Heated Socks?! Heated Socks. Warm Up Those Toesies, Guys

Best Warming Socks for Cold Feet
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With winter finally here, staying warm can sometimes be a challenge. Thankfully, we live in a world blessed with a slew of warming equipment, like jackets, blankets, scarves and socks. But sometimes, we just need a little more warming to get that crave-worthy coziness we need each winter — starting with some feet heat. Yup, we’ve got our hands on some of the best feet-warming socks on the market.

You might have never heard of feet-warming socks before, so let us enlighten you. The best feet-warming socks come in two different styles: electric socks and insulated socks. These small but mighty accessories can make all the difference during the cold winter season and go above and beyond your typical winter sock choices. But, you might be wondering, which one is for you?

Insulated socks are designed to hold heat and keep you warm for hours on end. Each pair is typically made with heat-trapping fabric and provides an extra boost of cushion and comfort. Electric socks are battery-powered and boast similar features except you get to control just how toasty you want your toes to be. Just switch it on and get ready to feel the heat.

We suggest you give both kinds of feet-warming socks a test drive before deciding which you like more. The majority of options are quite the steal too, so you won’t have to break the bank when testing out both for yourself. With that being said, we found the best feet-warming socks you can buy online now. Read on and check them out.


1. Hot Feet Cozy Heated Thermal Socks


Made to withstand extreme cold, these thermal socks feature special high-tech fibers to help keep feet warmer longer. They have a cozy inner-lining to keep those tootsies warm at all times that most sock alternatives don’t have. Worried these will make your feet sweater than ever? Don’t. These socks are completely moisture-wicking.

Hot Feet Cozy Heated Thermal Socks Courtesy of Amazon


2. HighLandy Heated Socks


Got chronically cold feet? Look no further than these rechargeable heated socks from Amazon. Coming in a mainly grey color, these socks have a casual approach with a warming ability to keep those paws warm whenever need be. There are three levels of temperature settings (high, medium and low) and are completely breathable so your feet won’t sweat if it gets too hot. We recommend you wear these skiing, hiking or hanging around the house.

HighLandy Heated Socks Courtesy of Amazon


3. DG Hill Men’s Thermal Insulated Socks (2-Pack)


Boasting a generous amount of padding and a heavily brushed fuzzy lining, these winter-friendly socks are a go-to for hikes, skiing and other chilly-willy outdoor activities. This set is seven times warmer than cotton and softer than wool without irritating your skin. They’re completely moisture-wicking to make sure your feet don’t sweat and are cushioned to put a little pep in your step.

DG Hill Men's Thermal Insulated Socks (2-Pack) Courtesy of Amazon


4. SNOW DEER Heated Socks


With three temperature settings, these electric socks will keep your toes toasty warm for up to six hours straight. There are various sizes to fit any kind of foot (well, aside from babies) so everyone in the family can stay warm on the next hike or ski trip. These socks also ensure that your toes are getting the most action, too, because we all know that’s where it tends to be the coldest.

SNOW DEER Heated Socks Courtesy of Amazon


5. BRUBAKER Heat My Feet Thermal Socks


For only $15, keep your feet as warm as can be with not one, but two Heat My Feet thermal sock sets. Special high-tech fibers are built into these babies to provide not only total warmth but to help your own body heat provide you more warmth as well. Thankfully, you won’t sweat in these, because the Heat My Feets are made to rid humidity for a smarter wearing experience. These are sure to be your go-to this winter.

BRUBAKER Heat My Feet Thermal Socks Courtesy of Amazon

6. PBOX Battery Heated Socks


Heated socks you can control from your phone? Looks like we really are living in the future. These battery-powered heated socks have the ability to connect to your smartphone for total control when wearing. Through your phone, you’ll be able to adjust the temperature, time heating to your living and turn the socks on and off. It makes wearing heated socks almost too easy.

PBOX Battery Heated Socks Courtesy of Amazon


7. SAVIOR HEAT Heated Socks


These moisture-wicking, fully absorbing battery-powered heated socks are perfect for the kind of people that get sweaty feet even when their toes are chilly. This is because SAVIOR HEAT’s socks are so padded, wetness stands no chance. Water and sweat will easily be absorbed into the sock to make sure no foot is wet while wearing. Dry feet only, baby!

SAVIOR HEAT Heated Socks Courtesy of Amazon


8. Volt 3V Heated Socks


Warm socks and thicker fabrics are almost synonymous with one another, but not in this case. The Volt 3V heated socks are a super thin, durable electric sock option made with a moisture-wicking polyester to keep feet dry and warm all day long. The battery life on these socks is also insane, averaging at a full eight hours when on its highest setting and 20+ on the lowest. You can’t beat that!

Volt 3V Heated Socks Courtesy of Volt


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