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Our 14 Favorite Men’s Golf Shirts to Wear on the Green for Summer 2021

There was a time when proper golf apparel was woolen tweeds, plus fours and knee socks. These days, athletic shoes and shorts have taken up residence on most courses. Amongst all of those passing fashion trends, there’s one stalwart: the best golf shirts for men. And this golf course staple will be on duty for a long time to come.

If you’re looking for the best golf shirts for men, there are thousands of options. That classic, short-sleeved, three-button with collar polo is not only common on golf courses around the world, it’s flat out required on many private tracks. Show up on a sunny day without a collared shirt in many clubhouses, and the starter just might send you home to change. So, it’s best you don’t show up to some of the most famous golf holes without one.

Though many a golfer needs to wear a polo, which shirt works for which player depends on a player’s build, style and personality. Players inclined toward fashion may even want to match their best golf shirts to their new spikeless golf shoes. The collection of golf polos below should provide an option for everyone looking to hit the fairways this summer.


The Best Men’s Golf Shirts for Warm Weather

By the grassy month of May, most of the USA is thawed and blooming, The fairways are cut, and the greens rolled. To get you well-attired, we’ve selected the best golf shirts for every type of golfer, whether you have a straightforward style or like to get a little eccentric with your golf apparel.

1. Mizuno Alpha Polo


The serious, athletic golfer tees off from the tips, foregoes carts and walks at a PGA pro’s pace. All full of testosterone and determination, he’s certainly going to sweat. A company like Mizuno that makes equipment for so many different sports understands more physically aggressive players and designs the Mizuno Alpha polo to wick moisture out and away from the body to keep the wearer cool and dry.

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Courtesy of Amazon


2. Mack Weldon DRYKNIT T-Shirt Polo


The polos from Mack Weldon look to stay with you throughout your day before, during and after your golf round. The idea of the Mack Weldon fabric is its 100% cotton construction keeps up a few degrees cooler, reducing sweat. Then, that same fabric dries quickly after active periods, allowing you to wear it all day if a change in wardrobe is impossible.

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Courtesy of Mack Weldon


3. Cuts Clothing Polo Curve-Hem


The main drawing point for Cuts golf gear is their PYCA Pro Fabric – a material unique to Cuts in the golf wear world. It’s a proprietary tri-blend designed to provide the comfort of cotton, the confined fit of spandex and the modern, wrinkle-free quality of polyester. How many other golfers play in proprietary fabric? We love this polo so much that we named it the Best Polo of 2020 in last year’s SPY Man Awards. Sadly, right now the style is entirely sold out — but we’re expecting an

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Courtesy of Cuts Clothing


4. William Murray Golf Dog Will Hunt Polo


There are players who pick up a club to compete, either with themselves or against opponents. It’s a much more pleasurable golf experience to play with someone who’s just out there to have a good time. Everything at William Murray Golf (yes, we mean that William Murray) celebrates the fun of golf, honoring the hack and applauding the guy who doesn’t care if he breaks 100. From Caddyshack references to more dignified tropical prints, the lighthearted player will find something to like here. While William Murray is a newcomer to the golf apparel world, they’re already making the best men’s golf shirts in the game.

The brand’s entire spring and summer lines of golf polos are worth a look, but we love the “Dog Will Hunt” polo pictured below. This shirt is made from moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant polyester and spandex. It’s the perfect shirt to look cool and stay cool during hot summer days on the green.

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Courtesy of William Murray Golf


5. Nike Dri-FIT Victory Polo


When you’re shopping around for the best men’s golf shirts, Nike is always worth a look, and the Dri-FIT Victory Polo checks a lot of boxes. It comes in dozens of attractive colors, from handsome neutrals to colorful pastels. The soft polyester fabric wicks sweat away from the body and keep you cool, and the cut isn’t too loose or too slim. And at $55, it comes with a reasonable price that makes it easy to add two or three polos to your shopping cart. For that classic “Just Do It” look on the green, you can’t go wrong with Nike golf shirts.

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Courtesy of Nike


6. Uniqlo Dry Pique Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt


Uniqlo has done it again. This extra-comfy pique golf shirt is only $20. Yup, $20. It’s got a hell of a lot of raving reviews and comes in a multitude of colors depending on your preference on the green. Each shirt has a comfortable feel to it and has a dry function to keep your shirt dry all day long. Uniqlo recently changed the construction of this polo too to maximize comfort.

