The Fluffy, The Fuzzy and The Freaky: 9 Great Fur and Fleece Bucket Hats to Try

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They may come in and out of style, but there’s no denying the fact that bucket hats are eminently practical. They’re favored by fishermen and other outdoorsy types for the simple reason that they provide a lot more shade than your average baseball cap. Fortunately for fans of the bucket hat, all things gorp are in style right now. From nylon shorts to utility vests to hiking boots, every city slicker is dressed like they’re trying to summit K2. And while bucket hats are typically seen as a summer hat, enterprising designers have made a trippy twist on the style by decking them out in fur and fleece.

Fur bucket hats let you wear your favorite gorp styles well into the winter months, even when the only climbing you’re doing is into bed. Some of the most eye-catching options have fuzzy exteriors and wild prints, but you can also find practical options with twill exteriors and cozy fleece linings. All of them will make a statement while keeping your head warm.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite fluffy, fuzzy and downright freaky bucket hats below.


1. Kangol Furgora


There’s no fur bucket hat that’s as iconic as a Kangol, and this furry, fluffy option allows you to bring big Snuffleupagus energy wherever you go. It’s available in either red or black, and it comes in a variety of sizes that can fit men and women. It has Kangol’s classic white kangaroo logo on the front, and it’s made from a blend of acrylic and angora wool.

fur bucket hat Kangol Furgora Image Courtesy of Amazon

2. UO Sherpa Bucket Hat


Not sure you’re ready to spend a lot on the fuzzy bucket hat trend? Dip your toes in the water with Urban Outfitter’s affordable take on the style. This fur bucket hat is available in stylish, muted colors like tan and light pink, as well as white and black. It has a traditional brim and flat top, giving it a classic bucket hat look.

UO Sherpa Bucket Hat, fur bucket hats Image Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

3. SAINTWOODS Black Fuzzy Bucket Hat


This bucket hat from Saintwoods is made from a fuzzy, fur-like polyester material, but the black color keeps it from looking too crazy. The stitched lettering takes inspiration from yearbook pages, bus benches and signed arm casts, with messages like “About Time” and “Call Me” stitched into the fabric in a scrawly, hand-written font.

SAINTWOODS Black Fuzzy Bucket Hat Image Courtesy of SSENSE

4. David Catalán Sherpa-Lined Bucket Hat


If you want a more subtle spin on the fur bucket hat, this option from David Catalan has a classic brown canvas twill outer, giving it a stylish, workwear-inspired edge. The lining is a beige fleece, which is sure to keep your head warm in the cooler months.

David Catalán Sherpa-Lined Bucket Hat Image Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

5. BETHANY WILLIAMS Multicolor Recycled Fleece Hat


This bucket hat from Bethany Williams doesn’t skimp on the brim, going for a bill that’s wide enough to make the Gorton’s fish sticks guy happy. The brim has a break in the middle so it won’t obstruct your field of view, and the cap has a color-blocked six-panel design, like one of those helicopter hats. The fabric is a cozy fleece, made from recycled polyester. If it sounds like a crazy looking hat, it is, but it’s also surprisingly stylish.

BETHANY WILLIAMS Multicolor Recycled Fleece Bucket Hat Image Courtesy of SSENSE

6. Converse fleece bucket hat


This simple bucket hat is made from polyester fleece, making it a cozy option for cold weather. It has a flat top and narrow brim, and a rubber patch with Converse’s arrow logo on the side. The patterned trim resembles a nylon paracord, evoking another hiking essential.

Converse fleece bucket hat Image Courtesy of ASOS

7. WE11DONE Brown Leopard Pearl Logo Bucket Hat


Why not go big with your fur bucket hat? This option from rising Korean streetwear label WE11DONE is finished in a fluffy acrylic material with a leopard-print motif and the brand’s name spelled out in a faux-pearl applique. It’s tacky and loud, in the best way possible.

WE11DONE Brown Leopard Pearl Logo Bucket Hat Image Courtesy of SSENSE

8. VALENTINO Khaki Valentino Garavani Bucket Hat


The outer of this Valentino bucket is made from a technical canvas material, and it has a standard-sized brim to keep wind and water away from your face. The inside of the hat is lined with a plush fleece, helping to keep you warm. The outer is khaki green while the lining is white, and the Valentino “V” logo is embossed on the front.

VALENTINO Khaki Valentino Garavani Bucket Hat Image Courtesy of SSENSE

9. UO Washed Corduroy Bucket Hat


Maybe you’re not ready to commit to the fleece or fur bucket hat life. In that case, consider corduroy, one of the best cold-weather fabrics. This bucket hat is made from 100% cotton corduroy with wide wales, giving it a throwback look. It comes in a few different colors like blue, yellow, purple and black. Or go full Cam’ron and get the pink one.

UO Washed Corduroy Bucket Hat Image Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

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