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Every Man Needs a Denim Jacket: Here Are 20 Options to Wear Now

Every guy needs a handful of style essentials on which he can always rely to make him look good, no matter what. Things like a trusty pair of white sneakers, a perfectly fitted T-shirt and some of the best men’s chinos. What wears well atop all of those pieces? The best denim jacket for men, of course. Jean jackets for men are practical, stylish and go with virtually any casual outfit.

Like many men’s staples, the modern jean jacket for men was adopted into mainstream fashion from American workwear. We can thank Levi Strauss for that. Strauss, the immigrant and founder of the revolutionary brand that boasts his name, is credited with creating the first denim jacket in 1880.

It would grow and shift into an icon prized for its durability, edgy style points, and real-world utility. The trucker jacket for men, for example, is the prime way the denim jacket grew into a legendary piece. If it’s good enough for the open road, it’s good enough for your wardrobe.

Levi’s name is still synonymous with the best denim jackets. It’s a piece of clothing that has been imitated countless times and is one of the most recognizable and versatile pieces of men’s clothing in history. The classic Levi’s denim jacket is so iconic that you probably have one hanging in your closet. Officially known as the Levi’s Trucker Jacket, it’s available in a variety of colors and washes.

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Courtesy of Levi's

A perfectly lightweight spring jacket, the trucker jacket (a sub-set of one of the best denim jackets for men) can be dressed up or down as needed. Since its down-to-earth beginnings with the American labor force at the turn of the 20th century, the iconic trucker jacket for men has been adopted by dozens of music scenes, Hollywood legends and luxury fashion houses as a standard cultural touchstone. It’s even found its way into Canadian formalwear, aka the Canadian tuxedo. It’s a long-lasting style staple, but it’s hardly the only men’s denim jacket worth a second look.

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With new designs and better technology, we’re able to cast a wide net on color, stitching, wash, hardware and so many more categories. The best trucker jackets and the best denim jackets for men are also a great alternative when you want something a bit less burly than, say, one of the best workwear jackets.

If you’re looking for the best denim jackets for men available in 2022, then you’re spoiled for options. Here are a few of the best denim jackets for men today.


1. J.Crew Rigid Denim Jacket


J.Crew does many things very well — including this classic denim jacket made from 100% cotton in an inky blue copper shade. The pick is timeless, well-made for the price, and available in sizes up to 2XL. It’s also perfect to pair up with other J.Crew style essentials. The dark wash is crisp and cool enough to be worn at the office in place of a blazer (try it with a soft-washed Oxford shirt). J.Crew checks all the right boxes in your search for one of the best denim jackets for men.

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Courtesy of J. Crew


2. Levi’s The Trucker Jacket


You need one if you don’t have a Levi’s Denim Trucker Jacket. However, if you’re looking to evolve beyond the standard denim coat, this modified version of the late-1800s original is, hands down, the single most on-trend denim jacket in our country today. This specific jacket was already featured as one of our best lightweight jackets on SPY. But as far as denim jackets go, this one may be the best. Not only is it the classic Levi’s Trucker style, but it’s a great price point, sitting under $100, and its quality, versatility and durability have already been proven. 

UNDER $100

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Courtesy of Zappos


3. Gap Classic Icon Denim Jacket


You cannot have a denim jacket roundup without Gap. They’re a heritage jean brand like Levi’s, Wrangler, Calvin Klein and Lee.  For tons of people, their very first denim jacket, and the one they wear today comes from the Gap.

Made with non-stretch recycled denim, this is the classic jean jacket. It’s got four pockets, buttons up the front, button tabs at the back waist and cuffs. This jacket’s part of The Gap’s Washwell Initiative; Washwell saves liters and liters of water every time they create a denim product.

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Courtesyof GAP


4. Lee’s Regular Fit Men’s Chore Coat


Lee takes the classic workman’s jacket, the Chore Jacket and adds denim flair to the style. Like the classic, this jacket has four large pockets, a slightly boxy fit and buttons up the front. The sleeves are roomy enough to accommodate a sweatshirt. You can wear it instead of a blazer and pair it with chinos.