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Courtesy of Uniqlo


7. Sun Mountain Rainwear Rainflex SS Pullover


Readers out there right now might be screaming that this isn’t a polo shirt. Sure, it has the same cut, but that’s an extended crew neck. And, where are the three buttons? The reality remains that the golf polo wearer might have to cheat a bit when it rains on a day’s parade. Sun Mountain designs its rainwear to cooperate with the polo shirt beneath to layer up in perfect unison to keep the rain out of the way. Ditch the poncho and upgrade your golf apparel with this stylish rain polo.

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Courtesy of Sun Mountain Rainwear


8. Linksoul Printed Anza Polo


Linksoul specializes in golf gear for the Millennial player. Since a clean t-shirt is considered formal wear for too many players in those age groups, the brand makes its golf fashions simple and casual. Linksoul men’s polos are comfortable and understated — laid out officially enough to keep younger players on the course, but never looking the same as their dad’s golf shirt.

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Courtesy of Linksoul


9. Everlane Organic Premium-Weight Slub Polo


Out of all polo fits, the slub fit is easily the most casual. Slub styles are known to be baggier, larger and more messy-looking, but this premium-weight, organic polo looks the exact opposite of messy. It fits comfortably and easily mixes athleticism with leisure. Unlike a lot of the best golf shirts for men, this slub polo is also built to feel softer and more breathable.

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Courtesy of Everlane


10. Bonobos Performance Golf Polo


Bonobos really knows how to give us some handsome preppy clothes that don’t feel overwhelmingly Chad and Brad, if you catch our drift. This Performance Golf Polo is not only good-looking but it’s also totally protective toward your skin when you’re out on the green. How? Well, this polo comes with UPF 50 protection to keep your skin safe as the sun beams down. Not only that, but the polo is built with performance fabric that stretches when you need it to most.

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Courtesy of Bonobos


11. Glenmuir Official Ryder Cup 2021 Pique Golf Polo Shirt


The best golf shirts can make you look like a PGA pro when you’re out on the course. And the polos and other golf apparel from Glenmuir are consistently well-made and styled with dignity. In 2021, their gear wears the special logo for the Ryder Cup battle at beautiful Whistling Straits in Wisconsin. The early autumn battle between Team USA and Team Europe is rapidly becoming the biggest event in the sport, and amateurs can jump into the excitement with special Ryder Cup gear from Glenmuir. This 100% polyester polo features a herringbone stitch on the collar and sleeves, and it’s a great look for serious golfers.

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Courtesy of Glenmuir


12. Fresh Clean Tees Torrey Polo


Our e-commerce editor Tyler Schoeber recently had the opportunity to try out a few shirts from Fresh Clean Tees and in his care package received their brand-new Torrey Polo. “While the only got I partake in is mini, I love this polo because it’s extremely moveable and keeps fresh even after a long day of wearing,” he says, “like, I tend to stink a bit after being out all day, but that didn’t happen at all in this polo. I don’t know what kind of witchcraft Fresh Clean Tees is dealing with, but it’s working.”

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Courtesy of Fresh Clean Tees


13. Antigua Inspire Classic-Fit Diamond Performance Polo


Not every player has the long, lean physique of a Tiger Woods or a Dustin Johnson. Many top golf wear manufacturers forget that fact, offering only more form-fitting designs in smaller sizes. Fortunately, Antigua Golf sells most of its items in sizes up to 3X (with some of its golf shirts adding Xs onto that). Antigua remains a prime option for bigger men hitting the links. If you’re looking for the best big and tall golf shirts, Antigua Golf should be your first stop. Check out their entire line of big and tall men’s golf shirts at the Antigua website, or order the Pique Performance Polo pictured below, which is available in dozens of colors.

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Courtesy of Kohl's


14. Loudmouth Golf Fancy Hunnids Shirt


Made popular by big and brassy PGA legend John Daly, everything made by Loudmouth features either bright colors, aggressive prints or some measure of both. Their gear isn’t right just for the peacocking golfer, but it’s also spot-on for the player who wants to call attention to himself instead of his game. If he duffs a shot, he might as well just shrug it off with a smile as his fellow players are more interested in where he got that polo shirt covered in Benjamins. You can find the best golf shirts from Loudmouth on Amazon, so grab a few more polos before you head to the course this summer.

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