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The Best Leather Watch Bands To Buy Right Now

There’s a lot that goes into finding one of the best watches for men, including the little details, like one of the best leather watch bands. Sure, it’s easy to appreciate a rugged stainless steel watch or a classic field watch on a fabric (or NATO) strap, but every so often, the occasion calls for a crisp, versatile watch on a leather strap. It’s gotten easier over the years to incorporate a leather watch into your daily dressing routine, especially for occasions both casual and more dressy. And the right watch tools make it even easier to turn your current watch of choice into a leather strap watch with one of the best leather watch bands.

Some leather watches are designed with a quick-release feature that allows you to swap out bands with ease, while other watches, particularly stainless steel watches, will require you to remove and replace watch links on your own before replacing them with a leather band. You might even be in the mood to switch out a black leather watch strap for a brown leather watch strap, and vice versa.

Luckily, the best leather watch bands make it very easy to do just that. There are also leather watch bands that slip through the back of your watch dial, similar to how a slip-through fabric strap might work. Better still is the fact that a great leather watch strap is like getting two watches for one low price (the price of the leather watch strap). Some leather watch bands are even more affordable than you might have guessed (think to the tune of under $20 for some of our favorite picks of the moment).

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No matter which you prefer, and whether you prefer a black dial and a brown leather strap, or the inverse, there’s an option for you. We think you shouldn’t pass up the chance to upgrade your watch rotation, so equip yourself accordingly with one of the best leather watch bands on the market.


1. Timex Quick Release 20mm Leather Watch Strap


Keep in mind that different leather watch straps are made to correspond to different sizes and styles of watches. The width of the lugs (the area that holds the watch strap in place) is going to determine the width of the strap you need. A watch with a case diameter of 40mm will have corresponding lugs of 20mm, meaning the leather watch strap in question you need should be sized at, well, 20mm. Most watches hit somewhere around the 40mm width in terms of case diameter these days, so a quick-release 20mm leather watch strap like this highly affordable Timex option works out nicely. Remember, always match the leather of your watch strap to your belt in dressy situations (and at least get as close as you can if you’re dressing more casually).

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2. Shinola Black Leather Watch Strap 


Shinola is consistently one of our favorite resources for the best watches on the market, balancing the perfect blend of rugged and refined with crisp, old-school yet fresh dial designs and a variety of options. Those options include square-dial watches (one of our favorite watch trends of 2022), plus the classic Shinola Runwell and much more. It only makes sense, then, that they’d come up with a standout leather watch strap, especially in crisp black. They stock a wide array of watch straps to begin with, but this handsome black leather option (in a 20mm size to fit your 40mm watch) is perfectly elegant and refined. It’s handsewn in the U.S. from premium leather, hence the price tag, but it’s an investment that’ll pay off.

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3. Jack Mason 20mm Brown Leather Strap


We appreciate the versatile, classic and functionally minded approach that Texas-based Jack Mason takes when designing its iconic and highly affordable watches, and that same approach carries over to its accessories. The brand makes a range of aviation and field watches that are ready for anything. So, it only follows that its tough yet stylish leather watch straps are well-made, fairly priced and designed to stand up to the demands of daily wear. The watch pins release quickly for ease of swapping straps in and out, and we also love details like double-stitched detailing for the ultimate in premium style.

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Jack Mason


4. Barton Quick Release Top Grain Leather Watch Strap


Barton makes some of the most useful watch tools on the market, designed to last as long as your favorite watch and of course, your favorite leather watch strap. Here, you get tons of variety in options from Barton’s quick-release watch strap options, with width options running the gamut from 16mm to 24mm. There are also options that work with a smartwatch, but we’re more partial to using a more traditional timepiece, outfitted with a souped-up watch strap, for maximum style points. You’ll also find a wide range of color options available in terms of the top-grain leather offered up by Barton. Take your pick in terms of leather, texture and hardware, then customize your favorite wristwatch to your heart’s content.

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5. Speidel Cowhide Stitched Leather Watch Band


For under $20, get a no-nonsense, nicely designed and seriously versatile leather watch band with contrast stitching for added effect. Speidel notes that the texture of this watch is smooth but recognizable, all the better to ramp up your wrist game with an air of flair and subtle style. To get the most bang for your buck, consider buying both black leather and brown leather options. It’s like doubling the size of your watch collection, in a way: That stainless steel watch you love and treasure is really now two additional watches, if you snag both the black and brown leather watch strap options shown here. And at that low price, you can certainly afford to add two to your cart. We’ll take that deal in terms of style and functionality any day of the week. Then, it’s just a matter of selecting which strap to pair with which watch.

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