Let’s Get Cheeky: Peep the 11 Sexiest Jockstraps for Showing Off That Booty

Box Menswear Red on Red Jockstrap
Courtesy of Box Menswear
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You know your ass is A1, you goddamn birthday cake, you, so why are you so hesitant to show it off?

There’s no reason to be ashamed of that booty of yours when you’re that caked up. You know what they say, if you got it, flaunt it. Whether you want to boast privately to your partner in the bedroom or break the internet with a scandy Instagram post, one of the best ways to show off your ASSets is to do it the old fashioned way: in a jockstrap.

Jockstraps initially came into the scene in the late 1800s for men to protect their shmeat during contact sports like baseball, football and rugby. Later, primarily due to the gay community, the underwear style was reclaimed and transformed into more of a fashion trend to sport in more intimate guy on guy situations. Now, men of all different sexualities are throwing on jockstraps when getting intimate or simply when wanting to feel themselves. Because, well, they’re hot as hell.

Let’s be real, if you’ve clicked on this article and don’t already own a jockstrap or two, you’re already late to the trend. But, it’s never too late to get in on it. Read on and discover the 11 best jockstraps you need to flex that donk in style.


1. Calvin Klein Jockstrap


Calvin Klein has been in the underwear game before some of us were even alive. They’re a staple to the top drawer in our dresser for a reason, because even if they aren’t always the most comfortable, they’re a 10/10 choice when it comes to the name brand. Keep yourself in style even when you’ve got little to nothing on with this solid black CK jockstrap two-pack that keeps your front cozy and your cheeks rosy. This is a great set for guys buying their first jockstrap solely because it’s familiar. If you’ve worn CK underwear in the past, you’ll already get the gist of what these will feel like on prior to wearing them. And that classic Calvin waistband trim? You’ve seen it once or twice to be comfortable enough with it, making these ideal for dudes starting out in the realm of jockstrappery.

Calvin Klein Jockstrap Courtesy of Amazon


2. ASOS Design Jockstrap


You don’t have to go into an internet rabbit hole in order to find a comfortable, inexpensive jockstrap to wear when you just want to feel yourself a little. For guys who don’t need much else than a way to let their booty breathe, we suggest you get all your jockstrap needs from ASOS. Jocks at ASOS go for a significantly cheaper price than most online retailers. It doesn’t mean they’re going to be the best quality in the world, but they’ll certainly give you the look you want. Right now we’re kind of gagged over this all-black pair that’s giving us total frontal coverage aside from a sneaky hip show. As you can imagine, from the back, it’s bottoms away. This pair goes for just under $10, so we definitely suggest this pair if you want to give the style a try but don’t necessarily want the commitment just yet.

ASOS Design Jockstrap Courtesy of ASOS


3. Box Menswear Red on Red Jockstrap


Flaunt that tuchus and support an excellent cause while doing so with Box Menswear’s Red on Red jockstrap. For each pair bought, a portion of the sale will go toward the National AIDS Trust in order to help fight for the rights of people living with HIV and AIDS. Baring a red that’s so bright it almost resembles a fire hydrant, these jocks will make you stand out from the crowd. Although we can’t imagine a place in which you’d be wearing a jockstrap in a crowd of people also wearing jockstraps. Okay, maybe we can. But, if standing out isn’t your forte, these are also an excellent choice to throw on during some nighttime play with your partner.

Box Menswear Red on Red Jockstrap Courtesy of Box Menswear


4. Gym Old School Jockstrap


If you’re looking to reclaim that jock you wore for football in high school in a way that, well, doesn’t necessarily involve football whatsoever, this is the jock for you. This jock from Gym really exudes masculinity in a way that isn’t too overbearing, but also sort of sexy. It has that gym locker room sort of vibe. You know, the gym locker room vibe you see from PornHub, not Planet Fitness. Unlike our other picks, this can actually be used for the kind of physical contact you partake in while playing sports, so it actually has a use aside from making you look good.

