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No Joke, Walmart Is Getting Into The Grillz Game: Which Of These 4 Would You Wear?

* Grillz are custom jewelry for your teeth
* They were a staple in early 00s rap – and now they’re coming back
* Walmart just released these affordable grillz

Grillz (custom fit jewelry for your teeth) used to be reserved for early 2000s rappers like Nelly and Lil Wayne, but now they’re becoming a trendy accessory for all. Stylish celebs including Justin Bieber, KimYe, and Katy Perry have all been pictured rocking some metal in their mouth, and now you can too… without a celebrity bank account. Walmart just released a line of affordable Grillz for as little as $10.

Is it a joke? Is it for everyday wear? Is it an homage? We’re not really sure, but if you’ve been curious about the trend or looking for a good gag gift, check out these four options below. You can order them online and have them delivered to your door, which is way less embarrassing than trying to ask your family dentist to put some bling on your teeth.


1. TekDeals 14k Gold Plated Grill

If you’re a gold guy or gal, go for this no-frills grill from TekDeals. It’s affordable and easy to rock on special occasions.

Lazy loaded image
Image courtesy of Walmart


2. Best Grillz Gold Plated Iced-Out

This grill is the classic, iced-out front that Nelly would approve of. It’s just an upper, but that’s enough ice for one mouth.

Lazy loaded image
Image courtesy of Walmart


3. Best Grillz Gold Plated Nugget

Ever wanted raw gold nuggets instead of plain white teeth? This grill if for you. It comes as a top and bottom set, and features 14k gold plating with a unique tumbled look.

Lazy loaded image
Image courtesy of Walmart

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