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Do You Even Lift Bro? Here Are the Best Cut-Off Shirts to Show Off Those Arms This Summer

It happens every year like clockwork. You’re sitting in your house with the AC on blast. It’s only 9 am and it’s already 90-degrees. You’re in the middle of a heatwave and you can’t help but take drastic measures in order to beat the heat.

That’s right. You’re about to cut all of the sleeves off all of the best t-shirts you’ve been wearing over the past year.

Stop yourself. You don’t have to do this. Put those scissors down. Why ruin a perfectly good short-sleeve shirt when you can purchase one of the best cut-off shirts pre-cut for you online instead?
The best cut-off shirts won’t come from your next sloppy DIY project. There’s a solid chance every tee you’ve cut the sleeves off of in the past have come out irreversibly uneven, making them look like mangled, mismatched top no one will take you seriously in. Yeah, your arms might look great, but your lopsided tee never will.

Thankfully, you can find the best cut-offs all over the place available at online retailers like Amazon, Urban Outfitters and ASOS. All of these shirts come pre-cut so you won’t have any after-cut postpartum. No more ruined tees, no more frustratingly uneven cuts, no more handling of scissors. See below for all of the best cut-off shirts we’re loving now.

1. H&M 2-pack Relaxed Fit Tank Tops


Get two for the price of one with this relaxed-fit tank top duo from H&M. These 100% cotton tanks are breathable and made of exceptional quality for working out or running errands. They fit a little bit loose, making them airy and a tad baggy. Considering they’re just around $6 each in total, these are definitely quite the steal.

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Courtesy of H&M

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2. COOFANDY Workout Tank Top


It doesn’t get more straightforward than this. A classic black cut-off tee is all you need to show off those gains you’ve made over the course of the past year. It isn’t eye-catching, so it won’t take away from the focal point you’re showing off: those arms. This also makes for an ideal companion to rep in the gym during your deadlifts.

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Courtesy of Amazon


3. ASOS DESIGN Oversized Tank


A tie-dye tank will go a long way this summer, especially when it’s pre-dyed and pre-cut. Sure, we love tie-dying at home, but it always makes a huge mess and the colors tend to fade drastically over time. This cut-off tee from ASOS is covered in shades of purples, pinks, blues and yellows to up your look this summer. Wear it to the beach, to Pride or a day out on the town with your friends.

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Courtesy of ASOS


4. COOFANDY Workout Hooded Tank Top


Where there is cut-off tees, there are cut-off hoodies. In recent years, you’ve probably noticed a gym trend that’s been rising in popularity, that being the sleeveless hoodie. Although we don’t know how or why it started (given there is truly no practical reason for the hood in this case), we can’t say we hate it. This cut-off hoodie from Amazon is just as great for workouts as it is for runs.

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Courtesy of Amazon


5. Urban Outfitters Aaliyah One In A Million Tank Top


As an ode to one of the greatest musicians to ever live, this cut-off tee proudly featuring Aaliyah is certainly one to cop. It’s got four photos of her face with the title of her second studio album “One in a Million” written on the bottom. Not only will you strut around the city repping a legend, but it’s also way too cozy.

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Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


6. Old Navy Go-Dry Cool Odor-Control Core Tank Top


Although this cut-off shirt doesn’t technically have the cut-off sleeves you’re familiar with (meaning there’s no raw, scissor-esque edge), we couldn’t leave it out for its style, design and price. This tank from Old Navy comes in an array of cool colors to keep you looking stylish during workouts. Each cut-off shirt is sustainably made and is hit with Go-Fresh odor control to make you smell a lot less than you might normally during workouts. Ventilation is a key component here, so you can throw all of those non-breathable cut-offs directly in the trash.

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Courtesy of Old Navy


7. Bearded Bee Cut Off Tank Top


Leave it to a shop on Etsy to make one of the most exciting ways of purchasing a cut-off shirt online. These cut-off shirts are repurposed, old “thrifted” tees that the shop owner personally cuts the sleeves off. You can choose from a variety of cut styles depending on your preference and the shirts are sent at random, meaning no two cut-off shirts are alike. If you’re purchasing a shirt for a child, you can even mention so, that way the shop will not send school-inappropriate shirts.

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Courtesy of Etsy


8. ASOS DESIGN 3-Pack Relaxed Sleeveless T-Shirt


At just 10 bucks a pop, this 3-pack from ASOS is a worthwhile option to snag for summer. Each shirt is available in a different color (white, pink and yellow) that feel warm-weather ready and cozy when on. Match them with your go-to drawstring shorts you can’t stop wearing right now or a pair of jeans when it gets a little chillier at night.

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Courtesy of ASOS


9. Under Armour Project Rock Mana Tank


So, you do lift, bro? Then push through your next set with Under Armour’s Project Rock Mana Tank. This bad boy is personally approved by the king himself Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, so you can assure the quality here is top-notch. It’s made with a cotton blend for all-day comfort and has drooped armholes for mobility, motion and obviously, so you can show off some more skin.


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Courtesy of Under Armour


11. Urban Outfitters Metallica Ride The Lightning Muscle Tee


Band tees and cut-off shirts essentially go hand in hand at this point, so don’t be so shocked that we’re topping everything off here with this Metallica must-have. If you’re a fan of the band, this should already be hanging up in your closet. Pair it with some ripped denim jeans, a flannel tied around the waist and your favorite pair of Vans to pull the ultimate look.

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Courtesy of Urban Outfitters