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The 17 Best Luxury Bathrobes for High-Class Lounging in 2022

There is nothing like the feel of a luxurious bathrobe on your freshly washed skin, for the comfort, the warmth, and the ability to make you feel as cool as an off-duty movie star or as powerful as a boxing champ on match day. No matter how you see yourself when you wear one, it is and will always remain unrivaled when compared to an affordable version. No shade to affordable options because they are great and have their uses, but once you allow yourself to slip into one of the best luxury bathrobes, it’s hard to go back.

If you thought robes were reserved for spa days, sick patients, and the late Hugh Hefner, we’d urge you to reconsider. Luxury bathrobes are a great investment for everyday use with their absorbent, easy-to-wash, and relaxing properties. Also, as soon as you put one on you’ll feel as though you are being welcomed into a cozy cocoon that you can transport wherever and whenever, so if you are planning any trips away or visiting your in-laws, owning a luxury bathrobe is sort of a must.

These days, brands make a variety of luxury bathrobes that are suitable for everyone. That being said, we will be showcasing the best unisex luxury robes because if you can’t be self-indulgent now, then when can you? And for all of you looking for the best gifts for him and the best gifts for her no matter what the occasion is, you can’t ever go wrong with a luxury bathrobe.

It’s time to light up a candle, start that bubble bath and throw on a luxury robe as you wait. Here’s to a relaxing evening you deserve, starting and completing with a luxury bathrobe. Check out our favorites below.

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The Different Styles of Bathrobes

Bathrobes can run from floor-sweeping to ending a bit below the butt. Most are belted, and all have at least two pockets. More formal versions have a breast pocket. To get even more specific, we’ve outlined a handful of standard styles you may come across:

  • Kimono: Inspired by the traditional Japanese robes, this style has wide sleeves, a collarless neckline, and a belt. Fabrics range from polyester to thick terry.
  • Classic: Oversized robes with wide cuffs, the classic bathrobe also has a shawl collar, patch pockets, and is belted. They can be found in every type of fabric including flannel, cotton, and lined wool.
  • Spa robes: Cut like a classic bathrobe, these robes are made for hanging out awkwardly before a massage. They come in lightweight fabrications that range from modal, bamboo, broadcloth, seersucker, Egyptian cotton, or lightweight cotton.
  • Hooded robe: Made from either terrycloth or lightweight material, they provide style and an easy way to dry wet hair. Hoods can be incorporated into any bathrobe style.
  • Dressing Gown: The bathrobe’s stylish brother. They’re tailored, made from silk or weighty silk brocade, and are detailed with everything from piping and contrast lining to fine embroidery.

Department stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s always have a large selection of bathrobes. Today, you can also find the best bathrobes for sale on e-commerce sites like Amazon if you’re hunting for a specific type of bathrobe — like something eco-friendly or monogrammed bathrobes. Finally, bath and bedding shops often carry spa bathrobes and terry robes.

Of course, the very best place to buy robes is online via retailers like Nordstrom and Amazon or directly with your favorite brands such as Brooklinen and Soho Home. Keep reading to find the best luxury bathrobes for the winter season.


1. Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe


From the brand that makes some of the most comfortable, highly luxurious sheets the world of bedding can offer, meet the Brooklinen Super-Plush Robe. This is Brooklinen’s first-ever wearable item, and if you’ve ever felt their sheets, you’ll know that this robe deserves some serious hype. Featuring a handsome piped collar, cuffed edges, deep pockets for holding your phone and keys, and a sturdy waist tie, you’re not only going to look good, but you’ll feel great, too.

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Courtesy of Brooklinen


2. Parachute Waffle Robe


Some guys hate plush, we get it. If you’re the type to throw any plush option to the backburner, check out this waffle-knit robe that’s both lightweight and softly textured. It’s inspired by the world’s finest spas to make your body feel as if it’s receiving royalty treatment. It has two pockets to keep your things safe and truly feels just as good as it looks. Colors are available in grey, white, and tan and the newly added Terra.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Parachute


3. Marriott Terry Velour Robe


For the moments when you are experiencing holiday blues, find comfort in the Marriot Terry hotel robe, made from 100% cotton in velour. It is easily laundered, this absorbent essential will make you feel like a guest in your own home. So why not treat yourself to room service, you know you want to.

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Courtesy of Amazon


4. Versace Jungle-Print Cotton Bathrobe


It wouldn’t be a collection of luxury bathrobes without a name like Versace, now would it? This jungle-print cotton bathrobe brings us right next to the pool at the Versace Mansion in Miami Beach. It’s got an old-school look to it that exudes high fashion and wealth, even if this is simply something you want to splurge on. Slipping this one on will have you feeling like Gianni Versace himself — just don’t get yourself into any trouble.

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Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue


5. Dandy Del Mar The Tropez Terry Cloth Robe


The Tropez is a rich forest green over-the-shoulder robe made from Dandy Del Mar’s signature Terry Cloth fabric. The deep green has a sense of royalty to it with gorgeous detailings that include white lapel and waist tie piping. It hits right above the knee for a classic warm-weather fit. Dandy Del Mar is one of our favorite resort wear brands, and this is the kind of loungewear you’ll want to step into after a long, hard day lounging at the pool in Turks and Caicos.

