Sleepytime Sweats: The 9 Best Lounge Pants For Sci-Fi and Fantasy Fans

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* Sleepwear for sci-fi nerds, gamers and science enthusiasts
* From superheroic onesies to subtle Harry Potter tributes
* Plus some next-level Star Trek: The Next Generation-themed lounge wear

If you’re looking for the right sci-fi and fantasy-themed lounge pants to wear while you doze off after watching your favorite superhero movie, or perhaps seeking just the thing in which to practice dreaming of electric sheep, here are some of the best lounge pants you can buy right now for sci-fi and fantasy fans. Plus, a onesie that just might give you the urge to say “engage.”

1. Fantastic Beasts Lounge Pants

A ThinkGeek exclusive, these Fantastic Beasts  lounge pants bearing the seal of MACUSA from the film are great for those daring No-Mag’s willing to dream about magical creatures.

Fantastic Beasts lounge pants Courtesy ThinkGeek


2. Firefly Lounge Pants

These Firefly two-pocket lounge pants may be mistaken for a futuristic take on the ubiquitous Adidas tracksuit bottoms, but fear not: true fans of Joss Whedon’s acclaimed “space-western ,” will recognize the Independents’ flag from the Firefly series and Serenity movie.

Firefly Lounge Pants Courtesy ThinkGeek


3. Stitch Sweatpants

Nothing says sleepwear like a finely drawn image of an exploding volcano. Celebrate Stitch  with these cool, comfy elastic-waist lounge pants.

Stitch Tropical Lounge Pants Courtesy ThinkGeek


4. Legend of Zelda Lounge Pants

The natural choice of lounge wear for when you’re learning to play the Zelda theme on the Omnichord or if you just want to impress your visitors with your impeccable gaming taste, these heather-blue pants feature the Breath of the Wild Sword from The Legend of Zelda.

Zelda Lounge Pants courtesy ThinkGeek


5. DNA Double Helix Pants

Basic wear, meet base pairs: these DNA double helix lounge pants may not be jeans, but they do possess a phenotype known as comfort. Just be careful with that CRISPR or you might turn them into some “designer” streetwear.

dna lounge pants Courtesy ThinkGeek


6. Harry Potter Lounge Pants

Magically comfortable, these Harry Potter house lounge pants are great for cozying up with a book of spells. Choose from Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. Or let the sorting hat choose for you.

Harry Potter House Lounge Pants Courtesy ThinkGeek


7. Star Wars Dark Side vs. Rebel Option Lounge Wear

Sleepover to the dark side or nap like a Jedi with these appropriately contrasty sweatpants options.

Star Wars lounge pants Courtesy ThinkGeek


8. Full-body Picard Lounger

These Star Trek Captain Picard pajamas are one-piece, just like the much-loved early TNG uniforms. Perfect for enjoying a cup of tea, Earl Grey, hot, or testing your S/O’s level of commitment, perhaps.

Star Trek Captain Picard Onesie Courtesy ThinkGeek


9. Wonder Woman Caped Lounger

Because even the Amazons appreciate comfy sleepwear, this fabulous Wonder Woman caped lounger lets you bring some Dawn of Justice-themed style to the bedroom, no whip required. Which is not to say you couldn’t bring one of course.

Wonder Woman caped onesie Courtesy ThinkGeek

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