These Are the Best Lawyer’s Briefcases, Case Closed.

best lawyer briefcases
Courtesy of Orchard Mile
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If you are a lawyer, the briefcase is one of your most permanent outfit accessories. It will help shape other people’s impressions of you and that’s why it is important you choose the right one. It will be the indomitable workhorse of your professional appearance, being battered by travel and wear, so it needs to be of a decent quality; a good one could outlive even the most tenacious lawyer’s career.

The traditional lawyer briefcase is an expandable, leather calf-skin with a single, thick leather handle and metal (usually brass) hardware. But with modern production techniques and materials, comes a kaleidoscope of new and exciting iterations. We’ve put together a broad range for you from the über traditional to more modern, including, shoulder strapped bags, two and four wheeled bags for the regularly travelling lawyers, and polyester materials.

The jury’s decision is final. These are the best briefcases on the market for lawyers right now.

1. Boconi ‘Byrant’ Briefcase


If this briefcase doesn’t elicit some sort of warm, fuzzy feeling inside you, we don’t know what briefcase will! Its symmetrical design complimented with supple Italian tan leather, the simple gold buckles and light contrast stitching make it a delight to behold. Boconi may sound Italian, but it’s as American as cherry pie — the name is an amalgam of Nashville residents, Bobby and Connie Williams. The slim design is perfect for those who travel to work light, or have done away with excessive paper use in favor of the cloud storage, or USB.

boconi leather briefcase lawyer Courtesy of Nordstrom


2. Aspinal Aerodrome Briefcase


This ‘Aerodrome’ briefcase by the leather goods firm Aspinal is inspired by WWII design and looks phenomenal. It has been produced in collaboration with supermodel David Gandy and even has replica Spitfire Mk1 firing button metal lock closure. Inside, you will find a spacious central compartment with the capacity to store a 13-inch MacBook Air, a large zipped pocket and two open-top pouches for your devices ensuring you have plenty of room for your business essentials. This Italian calf-skin briefcase is steeped in heritage and tradition, proving that sometimes the old way is the best way.  

Aspinal Lawyer Briefcase Leather Courtesy of Orchard Mile

3. TUMI Compact 4-Wheeled Brief


Think of this neat four-wheeled TUMI bag as a lawyer’s portable office; perfect if long-distance travel is a normality for you. But we all know that trains, planes, buses and everything in-between take their toll on a bag, that’s why TUMI have been extra careful to upgrade this bag’s strength. It comes with aircraft-grade aluminum telescoping handles, HTLS (high tenacity low shrinkage) polyester fit for all weathers and temperatures, a TUMI tracer allowing lost bags to be reunited with their owners and on top of all of that, the interior has been lined with a non-abrasive suede.

Tumi Briefcase Lawyer Four Wheeled Courtesy of Amazon

4. Victorinox Werks Pro 2.0 Wheeled Briefcase


The four-wheeled’s younger, sleeker brother is the two-wheel. Perfect for short business trips or for those who value the longevity of backs and shoulders. Victorinox is a reputable Swiss brand, known for their Swiss Army knife, but they have been producing travel bags with the same rigorous design-quality for years. It is made from a rugged polyester and comes with a soft rounded handle for comfortable pulling. Plus the padded interior compartments hold most 10″ tablets and 15″ laptops.

Briefcase Lawyer Victorinox Carry-on Courtesy of Nordstrom


5. Montblanc Sartorial Leather Briefcase


This briefcase is sleek and discreet, but moreover, you can guarantee quality from this iconic French brand Montblanc. They have taken the same uncompromising standards for style, materials and workmanship from their pen manufacturing into the leather goods market. For a lawyer travelling light, the eternal suitability of black leather, featherweight feel and simplistic design, make it a perennially appropriate choice. Features include: two-way zip closure, top carry handles, exterior zip pocket and interior pen loops.

Montblanc Briefcase Lawyer Leather Courtesy of Nordstrom


6. Ted Baker ‘Hoock’ Leather Satchel


Perfect for a lawyer who is looking for the delicate balance of professionalism with a refined twist. The hole-punched, detailing (known technically as ‘perforations’) on the leather fasteners and the burgundy leather strips, add layers of subtle design aesthetic, while remaining traditional in its shape and style. It comes with a loud, colorful interior, typical of the brand’s more expressive streak.

briefcase lawyer Ted Baker Courtesy of Ted Baker


7. DUNHILL Cadogan Leather Case


If your legal career has been flourishing, firstly, we congratulate you, and secondly, it’s probably time to treat yourself to a briefcase that will last. Dunhill offers design at its most refined. It is constructed from supple French calf-skin leather, features subtle hardware accents and a zippered closure. It is traditionalism at its most sincere and is an example of the phenomenally high standards this fashion house holds itself to.

dunhill briefcase lawyer leather satchel Courtesy of Nordstrom


8.Barbour Leather Briefcase


A briefcase with the flexibility of space is an amazing attribute for anyone lugging around hordes of paper at any time, as lawyers tend to do. Due to the design of this Barbour bag, which starts wide at the bottom and narrows towards the top, it will compress or decompress to match the contents inside. It comes in a wonderful burgundy tan color with brass hardware; a timeless combination. But also, it has the brand’s famous tartan lining inside making no mistake about its traditional heritage feel. It has two exterior front pockets, a back document pocket, and the large, flexible interior space.

Barbour Briefcase Leather lawyer satchel Courtesy of Back Country


9. James Purdey & Sons Audley Leather Briefcase


Known for manufacturing shotguns and rifles since all the way back in 1813, James Purdey & Sons have been putting their gun leather craft to other, more practical uses as well. Among the plethora of leather goods they’ve made are some handsome and durable briefcases. This briefcase is named after Audley House, the brand’s home since 1883. Smooth leather oak-bark tanned a rich shade of chestnut, it has a spacious interior equipped with a handful of pockets and closes with an elegant engraved lock. You know they’re serious about quality when it comes with “a handy cleaning cloth and pot of leather food in its dust bag.”

James Purdey & Sons Briefcase Lawyer Leather Courtesy of Mr. Porter


10. Ronts PU Leather Briefcase


Whether it’s stethoscopes, horoscopes or a niche scope on international law coming out of your briefcase, this bag will be adding an extra aura of professionalism to them all. It is constructed from a PU glossy leather exterior, while on the inside it is lining with a cotton polyester twill and is decked out with zinc alloy hardware. It may look impeccable, but it has an entirely practical design with extendable capacity and will fit a 15.6” laptop. For its price, it is a bargain.

Briefcase Lawyer Leather Satchel Ronts Amazon Courtesy of Amazon


11. Samsonite Leather Flapover Case


This is perhaps the most standardized offering in the list and that is by no means an unfavorable thing to say. It is all and everything a lawyer may need. It’s made of genuine black leather, comes with a shoulder strap and many pockets to file separate categories of documents, laptops, folders or maybe if you’re keeping it real, a packed lunch. Not to mention, the three year warranty is definitely an enticing feature.

Leather Briefcase Samsonite Satchel Leather Lawyer Courtesy of Amazon


12. Louis Vuitton Porte-Documents Voyage


The tendency for this famous luggage maker to plaster their brand name over their briefcases would normally push them into being too ostentatious for a lawyer. However, this chic and sleek offering is a masterclass in subtle styling. The interior boasts a microfiber lining, an interior tablet pocket, a large inside zipped pocket, four inside flat pockets, and double pen loops. On the exterior there is extra strengthening from a cowhide leather trim and the security of a zip & padlock closure.

Briefcase Lawyer Louis Vuitton Courtesy of Louis Vuitton