The 15 Best Keychain Wallets on Amazon for Under $45

best keychain wallet
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Even the most fervent minimalists out there still tend to carry a wallet filled with IDs, credit cards, cash and other daily essentials. However, that doesn’t mean everyone particularly likes doing so — especially if that wallet is bulky and weighs you down. If you prefer the idea of a slim, minimal wallet that can keep your essentials and keys in one place while remaining secure and lightweight, read on to discover more about the best keychain wallets.

Choosing one of the best keychain wallets over the standard bi-fold or tri-fold wallet may seem like a strange choice to some traditionalists, but there are actually a number of advantages. These include:

Size – The best keychain wallets sport compact and slim designs which not only take less space in your pocket or backpack but also create a less bulky item to carry around, putting less stress on your clothing or anchor point.

Security – One of the biggest reasons to invest in a keychain wallet is the added security they offer. Where your average wallet can be lifted from your pocket while you’re none the wiser, a keychain wallet attached to belt buckles, pockets or even other keychains is going to cause far more disturbance before disappearing from your possession.

Versatility – By simply adding a keychain to your wallet, it opens up more functional elements. The first and foremost of which is the ability to securely attach keys. Whether it’s a house key, car key, work key or all of the above, this extra secure method of storing these essential items is enough of a reason for some people to trade in their keychain-less wallet.

Style – Given that slim, minimalist options like the Ridge wallets are all the rage, it’s little wonder that the best keychain wallets, which tend to follow this slimline blueprint, are such a popular option.

Below you’ll find 15 of our favorite keychain wallets available on Amazon. Each well-reviewed wallet includes a built-in keychain, allowing you to attach keys or secure your wallet with ease. There’s a range of available styles, including options for both men and women. Scroll down and find the right choice for you.


1. Thread Wallets Slim Wallet


The Thread Wallets Slim Wallet comes backed by over 1,800 five-star reviews from Amazon users who love the slim, minimalist style which is so popular at the moment. The wallet is available in over 20 different and eye-catching designs, including striped, colorful and leaf-adorned options. For carrying convenience, the wallet features a single pocket that can hold up to eight cards at a time along with some accompanying banknotes. Furthermore, it’s RFID blocking and includes a small keyring which is great for attaching to lanyards or house and car keys.

best keychain wallet thread wallets Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Cynure Coin Purse


The Cynure Women’s Coin Purse isn’t just another pretty coin purse. Three zippered pockets and one slip pocket on this Pebble Grained leather wallet make carrying your essential items, like cards, coins and notes, simple. The purse can hold up to 15 cards and easily fits in a pocket, backpack or small purse. You’ll also find that even though it may have been designed with ladies in mind, the compact, middle-of-the-road design along with the range of colorful yet stylish options, make this a purse both men and women would be happy to use.

cynure leather zippered wallet Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Cyanb Slim Leather Card Case


Simple, stylish and super thin, this durable Cyanb Slim Leather Card Case wallet not only looks great but offers an efficient way to carry both credit cards and cash without overcrowding your pockets. Designed for women on the go, the compact size of this wallet makes it ideal for small purses and clutches or for clipping to a clothing strap. You’ll also find a small keychain on the top zipper, which allows you to securely attach keys to this gift-worthy case.

best keychain wallet cyand slim Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Chums Surfshort Wallet


The American flag, redfish scales and jellyfish, what do all these have in common? Well, they are all designs you can have on the outside of your Chums Surfshort Wallet. This compact, minimalist wallet is made from tough nylon and features two zippable pockets which are ideal for storing cash and cards. There’s also a clear window for housing an ID card and a built-in loop for easy attachment to your shorts, keys or other belongings for added safety and security.

chums surfshort Image courtesy of Amazon


5. JEMINAL New Canvas Short Wallet


The JEMINAL New Canvas Short Wallet is an all-encompassing wallet choice that ticks all the boxes. This tri-fold wallet sports an external zipper closure with a fixed keychain loop, which allows you to attach your keys and cover them for greater in-pocket security. Inside, you’ll find several pockets, including a full-length, open-top note pocket, a clear slot for an ID card, several slots for additional cards as well as a zippered section for coins. Plus, this wallet is available in four different colors.

best keychain wallet jeminal Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Kinzd Car Key Wallet Case


If you’re heading out on an errand run or meeting with friends and just looking to carry your car keys and a little cash, the Kinzd Car Key Wallet Case definitely fits the bill. This compact case is just the right size for housing your car keys and a few notes. It features a zipper closure, a built-in keychain for your keys and a further keychain loop for securing your case to your other keychains or belongings.

