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The Best Khaki Pants for Men That Won’t Make You Look Like a Total Dork

Khakis have earned an unfair reputation for being uncool, a reputation shared with polo shirts (which are also cool again, by the way). But as with any style staple, it all comes down to how they fit and how you wear them. No longer are the best khaki pants used for just business-casual events. They have now transformed into the perfect versatile pair of pants. We say transformed, but the truth is, khakis have always been the perfect casual pant. It’s a fact that stylish folks as varied as Steve McQueen, Diane Keaton and Pharell all appreciate. 

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The easy-going pants have become a go-to for several guys because they can be worn casually like jeans or dressed up for the office. They pair well with just about anything from your favorite T-shirt to classic polo, plus they’re seamlessly appropriate for any sense of style or setting.


So What Are Khaki Pants?

Khaki pants traditionally have a straight leg, two front slash pockets, and two back welt pockets (sometimes with a button) and were made from cotton twill. Khakis got their start in the military and were worn in British-controlled India. Though the word has been treated as a catchall for any lightweight cotton pant, “khaki” is a color, not a particular fabric or style. Chinos, on the other hand, are a style of casual cotton pants that are irrespective of color. Today, the terms have become somewhat interchangeable in the American vernacular. But when rounding out the best khaki pants for men, we stuck with sand, beige, brown and other similar earth tones. 

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How to Wear Khaki Pants

The easy-going pants have become a go-to for several guys because they can be worn casually like jeans, dressed up for the office, or anywhere else. You can pair them with high tops, shiny loafers, and even hiking boots. Wear them with a sweatshirt, graphic tee, or button-down. A slim-fit khaki will always look refined, but the trend of late has been looser and more relaxed. That means that pleats are back, and a wider fit is in. The best way to pull this off without steering into baggy territory is to opt for a wide but tapered fit, which will look on-trend but flattering. When it comes to styling, you can go for a chill vibe and wear them uncuffed. If you’re in the mood for a preppier look, cuff the pant leg up to the ankle, wear some no-show socks or wear your favorite dress shoes. In other words, wear them like you would any of your other favorite pants, and you’ll look just fine.


1. J.Crew Straight-Fit Flex Khaki Pant


No, these aren’t the oversized J.Crew Giant-Fit Chinos that have been getting so much buzz lately (those have been sold out for weeks, anyway), but they are the perfect pair of everyday khakis for men. When it comes to finding stylish and moderately-priced clothing, J.Crew never disappoints. These khakis also use sustainable fabric, which we love to lessen the impact of textile waste on the planet. The pants are comfy and non-restricting, making it easy to forget that they’re khakis and not a pair of sweatpants.

Why They’re the Best Khakis for Men: These straight-fit khaki pants can be worn practically anywhere from the office or out in the city for a quick lunch date. And while you can’t go wrong with the classic khaki pictured below, you can also pick up these cotton pants in 17 other colors.

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Courtesy of J.Crew Factory

2. Dockers Slim-Fit Men’s Khakis


Just like a list of jeans is incomplete without Levis, a list of khakis won’t be right without Dockers. The dad-friendly brand has an updated take on its classic design without sacrificing what makes a pair of khakis a pair of khakis. These cotton pants feature 8% elastane for ease of movement all day, and they have a slight sheen and a crease on the front that adds a dressy touch. Wear ’em to work, or better yet, pair them with a denim jacket and sneakers.

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Courtesy of Amazon


3. Bonobos Italian Stretch Chinos


Bonobos makes a refined version of the chino that works well with casual and dressy outfits. It features a tab-front closure and a crease, making them look and feel more like dress pants. They’re cut from cotton with a touch of stretch, so they’re still firmly in the chino camp. Best of all, Bonobos makes it easy to pick the fit of your pants; options include slim taper, slim and athletic.

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Courtesy of Bonobos

4. Rag & Bone Fit 2 Slim-Fit Chinos


Rag & Bone is one of the best brands for casual staples like shirts and jeans, and even though they clock in at an elevated price point, you get high-quality construction for the cost. Rag & Bone’s pants are ranked from 1-3, with 1 being the slimmest. Fit 2 is a perfect everyday option, and the classic beige khaki pants can be worn with everything.

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Courtesy of Mr Porter

5. Blake slim-fit pleated poplin chino


The word “pleated khakis” might be terror-inducing, but there’s no need to fret. As long as the pants fit well and come in the right color, a pleated khaki might be the most stylish thing in your closet (yes, really). These slim tapered pants from Scotch & Soda fit the bill. Just swap the baggy blue dress shirt for a crisp white tee and trade the bulky black dress shoes for white sneakers, and you’ve got a winning fit.