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Courtesy of Amazon


5. Reason Money Is Power Denim Jacket


This arty-looking homage to street art jacket looks pricey but sits very nicely under a hundred bucks.  The boxy cut trucker jacket is covered with art, front and back. It has pockets and buttons up. And if you want to look like an artist who lived in Soho in the ‘80s, there’s a matching pair of jeans.

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Courtesy of Macy's


6. Buck Mason Denim Field Shirt


Denim jackets are most commonly seen in “true” jacket form, the kind that hits above the waist with front-button chest pockets, so this denim field shirt is a hybrid style — and your wardrobe is all the better for it. Denim works surprisingly well as a flexible, durable shirt jacket, and this one from all-American style purveyors Buck Mason still checks all the right boxes.

Note the contrast stitching, the dark wash, and the substantial 10oz. denim fabric — heavy enough to wear over a simple T-shirt — and the sturdy, dark buttons. Note that this features a standard fit, so it can be layered over a thermal henley on frigid days or over a breezy Buck Mason cotton tee on days when temperatures are merely a bit cool. Use those handy pockets to store your EDC, and be ready to wear this rugged number a ton in the season ahead.

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Courtesy of Buck Mason


7. Taylor Stitch Long Haul Jacket in Rinsed Organic Selvage


Taylor Stitch still has a deep appreciation for all things rugged and accessible menswear, starting with the fact that they modeled the company’s much-loved Long Haul Jacket off the best trucker jackets for men. Although it’s been available in waxed fabrics over the years, they’ve turned the style into one of the best jean jackets for men, using organic cotton indigo selvage denim for a tough, sustainable finish. It’s been rinsed, so it’s less stiff than a genuine 100% selvage jacket, but that’s better if you want to wear it comfortably out of the box.

Best of all, it’ll still age and break in beautifully the more you wear it. The oversized flap chest pockets are handy for EDC style moves, while they’ve also used another Taylor Stitch signature: Old San Fran map print pocketing made from 100% organic cotton. That’s what we call taking care of the little things.

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Courtesy of Taylor Stitch


8. Tecovas Overnight Trucker Jacket


Denim jackets don’t always have to be inky blue indigo denim (we’ve also included a pick for the best colored denim jacket further down the line if you keep scrolling). This hard-wearing, sleek, instantly recognizable black denim jacket takes the trucker jacket style — with reinforced stitching from the pockets to the hip, just like the classics — and flips it on its head ever so slightly.

The black denim jacket has long been an edgier style move than the more classic blue jean jacket for men, so consider adding it to your wardrobe if you favor darker colors (or if you like the contrast between a black denim jacket and tan leather boots). It also features a handy shearling collar, ideal for chilly nights at the campsite or around the bonfire. Tecovas has also crafted this denim jacket to pair up nicely with its selection of the coolest Western boots on the market, so consider picking up a pair of those, too.

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Courtesy of Tecovas


9. Double RL RRL Lot 271 Midweight Denim Jacket


The Double RL line of heritage goods plays off the idea that Ralph Lauren makes true style classics for those who love prep fashion, and yet, the Double RL line takes a more intensive, heritage-minded approach. That results in iconic pieces like the denim jacket getting a decidedly rich and eye-catching upgrade, best seen in this pricey yet extremely well-made washed denim jacket.

Right off the bat, from the striking Japanese denim to the contrasting buttons, it’s as visually interesting as any of the best denim jackets for men on the market. Note that it’s unlined and should fit quite trim, so consider wearing this jacket with lightweight cotton henleys or T-shirts. The light wash also makes it ideal for fitting in with the lighter tones of spring and summer. Maximize your styling potential by teaming it with olive joggers or dark blue denim for a switch-up on the all-denim look. For the price, it’s a jacket you’ll want to wear as much as possible.

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Courtesy of Nordstrom


10. Aeropostale Denim Trucker Jacket


There’s been a resurgence of brands that were popular back when you were a teen, and Aeropostale is one of them. The denim brand now serves classic and trendy pieces that make your wallet happy. This slim-cut trucker jacket’s done in a light wash with whiskering and faded color details.

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Courtesy of Aeropostale

11. Levi’s Signature Denim Jacket


At first glance, you probably can’t tell much of a difference between Levi’s Signature Denim and the classic Levi’s Trucker Jacket, and that’s precisely the point. The biggest difference is the price; the Signature line offers the classic Levi’s look at half the price. Choose from the dark wash, light wash, black or khaki as you prefer, with prices starting at just $35.

