The Best Crocs Are Cooler Than Ever: Check Out Our Favs From Their Massive Selection

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Research fashion’s most controversial clothing items and we guarantee Crocs makes the top of the list. People either love to hate, hate to love, or are unabashedly obsessed with the fashionably challenged slip-on-sneaker hybrid, but wherever you stand, Crocs has made headlines since its first collection of boat shoes dropped in 2002. To say that the brand is thriving would be an understatement; the water-friendly clog now comes in an array of styles, colorways, and patterns, while its Jibbitz charms add a customization element to the shoe. But with so many pairs to love and collect, the massive catalog of footwear begs the question: Which Crocs are the best Crocs? 

Ask a Crocs enthusiast and they’ll tell you all Crocs are the best Crocs, but to find out which pairs are actually worth the wear, we approached the brand’s selection with unbiased eyes. Below, we’ve rounded up 11 pairs of Crocs we believe to be the best of the best based on popularity, functionality, and color options. We’ve even sprinkled in some of the hottest Crocs collaborations that, while technically sold out on the brand’s website, are still floating around the internet and available for purchase. So whether you’re already a brand loyalist, or can be persuaded to be converted, read on for the best Crocs on the market (or for resale) deserving of a place in your collection.


1. Classic Clogs

According to the brand’s website, the OG Classic Clog is still the best of the best, with over 25,000 reviews to back up this claim. The comfy shoe weighs in at just once ounce, but its lightweight feel doesn’t reflect its supportive build; the pair was designed with the brand’s iconic Legendary Croslite foam cushioning, and its pivoting heel straps make for a more secure fit. As for color selection, the Classic Clog comes in 30 vibrant shades on Amazon, almost guaranteeing that you’ll find a shade that matches your style.

Crocs Classic Clogs Courtesy of Crocs

Crocs Classic Clogs


2. Classic Lined Bleach-Dye Clog

If we’re going to keep it real, Crocs get even cooler in the winter. How? Just take a look at these fuzzy-lined bleach-dyed clogs and you’ll figure out the answer. Yeah, your favorite summer shoe just became perfect for cold weather. While keeping it consistent with the classic clog style, this fur-lined beauty keeps your tootsies warm when it’s cold by placing a fuzzy lining on the inside. Slip your foot into warmth each and every time without losing that cool Croc consistency.

Classic Lined Bleach-Dye Clog Courtesy of Crocs

Classic Lined Bleach-Dye Clog

$45.49 $64.99 30% OFF


3. Classic Fur Sure

Okay, hear us out: if you can have fuzzy on the inside, then why can’t you have fuzzy on the outside? Tit for tat, right? Well, thankfully, you can. Phew. The Classic Fur Sure Croc is every fur lover’s dream with a complete, all-around faux fur consistency. Blending cushion, comfort, colors and coziness, this is quite honestly one of the best shoes you can wear once winter arrives. It’s not as cleanable as regular Crocs might be, but hell, we’re willing to sacrifice cleanability for camp fashion.

Classic Fur Sure Courtesy of Crocs

Classic Fur Sure

$61.59 $69.99 12% OFF


4. BEAMS x Crocs Classic All-Terrain Outdoor Clog

Crocs is known for a number of pretty wild collaborations, but this one has to be one of the most out there. In their fourth collab with the rugged brand, the two have created a shoe with pockets. Yeah, you read that right. Pockets. And, yeah, they’re all functional. Utility merges well with 2021 street-style to create one of the weirdest shoes you can buy this year.

BEAMS x Crocs Classic All-Terrain Outdoor Clog Courtesy of Crocs

BEAMS x Crocs Classic All-Terrain Outdoor Clog



5. LiteRide Pacer

We wouldn’t say Crocs is particularly known for its sneaker (and we say sneaker because, well, there’s only one to the Croc name), but the shoe has racked up over 6,700 reviews on Amazon (the majority of which are five-stars), so we thought the pair deserved a spot on our best Crocs list. It’s actually a very handsome tennis shoe available in over 15 colorways (black camo, blue/grey, and black/smoke are personal favorites), with LiteRide foam insoles and Crocs Croslite foam providing ample support and comfort throughout your wear.

Crocs Literide Pacer Courtesy of Amazon

LiteRide™ Pacer



6. Classic Lined Neo Puff Boot

Your favorite yellow rainboots just got Croc-ified with the Lined Leo Puff Boot. Because why not? Crocs can do anything they’d like and we will still simp over it. They could release toe shoes and we’d buy ’em. These have that classic boot look you’re so used to once it rains or snows with the lightweight comfort you deserve and colors you’d die for. They’re complete with a drawstring at the top to keep the cold out and of course some holes for Jibbitz.

Classic Lined Neo Puff Boot Courtesy of Crocs

Classic Lined Neo Puff Boot

$65.99 $74.99 12% OFF


7. LiteRide Clog

If big, almost borderline gaping holes in your shoes just aren’t your style, the Crocs LiteRide Clog is a great alternative to the brand’s original design. The highlighted feature for this shoe is the inclusion of LiteRide foam footbeds made from Crocs’ own closed-cell material to ensure you’re getting the utmost support from your shoe, without sacrificing comfort. And unlike most shoes that need time to “break-in,” because the LiteRide Clog is made with soft, flexible Matlite, your footwear will feel broken in from the getgo.

Crocs LiteRide™ Clog Courtesy of Amazon

LiteRide™ Clog

$56.99 $59.99 5% OFF


8. Classic Hemp Leaf Clog

The best gifts for stoners aren’t just weed anymore, people. It’s Crocs. Just take a look at the Croc below and you’ll know what we mean. Support your buddy’s (or your own) love for some greenery by cladding their Crocs in a number of marijuana leaves for some added… spark. See what we did there?

Classic Hemp Leaf Clog Courtesy of Crocs

Classic Hemp Leaf Clog



9. Bistro Clog

As someone who’s worked in the restaurant business, I understand the challenge of finding non-slip shoes that are simultaneously comfortable, appropriate for work, and not completely hideous. Personally, I love these non-slip options from Crocs; they’re plain, sleek, are available in colors other than black, and the inclusion of the brand’s Legendary Croslite foam cushioning in its design is especially appreciated on a long shift.

Crocs Bistro Clog Courtesy of Amazon

Bistro Clog



10. Bayaband Slide

Crocs might have a compelling argument for slips and socks with this pair of slides. The unisex sandal is athletic and sleek, perfect for tropical vacations, flights, and running to the grocery store. The shoe doesn’t come in a ton of colors, but options do include Rosa Pink Lemonade and Ice Blue/Melon if your wardrobe could use a pop of color.

Crocs Bayaband Slide Courtesy of Crocs

Bayaband Slide


11. Classic Bae RealTree® Clog

Want to add a little bit of height to your look? Luckily, platforms are really in right now and Crocs is hopping on the bandwagon. We’re obsessed with these camo platforms for the sheer fact that they’re camo platforms. It’s the definition of camp. Literally and figuratively. These platforms will have you feeling like you’re walking on clouds with that classic elevated Crocs design.

Classic Bae RealTree® Clog Courtesy of Crocs

Classic Bae RealTree® Clog

$45.49 $64.99 30% OFF


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