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Lobe Love: The 5 Best Ear Muffs Under $10

* 6 pairs of stylish earmuffs to keep your ears warm this winter
* Each set can be purchased for 10 dollars or less
* Includes earmuffs for working out, for fashion and for fun

As you head out into the cold weather, it’s easy to forget about your ears. Most people will slap on a hat, but what if you don’t want to deal with hat hair for the rest of the day? For exactly that reason, earmuffs were created. Not only do they keep your ears warm, but they also add some flair to your look. Aside from style, earmuffs are also great for winter activities like skiing and hiking. In this list of ear wear, you’ll find a range of styles from knit earmuffs to an ear-warming headband. Best of all, each pair rings in under 10 dollars.

1. HIG Fleece Earmuffs

These unisex, head-hugging earmuffs are great for everyday activities. Whether you’re hiking, skiing, or simply heading into town for the day, your ears will remain warm. With the choice of 4 different colors, including blue, gray and black, these one-size-fits-most earmuffs are held together by a strong steel frame surrounded by faux fur to give you a comfy and cozy wearing experience.


2. LETHMIK Faux Fur Earmuffs

Featuring high quality faux fur, these earmuffs are bridged by a flexible band so they’ll stay put as you move through your day. Ideal for ski trips or any other outdoor activities, these are available in 8 different colors, so you can buy a pair to match every coat in your closet.

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3. Cabf Unisex Ear Muffs

With a double layer of wool to ensure your ears stay nice and toasty, these

are ideal for super cold weather conditions. In addition, these stylishly subtle earmuffs look great with almost any outfit. 


4. Knolee Knit Earmuffs

were made for knitwear fans everywhere. Featuring a knit design with faux fur ear pads, you’ll enjoy a mixture of warmth and comfort. The high quality materials keep the moisture and wind away from your ears, allowing you to enjoy the winter season without worrying about the cold. Plus, these earmuffs are available in a range of colors, including pink, coffee and red.


5. HIG Ear Warmer Headband

The HIG Ear Warmer Headband offers a different take on keeping your ears warm. The complete headband features two enlarged areas to fully enclose your ears, keeping your appendages protected against the cold outside. Because the band fits wraps around your head, it’s ideal for sporting activities and workouts


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