20 Best Hawaiian Shirts for Men To Rock All Summer Long

model wearing todd snyder hawaiian shirt
Courtesy of Todd Snyder

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Hawaiian shirts are no longer reserved for embarrassing dads on vacation. Rather, they’re not only for dads on vacation. In recent years, stylish Hawaiian shirts have become one of the most popular men’s summer style trends, and as the Spring/Summer 2022 fashion season approaches, these tropical shirts are still very much in fashion. This style is part of the larger dad-core fashion movement, which has also given us dad shoes and fanny packs. This summer, we expect the best Hawaiian shirts for men to stay in heavy rotation.

This trend is also evolving, and camp collar shirts have also become one of the most popular menswear trends of the last two years. Because we always want SPY readers to be ahead of the fashion curve, here are some common trends we’re seeing among Hawaiian shirts so far this year:

  • Retro and dessert motifs
  • Large landscape scenes
  • Watercolor-inspired prints
  • Black-and-white Hawaiian shirts

Ready to start sporting this laid-back style? Fashion-forward dudes no longer need to metaphorically (or literally) raid their old man’s wardrobe for these summer shirts. If you’re looking to upgrade your warm-weather look with a great Hawaiian shirt, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’re going to cover:

  • The best Hawaiian shirts
  • What are Hawaiian shirts?
  • How to style Hawaiian shirts

What Are Hawaiian Shirts?

The loose definition of a Hawaiian shirt (sometimes called a vacation shirt, aloha shirt, camp shirt or resort shirt) is a short-sleeve button-up with a colorful print and a camp collar (meaning the collar folds down to lay flat on the chest). Obviously, this criterion is interpreted quite loosely by fashion labels, especially when it comes to the print. Traditionally, a Hawaiian shirt has some type of floral, tropical or marine theme. The particular motifs and colors may change over time, but the core idea of Hawaiian shirts always remains the same: a super comfortable button-up that can be worn while lounging by the pool or drinking at the bar.

Hawaiian shirts, originally called aloha shirts, most likely originated from Honolulu-based dry goods store Musa-Shiya the Shirtmaker in the 1920s. “Aloha shirt” wasn’t coined until 1936 when Hawaiian shirts started to take root. As with many popular styles, the trend caught on thanks to U.S. military service members. Troops started wearing the shirts while stationed in Hawaii during WWII and subsequently brought them home, introducing mainlanders to the ultra-comfy button-ups. In addition, stars like Elvis could be seen sporting Hawaiian shirts on movie posters and magazine covers at the time.

Over the years, Hawaiian shirts have gone in and out of fashion. No doubt your own children will think your super-stylish Hawaiian shirts look incredibly cringe one day. Although Hawaiian shirts are now back in style, they’ve undergone some changes to fit modern tastes. Hawaiian shirts used to be long and flowy, verging on dress-like cuts. Not any more. Most modern brands that offer Hawaiian shirts have altered the classic in a few ways. While we still prefer slightly oversized Hawaiian shirts with a looser fit, brands are now making more slim-fit Hawaiian shirts, too.


How to Wear a Hawaiian Shirt

The second best thing about Hawaiian shirts (after comfort, of course) is versatility. You can rock them with everything from swim trunks at the beach to jeans on the weekend to a blazer at a work barbecue. The only loose rule that we follow is pairing Hawaiian shirts with other low-key pieces. Vacation shirt prints are typically quite loud, so something more minimal will balance the outfit. Think, slim-fit blue jeans and white sneakers, black slacks or chinos. And if you’re itching to wear your Hawaiian shirt when the temperature dips, a white tee under the shirt looks fine, too.

Of course, Hawaiian shirts are supposed to be a little tacky, any laid-back outfit will do. Plus, you can always lean into the dad-on-vacation aesthetic.

Don’t you wish you were having this much fun?

senior man wearing fun hawaiian shirt Licensed from Adobe

Below, you’ll find our favorite Hawaiian shirts for Summer 2022 and beyond. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, check out our guide to the most stylish camp collar shirts for men, which offer a slightly less loud alternative to the classic Hawaiian shirt.


1. Scotch & Soda Printed Men’s Hawaiian Shirts


It doesn’t seem to matter what fashion item we’re shopping for these days — Scotch & Soda has us covered. This season, you can buy all of your men’s Hawaiian shirts from this fashion brand, which has colorful and on-trend prints for summer fun. This particular printed Hawaiian shirt comes in three colorways, and we’re obsessed with all three of them.



2. Bonobos Stretch Riviera Short-Sleeve Shirt


Here’s the thing about wearing a Hawaiian shirt: It’s easy to do it the wrong way (oversized, too loud, not quite as versatile as you might like for the price). Much like with its comfortable stretch chinos, Bonobos has figured out that it’s easy to get things right if you start with a cool base color, like the textured chambray fabric shown here. That makes it easy to match this shirt with everything from white jeans to tan chinos, and the flowers offer a printed pop that’s eye-catching, but not overly wild. You could even tone down this shirt with a navy cotton blazer, white jeans and brown suede loafers at the office, but why do that when it’s best worn with breezy linen trousers, umbrella drink in hand?

