The Most Versatile Men’s Joggers for Workouts and Weekends

Best Joggers Summer 2019
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Purists will say jeans, but in my opinion, joggers are arguably the most versatile piece of clothing you can have in your wardrobe. Unlike denim, there are joggers you can wear to the gym and then wear on a date. There are also styles to wear in the winter with your boots, and styles that will keep you cool and comfortable in the summer.

Plus, everyone knows that women love a guy in joggers, so you can’t go wrong with throwing on a pair on when you’re not sure what to wear. As someone who travels a lot for work and fun, I can also tell you that joggers are the ultimate traveling pants. If you’re still wearing jeans for long car rides or when you fly, then it’s time to get with the times. Joggers keep your comfortable, have plenty of pockets for your stuff, and won’t constrict you when you’re shuffling in your tiny seat or if you need to walk around the aisles.

Ready to give joggers a second look? Check out these three popular styles of joggers and find one to fit your plans this summer.

1. Athletic

The most common type of joggers you will see will be the athletic type. They are usually a bit tighter to the leg and will come in materials like cotton or polyester. Of course these are most appropriate for the gym or for going for a run outside. Sporting these with a tank and/or a sweatshirt makes for a great gym outfit that is comfortable and will only help you get your sweat rolling.

While they’re great for a workout, you can wear these sleek, athletic joggers when you’re out at the grocery store or traveling too. Pairing these with a plain-colored T-shirt or V-neck makes for a casual look that’s comfortable and unpretentious. If you don’t already have a pair, then check out these Adidas Athletic Joggers, which feature the brand’s signature three-stripe design and a slim but not-too-tight fit.

Best Joggers 2019


2. Casual

Joggers introduced themselves as trend-worthy a few years ago and ever since, there have been companies breaking the mold of what typical joggers look like. Now you can find joggers that look like khaki pants or black dress pants that taper towards the bottom. These types are usually made of a thicker, more durable material and are not as tight as the athletic fit.

I’ve seen these casual types of joggers being worn more and more over the years, with brands styling them with belt loops and pleats for a more formal look, and relaxed cuts and cargo pockets for casual days out. You can wear anything from a T-shirt to a collared button-up with these. They look great with a nice pair of low-cut Vans or even a bigger pair of shoes like some Jordan’s. Amazon makes a reliable pair of these for an affordable price.

Best Joggers Summer 2019


3. Drop Crotch

This style of jogger is somewhat of a cross between the athletic and casual types when it comes to material and fit. The lower crotch is a statement piece and is something that will make your outfit stand apart. A handful of designers have adopted and modified this drop crotch feature into some of their fashion lines and have done quite well. Although this lower crotch won’t be optimal for athletic performance (and maybe it’s not the best look for a first date) it’s definitely comfortable and it certainly does turn heads. Change up your style this summer and take a risk on some drop crotch joggers. You won’t be disappointed.

Best Joggers Summer 2019