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Courtesy of Amazon

12. Wrangler Retro Unlined Stretch Denim Jacket


Sometimes, when brands dig to the very bottom of their creative design bags, they pull out the roots. That’s what Wrangler did when developing their Retro series, a modernized line of classics inspired by the brand’s western origin. This classic denim jacket features the original Wrangler rope logo buttons and the “W” stitching on the chest pockets. The slant hand pockets also add a touch of class in a world of vertical openings. Modern details include Wrangler’s stretch recovery, which allows the jacket to hold its shape throughout the day. When it comes to the best denim jackets for men, Wrangler is second only to Levi’s in terms of staying power.

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Courtesy of Amazon


13. Homme + Femme Acid Wash Denim Work Jacket


What happens when you mix Utility Trends with Retro fashion? You get this acid wash denim jacket reminiscent of the uniforms gas jockeys wore back in the day. It’s got two huge kangaroo pockets, an adjustable waistband via back tabs, and a logo patch over the chest.

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Courtesy of Homme+Femme


14. Mavi Ryan Dark Denim Jacket


Will ‘80s-inspired fashion or Y2K-inspired fashion go away anytime soon? Highly doubtful. The updated designs are just as workable and comfortable (maybe more so) than the vintage styles. Mavi’s oversized denim jacket is a great layering item. Yes, you can wear it over a tee. However, because it’s cut loose in the shoulders and the sleeves, you can also rock a hoodie or a sweater over it. If you’re traveling, you need jackets that can do that. And if you’re a guy who doesn’t want to wear a heavy jacket until you really must, layering is the way to go.

From its start, Mavi has been a socially responsible company. They’ve supported the Ecological Research Society’s Indigo Turtles project since 2014. They’re involved in quite a few nonprofits in Turkey, their home country, and have been using sustainable production practices for years.

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Courtesy of Mavi


15. Wrangler Rugged Wear Flannel Lined Denim Jacket


Warmth without bulk. That’s the idea behind this flannel-lined denim jacket. Heritage brand Wrangler’s been making workwear for cowboys and cowgirls for eons. They know what works, how to style it and ensure that their stuff lasts. For example, this denim jacket’s designed to move with you. The cotton jacket isn’t cut too slim or too loose.

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Courtesy of Wrangler


16. Calvin Klein Utility Trucker Jacket


This mashup of a trucker and utility jacket is spot on for fall. It’s got a nice, relaxed cut; this way, you can wear it layered or not, all year long. Because it has fewer seams than the classic trucker jacket, it looks a bit more polished, so go ahead and wear it to work or on a first date.

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Courtesy of Amazon



17. Old Navy Gender-Neutral Long-Sleeve Jean Workwear Shirt


Cut like a shirt, but using heavier denim, this workwear shirt is really a slim-cut shacket. Use it as a jacket. Layer it over tees, tanks and fine gauge sweaters. You can always count on Old Navy for trendy wardrobe additions that are kind to your wallet.

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Courtesy of Old Navy


18. Calvin Klein Trucker Jacket


This mashup of a trucker and utility jacket is spot on for fall. It’s got a nice, relaxed cut; this way, you can wear it layered or not, all year long. Because it has fewer seams than the classic trucker jacket, it looks a bit more polished, so go ahead and wear it to work or on a first date.

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Courtesy of Amazon


19. Levi’s Sherpa Denim Trucker Jacket


Soft denim on the outside, cozy faux sherpa lining on the inside. For guys who run hot like a furnace, this lightly lined jacket could keep them warm no matter how cold outside it gets. For the rest of us, it’ll work until it snows. Styled like the classic Levi’s Trucker, this lined jacket has quilted sleeves.

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Courtesy of Macy's


20. Warp + Weft Sea All Gender Jacket


Inspired by Seattle’s grunge scene, this denim jacket’s been updated in a new color palette that includes a distressed gray (shown), black, and distressed dark denim. The brand used its performance denim (it has stretch) to create this four-pocket jean jacket. It runs from XS to 5XL.

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Courtesy of Warp + Weft


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