Best overall Hawaiian shirt for men. Courtesy of Bonobos


3. Tommy Bahama Coast JungleBay Island Zone Shirt


Do you have a love-hate relationship with Tommy Bahama Hawaiian shirts? Yeah, us too, but there’s no denying that Tommy Bahama is one of the top men’s Hawaiian shirt brands in the world. In fact, this company built its brand on these laid-back shirts as a style move and a lifestyle in and of itself (just visit one of the brand’s famed stores or restaurants for a breezy cocktail). That legacy carries on today, yet with some new, lightweight and weather-ready tech top of mind.

Here, they started with recycled polyester for a modern touch, and then add spandex for even more breathability and stretch. The Carbon Grey color is also a nice, more understated touch if you’re just dipping your toes into the world of Hawaiian shirts. This is a true beach vacation-minded Hawaiian shirt, done in the breezy camp collar style for maximum laidback lounging with swim trunks or chino shorts. Order us another daiquiri, will ya?

Best lightweight Hawaiian shirt Courtesy of Tommy Bahama


4. Goodthreads Short-Sleeve Printed Poplin Shirt


Goodthreads, an affordable Amazon brand, is a great place to find men’s basics. Goodthreads just has a knack for affordable style moves you can seamlessly incorporate into your current wardrobe. That’s certainly the case with this vibrant shirt, which blends a green floral print with a black fabric base for a surprising amount of versatility. Team this shirt with off-white jeans to let the floral print pop, or take your pick from any number of stylish printed options from Goodthreads. It’s extremely affordable no matter which option you go with (they’re all under $30) but to get yourself one of the best Hawaiian shirts for men at an astonishingly low price.

If you don’t like the green and black floral print pictured below, we also love the Goodthreads Desert Landscape Hawaiian Shirt.

Best affordable Hawaiian shirt for men. Courtesy of Amazon


5. Reyn Spooner Sea Safari Short-Sleeve Shirt


Plenty of brands made waves with Hawaiian shirts as the style has regained popularity, but none more so than Reyn Spooner, one of the most famous Hawaiian shirt brands. The company doesn’t cut corners when it comes to quality or style, using its archives as inspiration and nodding to its rich heritage with retro-inspired designs. This breezy, textured fabric uses signature Spooner Kloth (a cotton-polyester blend) to drive home the easygoing wearability of Hawaiian shirts, complete with a laidback straight hem and a wide range of sizing options.

Best classic Hawaiian shirt for men. Courtesy of Reyn Spooner


6. TOPMAN Floral-Print Button-Down Shirt


Do you prefer to wear your Hawaiian shirts over a tee, tank top or bare chest? Then we love the way this floral print shirt from TOPMAN looks when it’s left unbuttoned. The lighter colors will pair perfectly with most swim trunks and light blue jeans or shorts. Plus, the price is just right.

TOPMAN hawaiian shirt Courtesy of TOPMAN


7. Todd Snyder Stamp Print Camp Collar Shirt


While Hawaiian shirts typically bring to mind large floral prints, the definition — as we noted earlier — is a bit more loosely interpreted by fashion labels these days. And no one knows how to put a better spin on that than Todd Snyder himself, the American designer revered for reinventing classics in fresh ways. That means an engaging stamp print takes the place of a floral pattern as if it’s an inspiration to get you planning your next jet-set journey. You’ll certainly want to take this cotton-blend stretch shirt with you, complete with a camp collar design for a bit of old-school cool. Yes, this is pricier than other picks on this list, but that’s what makes this designer Hawaiian shirt a style splurge, after all.

Best style splurge Hawaiian shirt Courtesy of Todd Snyder


8. Scotch & Soda Printed Men’s Hawaiian Shirt


Another Scotch & Soda shirt? Yup. Not only is Scotch & Soda one of the best menswear designers in the world right now, but the Dutch fashion brand undeniably has the best Hawaiian shirts of the season, full stop. This printed shirt features a retro scene, one of the biggest trends in this product category at the moment.


scotch and soda printed hawaiian shirt Courtesy of Scotch & Soda


9. Chubbies Resort Wear Men’s Hawaiian Shirts


If you haven’t gathered by now, most Hawaiian shirts are made of classic materials like rayon, the kind that are soft to the touch but more old-school in nature. Chubbies, makers of infamous short shorts, has taken a different approach with one of the best Hawaiian shirts with stretch. Here, they’ve used their own blend of Soft Stretch cotton with 2% spandex for good measure. When you want laidback-yet-polished comfort, go with this stretchy number from Chubbies (shorts sold separately).