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Courtesy of Dandy Del Mar


6. Gravity Terrycloth Weighted Robe


You’ve heard of and probably tried a weighted blanket, but what about a weighted robe? Yes, Gravity the innovative sleep brand that prides itself in creating weighted sleep products has created, “the world’s first weighted robe.” Their robes come in Terrycloth or fleece and are lined with removable 3lb weights wrapped inside the collar to help promote stress reduction.

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Courtesy of Gravity


7. OAS Company The Mustard Robe


First and foremost, there’s something we need to say — vertical stripes over horizontal stripes any day of the week. This vertically-striped mustard robe from OAS Company is made from jacquard-woven terry to keep you cozy all day long. It comes with two side pockets at the hip and one on the chest for anything you might need to keep above the waist. The robe hits just above the knee and looks stellar with a cozy pair of leather slippers.

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Courtesy of OAS Company


8. Soho Home House Robe


Soho House is one of the most recognized and talked about members clubs and their House robe is beloved with House bedroom guests and Cowshed spa members. The House robe is made from 100% recycled polyester, made by Italian brand Frette and comes in an assortment of colors, perfect for making yourself or your loved one feel like a VIP.

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Courtesy of Soho Home



9. Casper Snoozewear Blanket Robe


It’s hard not to fall in love with Casper’s new luxury Snoozewear Blanket Robe. This isn’t necessarily a bathrobe by any means, but it is the high-quality lounger you’ve been needing for midday naps, Zoom meetings without camera and days where you simply don’t feel like putting on clothes. This innovative robe blends your classic duvet with a robe-like fit for constant coziness throughout the home. With 100% cotton with a 100% poly fill, this is one of the most comfortable high-end bathrobes you never thought you could purchase.

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Courtesy of Casper


10. SNOWE Classic Bathrobes


SNOWE makes one of the most classic-looking, comfortable luxury bathrobes money can buy. Just put this on, close your eyes, and pretend you’re at the finest hotel on the planet, having just finished the most soothing bath you’ve ever had. Although it has that towel feel, it’s seriously soft and generously sized for a multi-gender fit. It’s also quick-drying and lightweight, so it won’t feel like you’re drowning in fabric.

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Courtesy of SNOWE


11. Frette Eternity Bathrobe


The best luxury bathrobes are so comfortable you’ll wish you cool live in them, and the aptly named Frette Eternity Bathrobe is an extra-long must-have made from plush cotton terry. Meaning, yeah, this luxury bathrobe is made for people who like to stay extra, extra cozy. There are a number of colors to place you outside the classic bathrobe realm which feels mainly white, black and grey-centric. And, as mentioned, it’s 50% off right now, bringing that $300 pricetag down to just $150.

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Courtesy of Frette


12. Onsen Bath Robes


We’ve listed a few luxury bathrobes with hoods so far, but we love this one specifically for its hood. Why? Because this bathrobe from Onsen is made from 100% Supima cotton, an extremely breathable yet cozy cotton that won’t have your head feeling as if it’s being swaddled by the hood. Each robe is unisex so it can fit your body type no matter the case and it’s sized a little bit bigger for extra room when you need it.

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Courtesy of Onsen


13. Matouk Cairo Robe


Matouk is known for crafting luxury linens and having nearly 100 years of experience in the field. Located in Fall River, Massachusetts, and produced by a tight-knit family of passionate individuals, the Cairo robe, like all the other items, is a labor of love. Designed using OEKO-TEX fabric from Portugal, this robe will have you feeling like you are making history. If you want to make it even more special, why use their monogram service to wrap things up.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Matouk


14. Serena and Lily St. Helena Spa Robe


Serena and Lily St. Helena Spa Robe will make you feel like you are soaking up the views at Cali vacation home. Taken from their breezy aesthetic, their take on a bath staple is made from soft Turkish cotton, is quick-drying, and super absorbent — great for if you are hitting the waves or hitting the shower.

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Courtesy of Serena and Lily


15. The White Company Hydrocotton Robe


The British brand known for its luxurious homeware and clothing offers its ribbed Hydrocotton robe, in pale blue, gray, and pale pink. Featuring the same fluffy texture as their bestselling Hydrocotton towels, their robe is the ultimate lounging piece for day and night.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of The White Company


16. H by Frette Shawl Collar Bathrobe


The brand is known for supplying the most luxurious hotels with their soft and sumptuous linens. The company has built a reputation for creating luxury linens that have withstood and passed the demanding tests used within hospitality, including the 100-industrial wash guarantee. You can expect only the best with from these luxury spa robes, made with thick velour terry.

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Image of Bloomingdales


17. Fendi Brown Cotton Bathrobe


Oh, you thought the Versace option was our expensive? That’s cute. Check out this luxury designer bathrobe from Fendi that’ll cost you over a grand. This below-the-knee beauty is a must-have for anyone who likes to flaunt with their fashion — even if that fashion is being displayed solely in the interior of your own home. Color-wise, this robe uses rich browns and blacks with classic FF motifs surrounding the structure. It’s made with a cotton terry plush to keep your body feeling soft and cozy no matter where your day takes you.

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Courtesy of Fendi


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