10 Incredibly Random, Crazy Things To Buy With That Gift Card You Got

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* Funny ways to spend that gift card
* The best weird products that might actually be useful
* Boyfriend pillows, animal neck warmers, boob scarves and more

There are a couple philosophies when it comes to spending gift money: use it on boring stuff you need, or use it on something wacky that you wouldn’t normally buy. We tend to go the latter route, because when else are you allowed to buy yourself something fun?

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If you’re ready to treat yourself to a random gag gift (or you just want to see some weird products), read on. We’ve rounded up some of the craziest things you can buy on Amazon – and some of them are actually useful too.

1. Kasien Boob Scarfs

Scarfs are a staple, but we found a way to spice them up a little bit. This scarf features two boobs on each end that’ll have you saying “my eyes are up here.”

Funny Scarf Boobs Image courtesy of Amazon

Kasien Boob Scarfs


2. Silk Through Phone Magic Trick

Sure, magic might be a little nerdy, but pulling off an actual magic trick is really fun. This $10 silk through a phone trick kit makes it easy.

Easy Magic Trick Phone Image courtesy of Amazon

Silk Through Phone Magic Trick



3. Fluffy Slime

This Fluffy Slime might just look like, well, fluffy slime, but don’t knock it till you try it (or buy it for your kids). It’s actually a great way to de-stress, and it only costs $10.

Slime Stress Relief Fluffy Image courtesy of Amazon

Fluffy Slime


4. Animal Neck Gaiter Warmer

Whether you’re hitting the slopes or commuting in the cold, this neck gaiter is sure to draw some looks and cause a few smiles. It replaces the lower half of your face with an animal, and it comes with 32 different options to choose from.

Funny Neck Warmer animal Image courtesy of Amazon

Animal Neck Gaiter Warmer



5. The Friendly Swede Therapy Squishy Balls

These colorful eggs from The Friendly Swede might not seem like it, but they’re actually an effective grip strengthener and stress reliever. Squeeze them while working, watching TV or reading to improve your focus, improve your strength, and de-stress.

Grip Strengthener Egg Stress Relief Image courtesy of Amazon

The Friendly Swede Therapy Squishy Balls



6. Unicorn Paper Towel Holder

Paper towel and toilet paper holders are almost always boring. Add some flair to your kitchen or bathroom with this one.

Paper Towel Holder Funny Image courtesy of Amazon

Unicorn Paper Towel Holder


7. What On Earth Felted Animal Head

Hang this flamingo head in your wood-paneled study to show guests during cocktail hour… or hang it by your door (because it has a hook for your keys) and tell guests it’s actually just felt.

Fake Animal Head Wall Art Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Trtl Pillow

This highly-rated Trtl neck-supporting pillow is ideal for long flights, but it’s also great for taking power naps during your commute or road trips. It keeps your neck straight, so you can doze off while sitting upright without hurting yourself.

Best Neck Pillow Trtl Image courtesy of Amazon

Trtl Pillow

$29.99 $39.99 25% OFF


9. Boyfriend Pillow

We don’t always have a man to cuddle with at night, which is why the now-famous boyfriend pillow exists. It provides the warm embrace of a man, without, you know, the man.

Arm Pillow Boyfriend Image courtesy of Amazon

Boyfriend Pillow


10. Personal Waterproof Massager

No, that’s not another succulent sitting on your bedside table. It’s a handy personal electric massager that’s waterproof, so you can take it in the shower or bath.

Personal Massager Disgused Image courtesy of Amazon

Personal Waterproof Massager


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