Best stretch Hawaiian shirt for men. Courtesy of Chubbies


10. Playboy Sandbar Shirt

Who would have thought that Playboy would get a second life as one of the trendiest apparel companies of the year? The classic Playboy bunny logo is recognized around the world, and the Playboy apparel line is surprisingly on point. This camp-collar shirt is missing the floral theme you usually find on Hawaiian shirts, but it certainly has, um, tropical themes. Part of a collaboration with Pacsun, the Playboy Sandbar Shirt is a risque shirt that’s perfect for lazy days at the pool.

playboy sandbar hawaiian shirt Courtesy of Playboy


11. Shinesty Derby “The Louisville” Hawaiian Shirt

Shinesty originally came on our radar when we were researching men’s underwear subscriptions, but the brand also makes tops, including a line of zany Hawaiian shirts. In the same way that the brand’s boxers have a signature pouch for your privates, these button-up shirts have a special side pocket for your beer. For summer tailgating fun, this is a Hawaiian shirt that’s ready to party. Instead of a floral or tropical theme, this shirt sports a unique Kentucky Derby-inspired print.

shinesty kentucky derby hawaiian shirt Courtesy of Shinesty


12. Orelbar Brown Linen Blend Striped Camp Shirt


We recently included Orelbar Brown in our guide to the best resort wear of the season, and this casual shirt is perfect for enjoying an early dinner at the resort restaurant. If you prefer stripes and solid colors to gaudy floral prints, then this is a camp collar shirt that’s made for you. The cotton-linen fabric blend will also keep you cool and comfortable no matter the weather.

orelbar brown hawaiian shirt with stripes Courtesy of Mr Porter


13. Volcom Parodice Tropical Print Shirt


If you love the laid-back stylings of brands like Billabong and Volcom, then you’ll be pleased to discover that the latter has one of our favorite Hawaiian shirts of the year. This coral-colored shirt features a tropical landscape scene, which is typical of the styles we’re seeing from other brands.

volcom hawaiian shirt Courtesy of Nordstrom


14. Polo Ralph Lauren Poplin Floral Camp Shirt


Ralph Lauren has been making a bit of a comeback of late, and they’ve got some great men’s Hawaiian shirts for Spring 2022. This particular button-up features a fun floral print and coconut buttons for an added tropical detail.

polo ralph lauren hawaiian shirt Courtesy of PRL


15. Levi’s Sunset Camp Shirt


This season, a lot of the best Hawaiian shirts for men use either retro motifs or full-on landscape scenes, but Levi’s has struck out in a completely different direction with it’s new Sunset Camp Shirt. This expressive shirt features an abstract asymmetrical print, and we absolutely love it. Wear it with blue jeans and shorts or throw it on over your solid-color swim trunks and you have the perfect warm-weather outfit.

model wearing levi's hawaiian shirt Courtesy of Levi's


16. Tommy Bahama Big & Tall Coconut Point Harbor Fronds Shirt


Some styles of Hawaiian shirt are more difficult to pull off than others, but Tommy Bahama — yes, another Tommy Bahama option — has made it easier than ever for those who fall into the Big & Tall part of the style spectrum. Here, you’re still getting a distinctive print from the masters of the Hawaiian shirt, not to mention a bold yet not overly loud pattern. Best of all, it’s done up in the brand’s timeless, lightweight and breezy fabric.

Best big & tall Hawaiian shirt for men. Courtesy of Tommy Bahama


17. J.Crew New York Hawaiian Shirt


We’re seeing a lot of designers experiment with new types of prints on Hawaiian shirts this year, and the end result has been a lot of extremely loud and ugly shirts. When you go big, the final product is often hit or miss. However, this is definitely a win. The J.Crew New York Hawaiian Shirt features a New York City-inspired print that offers a fun twist on the classic tropical theme.

j.crew new york city hawaiian shirt Courtesy of J.Crew


18. Banana Republic Navy Floral Slim-Fit Shirt


Banana Republic means business — just check out the classic retailer’s array of tailored chinos, sharp dress pants and office-ready sweaters. And to nobody’s surprise, that carries over to this sharp take on the Hawaiian shirt. This is the kind of shirt you can wear with a khaki suit or blazer to really mix things up; simply ditch the blazer when you head out for a Friday night date after work (or keep the blazer on!). It’s grounded thanks to the navy color and the tailored cut, plus the stylish pattern that pops nicely without going overboard. It’s also even more affordable than you might expect (especially on sale), so that way, you can put those extra funds towards a nice happy hour cocktail or two.

Best dressy Hawaiian shirt Courtesy of Banana Republic


19. Chubbies Hawaiian Print Hawaiian Shirt

This year, we’re seeing more pale-colored and white-and-black Hawaiian shirts than we did in 2021, and we like the cool island vibes of this Chubbies shirt. The swim brand has earned a reputation for its supremely comfortable and stretchy clothes, and their button-up shirts are no exception. This shirt is perfect for hanging out by the pool or beach, and it will pair perfectly with pink or blue swim trunks.

chubbies hawaiian shirt Courtesy of Nordstrom


20. Amazon Essentials Regular-Fit Print Shirt


Every Hawaiian shirt, by its nature, is bold and eye-catching, but things are turned up ever so slightly with yet another affordable option from Amazon’s in-house design team. The pattern here is grounded by a blue background amped up with a leafy print, and it’s all the better that it comes in a nice range of sizes. The tumbled poplin fabric is soft to the touch, with the overall lived-in feel of this shirt makes it a winner you’ll want to wear all summer long.

Best bold patterned Hawaiian shirt for men. Courtesy of Amazon


This article was last updated on Thursday, April 21, 2022, when we added an additional Hawaiian shirt from Playboy apparel.


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