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Courtesy of Scotch and Soda

6. Levi’s XX Chino Slim Taper Fit


Levi’s is best known for jeans, but the brand also makes some of the best khaki pants. They’re made from cotton with 2% stretch, and the fabric is lightweight and comfortable. The slash pockets have a hidden zipper on the right side for secure storage.

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Courtesy of Levis

7. Dickies 873 Slim Straight Work Pant


Workers have depended on Dickies pants for generations, but they’ve gained a following among skaters and the style conscious. Unlike most khakis, these are made primarily from polyester rather than cotton, which might disqualify them as chinos in some purists’ books. Still, these are some of the best pants on the market for the price.

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Courtesy of Dickies

8. Alex Mill Pleated Chino


Alex Mill’s chinos are pleated in only the most subtle way. They have a single small pleat — a hint, really. This modest detail adds shape and dimension to the pants without putting them in ’90s baggy territory. They’re also cropped and tapered, giving them a modern fit. And if one khaki isn’t enough, Alex Mill’s pants are available in vintage and golden khaki.

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Courtesy of Alex Mill

9. Todd Snyder Gurkha Trouser


 These pants from Todd Snyder are inspired by Gurkha pants, so named for the Nepali and Indian soldiers recruited by the British. You don’t have to know the history to appreciate the sharp style of Gurkha pants, which have a pleated front and a unique built-in belt. They sit higher on the waist, meaning they’ll look great with a tucked-in tee.

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Courtesy of Todd Snyder

10. Land’s End Traditional Fit No-Iron Chino Pants


Do you routinely find yourself running late and never having time to iron your outfit? If so, this pair of no-iron khaki chinos will be a lifesaver, as they’re guaranteed smoothness even after multiple washes. These khaki pants are made from cotton twill and offer superior comfort. They have a classic fit and are stain-resistant, preventing them from looking dull over time.

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Courtesy of Land's End

11. Banana Republic Slim Traveler Chino Pant


The Slim Traveler is one of Banana Republic’s go-to styles for khakis, and we love these pants. They’re perfect for business-casual days at the office, date nights and weekend excursions. These pants use Italian cotton that’s soft to the touch, and you can choose the color of khaki that suits your style best. There’s a reason these khaki pants have become a staple in so many guys’ wardrobes. They last for ages, look great and go with almost everything. You might want to order three.

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Courtesy of Banana Republic

12. Myles Apparel Tour Pant


In fashion, many brands have blurred the lines between style and comfort because people not only want to look good but feel good in their clothing. And one brand that has achieved that in spades is Myles Apparel. Their Tour pants are made of a breathable stretch-woven twill to keep you moving comfortably. They have a water-repellent finish and stain protection that ensures their longevity. The pants feature a stay-tucked grip waistband, keeping your shirt tucked in, no matter what activities you find yourself in. Plus, the brands offer extended inseam and waist sizes for you to find the perfect fit.

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Courtesy of Myles Apparel

13. Polo Ralph Lauren Stretch Chino Pants


When it comes to prep, Polo Ralph Lauren does it best. But these pants’ flat front and slim cut modernize the khaki chino, keeping you from feeling like you stepped out of a Yale yearbook. The pants have a tab-front waistband for a dressier look, and cotton is combined with 3% elastane for a gentle stretch.

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Courtesy of Dillard's

14. Mott & Bow The Twill Chino Charles


Whether you’re in the mood to dress up or down, you can never go wrong with choosing a pair of khaki pants to start your outfit. These twill chinos are mid-weight but have the perfect amount of stretch and comfiness. Style them with your favorite flannel shirt and boots for a stylish fit.

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Courtesy of Mott & Bow

15. Goodthreads Slim-Fit Washed Stretch Chino Pant


Amazon has proved to be a one-stop-shop for everything, so why would some of the best khaki pants be any different. These khaki chino pants have a slim fit that smaller-framed guys will love. What makes khaki pants so popular is their versatility, which allows them to pair well with anything from t-shirts to a classic button-up shirt.

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Courtesy of Amazon

16. H&M Slim Fit Twill Pants


If you want a pair of khakis that feel luxurious without putting a dent in your wallet, this option from H&M is your best buy. The five-pocket pants use twill cotton that is both soft and stretchy, proving a comfortable fit. The pants are slim-fitting and taper down from the knee for a clean, modern look that still riffs on a casual vibe of dressing.

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Courtesy of H&M

17. Revtown Automatic Jeans Field Khaki


Revtown makes khakis that are just as comfortable as jeans and come in seven shades. They make khaki pants in three fits: Taper, Sharp and Automatic. The Sharp is a slim-fitting khaki, Taper is their skinny fit, and Automatic is their relaxed style. What’s remarkable is when you visit their site, you have the option to see how these khaki pants and any of their pants look on different body types. These pants have a four-way stretch, belt loops and sit near the hips.

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Courtesy of Revtown


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