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SPY Guide: The 5 Best Karhu Kicks for Men

* Karhu releases a new line of sneakers following Kanye’s stamp of approval
* Fresh, creative colors and designs from the Finnish brand
* Made of high-quality suede, techno fabric and leather materials

After being showcased by Kanye, the low-key, 100 year old sneaker maestro Karhu is releasing a new line of sneakers for their burgeoning fan base. As always, the Finnish sneakers bring a unique athletic style that you can’t get from major brands, and we think these 5 do it best.

If you’re looking to refresh your shoe game and try something new, trust Kanye and get yourself a pair of Karhus.

1. Karhu Aria in Slate Blue

The Aria gets a new colorway that oozes quintessential Karhu style. Primarily suede, the front of the shoe is a light slate blue, the middle a slightly darker blue, the heel red, and the laces and accents are in gray.

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2. Karhu Synchron in Black and Gray

Slightly atypical for Karhu, the Synchron in Black and Gray lends itself to a subdued athletic look. The shoe features black leather throughout, techno fabric and a gray suede upper.

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3. Karhu Aria in Green

This variation of the Aria is made with a light gray toe, dark green middle and blue heel. The chunkiness and dark green color work together to produce a trendy military undertone.

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4. Karhu Aria in Light Gray

This light gray version of Karhu’s Aria is highlighted by muted spring/summer colors. It’s constructed using suede, and features a fabric inner for comfort.

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5. Karhu Aria in Black Leather

One of Karhus more simple shoes, this Aria is constructed from high-quality black leather, with black techno fabric and minimal tan accents. If you’re looking for an everyday sneaker to wear with any outfit, this is a great option.

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