best keychain wallet kinzd car key Image courtesy of Amazon


7. tomtoc Leather Wallet


The tomtoc Leather Wallet sports a front-facing clear screen which is ideal for displaying an ID card. The wallet’s minimalist style incorporates a built-in, cut-out hole that can be used for attaching keychains and lanyards, while the numerous slide-in pockets give the unisex wallet a seven-card capacity. It also boasts RFID-blocking technology, comes in a choice of brown or dark blue and, for ease of attachment, is supplied with a snap-closure strap.

tomtoc key ring wallet Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Thread Wallet


The slim profile of this elasticated Thread Wallet makes it easy to keep in your front pocket with no bulk or discomfort. It keeps cards snug and secure, so they won’t slide out if attached to a lanyard or set of keys. This wallet is an ideal answer to morning walks, trips to the gym, or when you’re out on the boat and don’t want your pockets weighed down by change or an uncomfortable number of cards. Furthermore, this popular wallet choice is available in a range of colors and different designs, including plain black, striped and a cactus-adorned option.

thread wallet elastic Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Contacts Genuine Leather Key Case


The Contacts Genuine Leather Car Key Case is a stylish wallet choice that has space for all your keys, notes and cards. The genuine leather case comes in either black or brown and features a snap closure to give you a secure hold of your belongings inside. Storage-wise, it includes six internal key loops as well as both a slot for cash and a slot for a single card. Plus, the top-mounted keyring makes it especially easy to attach your case to other keychains, a lanyard or a wristband for greater convenience.

contacts car key wallet Image courtesy of Amazon


10. GintaXen Leather Zip Wallet


If you ever imagine yourself heading to a concert or event where you don’t want to be bogged down with a bulky wallet filled with coins and unnecessary cards, then the GintaXen Leather Zip Wallet could be the answer you’re looking for. As well as looking great and providing plenty of storage space for your essentials, it includes RFID-blocking technology to help prevent identity theft, making it a must-have for frequent travelers. You’ll also find a clear card space for displaying an ID card and a short chain for secure attachment to clothing and belt buckles.

key ring gintaxen wallet Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Kinzd Slim Wallet


If you love that faux-carbon-fiber look, the Kinzd Slim Wallet is the choice for you. In addition to looking great, this leather, minimalist wallet features a central pocket for cards and cash. It also has a zippable top closure as well as several card slots on the side, including a clear one for an ID card. The wallet is RFID blocking and comes with both a lanyard and a keychain, making it especially simple to secure your new wallet to your body.

kinzd slim carbon fiber wallet Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Andar Minimalist Slim Wallet


Want to carry the nuts and bolts of your wallet without feeling like you are actually carrying nuts and bolts? The Andar Minimalist Slim Wallet feels like you are carrying nothing, but really it’s carrying everything you need. This wallet is available in either dark brown, blush or stone gray and features one single card slot which can accommodate up to eight cards and cash. The wallet is made from premium leather and boasts a single keychain for easy attachment to keys and larger key rings.

ander leather wallet Image courtesy of Amazon


13. POCKT Slim Keychain Wallet


The POCKT Slim Keychain Wallet oozes style through its classy leather construction and minimalist design. The genuine-leather wallet comes in eight different color variations and features a pull-tab central pocket, an elastic front pocket and a back cross pocket, ensuring you’ve got plenty of room for your cards and cash. Additionally, two of these pockets are RFID blocking to keep your identity safe, while the small, built-in loop allows for secure attachment to pockets, lanyards and other belongings.

pockt leather wallet Image courtesy of Amazon


14. MURADIN Dapper Leather Bifold Wallet


While it may be fractionally chunkier than some of the other options on our list, the MURADIN Dapper Leather Bifold Wallet makes up for its bulk in other ways. This tactical wallet is designed from high-quality materials, including leather and aluminum, giving it a premium feel and look which won’t embarrass you when you grab it from your pocket. Capacity-wise, the wallet features three pockets for a maximum of 12 cards, and it also includes RFID-blocking technology. In addition, you’ll find a matching keychain to secure your wallet to your belongings.

muradin tactical wallet Image courtesy of Amazon


15. Osgoode Marley Leather Hook Key Case


If your priority is key storage, it’s worth checking out this Osgoode Marley Leather Hook Key Case. Inside, you’ll find eight individual hooks for holding all of your keys, from your house to your car. There’s also a removable, keyring loop in the base, which lets you attach your key case to bags and clothing for greater security. Furthermore, the 100% leather case sports an adjustable width closure, allowing you to create a more compact case dictated solely by the number of keys you have inside.

osgoode key wallet Image courtesy of Amazon


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