you, then you need to invest in a western-style cowboy hat, a genuine men’s style trend since 2019.

Cowboy hats are undoubtedly a bold statement, and they take confidence to pull off. But styled correctly, they won’t make you won’t look like you just stepped off a movie set. An outfit consisting of a white tee and blue jeans is perfectly topped off with a tan cowboy hat. Or finish a suited and booted look with one of the all-black wool hats below. The key is finding the right one that fits your style and having enough confidence to wear it with pride.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of the most stylish (and wearable) cowboy hats, ranging from classics from brands like Stetson to comfortable straw hats for summer. Saddle up, because these are the cowboy hats to buy in 2021.

1. Kemo Sabe The Gus


Looking markedly like the Kemo Sabe hat thatt Bezos took into space, and made by the very same company that made his hat, The Gus Cowboy hat is made of high quality felt, has a leather interior sweatband, and you have the option of picking out the hat band of your choice; pick a studded leather band ala Bezos, or go for one that reflects your personality.

kemo-sabe-gus-cowboy-hat Courtesy of Kemo Sabe

Kemo Sabe The Gus


2. Stetson Men’s 6X Open Road Fur Felt Cowboy Hat


No list of cowboy hats is complete without including Stetson, and no list of Stetsons is complete without the Open Road hat. This hat is made from a fur felt and has an oval shape. This hat has a wide flat brim with a rolled edge and dents on the crown, giving it a western edge without feeling too costume-y.

cowboy hats Image Courtesy of Amazon

Stetson Open Road


3. Justin Men’s 3X Hills Hat


Justin is a trusted boot brand that dates back to the 1800s. In addition to boots, they offer hats that help complete your westernwear look. This hat is made from sheep wool and features a thin, studded band. It features a slight pinch and sharply curved edges for a modern western look.

cowboy hats Image Courtesy of Amazon

Justin Men's 3X Hills Hat


4. Two Roads Hat Co Elliston Rancher Hat


Prefer a cowboy hat that’s more “citified,” the rancher style hat is your best choice for a cowboy hat with a touch of a metropolitan attitude. Elliston retains its Western roots, but Two Roads Hat Co shortened its brim, making suitable for speakeasies and offices. The hat has a wrapped leather hat band that’s highlighted with a metal disc whose design is reminiscent to a cattle branding iron design.

Two-Roads-Hat-Co-Elliston-Rancher-Hat Courtesy of Two Roads Hat Co


Two Roads Hat Co Elliston Rancher Hat


5. Billabong X Wrangler Rancher Wool Felt Cowboy Hat


What happens when two iconic American brands get together? You get the best of the surf and western vibes mixed into styles that transend trends, This summer Billabong and Wrangler created a collab for everyone. Their unisex rancher cowboy hat in a go-with-everything camel hue has a brim that’s wide enough to keep the sun out of your eyes, and the crown show off its Gus Crease….just like Bezos’ now famous topper. Made of wool felt, the hat shows off the Wrangler logo on the side. You can personalize it by adding a hat band…or not.

billabong-x-wrangler-rancher-wool-felt-hat-cowbot-hat Courtesy of Nordstrom

Billabong X Wrangler Cowboy Hat


6. Stetson Men’s Skyline Hat


Some of the hats on this list could be mistaken for fedoras or other hat styles, but the Skyline from Stetson is unmistakably a cowboy hat. With its pronounced flared edges, deeply creased dents and pointy metal buckle, this hat is for the most committed cowboy.

cowboy hats Image Courtesy of Amazon

Stetson Skyline Hat


7. WESTERN EXPRESS Men’s Classic Cowboy Hat


This hat from Western Express has a distinctly western look, featuring an angular brim, pinch crown and leather band. The band also has metal medallions that resemble the buckles on a bolo tie. It’s made from a woven straw material, making it a breathable option.

cowboy hats Image Courtesy of Amazon

Western Express Cattleman


8. Uxcell Men’s Faux Suede Cowboy Hat


Okay, this cowboy hat wouldn’t look out of place on top of “The Outlaw Josey Wales’s head,” and it’s wallet-friendly too. This hat has a distinctly western look, with its double-braided hatband, curved brim and general air of western-ness. If you’re an occasional hat wearer, or want to dip your toe into the trend, this priced right cowboy hat (that looks pricey) is an excellent way to try it out. The coffee brown shade’s a great neutral color that does go well with black, denim and almost anything you toss at it.

Uxcell-Mens-Faux-Suede-Cowboy-Cap-Coffee-Color Courtesy of Walmart

Uxcell Men's Faux Suede Cowboy Hat


9.Ariat Twisted Weave Cowboy Hat


The classic cowboy hat has always had a straw option; created specifically for those who are working in hideously hot weather AKA the desert, straw excellently protects the head from the sun’s brutal rays while allowing the scalp to breathe at the same time. Ariat’s a legendary cowboy boot company that can also outfit your haberdashery needs. Their straw cowboy hat has an open weave crown, the better to let cool breezes waft through your hair. It has a pinched crown and deep brown hat band.

Ariat-Twisted-Weave-Cowboy-Hat Courtesy of Amazon

Ariat Twisted Weave Cowboy Hat


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