Gym Old School Jockstrap Courtesy of Amazon


5. Skull & Bones Just The Bones Jock


When it comes to a wide variety of choices, look no further than Skull & Bones because these guys have the underwear game perfected at this point. They have jocks in every color under the rainbow to ensure that they fit the needs of each customer. Right now, although some might find it mundane, we’re opting for this easy grey look that’s anything but basic. The jock features everything you need to stay comfortable, like a double layer gusset to keep your member feeling safe and snug, a “no-roll” waistband that won’t ride up or bend and a design that’s perfect for total moveability. So far, everyone that’s reviewed this jock has called it their favorite ever, with not a single rating under five stars. That being said, this one is totally something you need to try out for yourself.

Skull & Bones Just The Bones Jock Courtesy of Skull & Bones


6. 2(X)IST Pride Jock Strap


Show off your true colors or be the coolest ally around with this pride jockstrap from 2(X)IST. With each pair snagged from the pride collection, 2(X)IST promises they’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to LGBTQ+ charities and even gives you the choice to select the cause. The jock itself is pretty extra, to say the least, featuring the word “pride” written in rainbow cursive all over the frontal pouch and two rainbow leg straps in the back to keep that booty lifted yet bare. Best of all, not only will you stay showing off that caboose of yours, but this jock meets under the hips to make it really low-rise. Quite honestly, this jock is gay as hell in the best way possible, and we’re obsessed with it.

2(X)IST Pride Jock Strap Courtesy of 2(X)IST


7. 100% Real Leather Jockstrap


We get it, leather might not be for everyone, but keep in mind that there’s a huge leather community in the world of fetish that we’re more than happy to push on the right track. And boy, if this is your gig, you’ve found the right track. Right on Etsy, you can find this 100% real leather jockstrap that’s made to order no matter the waist or pouch size needed. This jock comes with a bit of a secret, though. Not only is your entire trunk bare for viewing pleasure, but if needed, the pouch rips off to release your entire pistol, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.

100% Real Leather Jockstrap Courtesy of Etsy


8. Male Power Peep Show Jockstrap


While our prior choice leaves nothing to the imagination, this peep show jock leaves, well, a little bit. Alongside a bare backside, this jock also contains a semi-see-through frontal twist that allows for only a little hiding. It’s best for fun, seductive nights with your partner(s) that’ll help spice up playtime a little more. The rings riding the hip area add for a sexy touch that almost mimic a garter belt, which is a hot design choice overall. They’re also made to fit comfortably, but we don’t suggest them for all-day under-the-clothes wear — they don’t pack that much support.

Male Power Peep Show Jockstrap Courtesy of Freshpair


9. Summer Code Performance Jockstrap


For a little over $20, you can add four different colored, comfortable jocks to your underwear drawer. This variety pack from Amazon is as inexpensive and cozy as it gets. Each pair’s frontal pouch is designed to be soft and snug yet generous and roomy enough to hold your low-hanging fruit. These are specifically made for daily wear and work great while running, cycling, walking or showing off in the bedroom. Never worry about a tight, uncomfortable waistband, because Summer Code’s selection offers a superelastic and soft alternative to any multi jock alternative on the market. With a price point we can get by and a comfort level that goes above and beyond the majority of jocks on the market, you need to give this pack a chance as soon as possible.

Summer Code Performance Jockstrap Courtesy of Amazon


10. Pump! Creamsicle Jock


Pump!’s been a well-known contributor in the undie game since 2009 to provide a slew of undergarment designs that play and mix both sport and fashion to create daring looks. Hence, this creamsicle jock that combines the sporty design with a playful coloration we can’t get enough of. Rock this jock and have your partners dripping the way your favorite summer ice cream would on a hot summer day. You won’t regret it.

Pump! Creamsicle Jock Courtesy of Amazon


11. PPU Cutout Jockstrap


We have a number of jocks on our list that are more on the daring side. Like come on, there’s no way you’ve forgotten about that leather jock already. If you’re looking to dare a little differently, check out this sultry cutout jock from PPU that pushes and pulls the traditional jockstrap design in a whole new manner. Jocks are normally designed to help support and while this one definitely does for your behind, it absolutely does not for your frontal load. As pictured, you can see there is only one small patch that covers the penis with four white stripes directing the eyes to where you want them to be. It isn’t the most comfortable jock you’ll ever wear, but there’s a good chance it will be the most eyecatching.

PPU Cutout Jockstrap Courtesy of Freshpair