The 10 Best Men’s Corduroy Jackets Made for Breezy Summer Nights

Selected Homme Cord Overshirt Jacket
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters
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Corduroy, velvet’s ribbed cousin, has been a pant staple for both professors and dads alike for years on end. While it’s relatively preppy pant in its roots, the style’s come somewhat full circle by entering the closets of the more fashion-forward in the likeness of not only pants but also shirts, bags and our current favorite, jackets.

While the thick, corded texture makes for a great barrier against the elements perfect for colder weather, the best men’s corduroy jackets additionally come in thinner creations that are great for warmer weather. It can elevate a simple blazer to a dapper layered option for chillier summer nights, add a little visual texture to a trucker jacket or bring a little bit of modern style to your favorite bomber when you want to change things up a bit. No matter the serve, a cool corduroy jacket will keep you looking handsome as hell this season.

To keep you stylish and maybe even a little formal, we went looking for the best men’s corduroy jackets to sport as summer greets us. Try a few different jacket types from the list of options below with your best nighttime summer clothing and stay looking handsome enough to walk a runway.


1. UO Big Corduroy Work Shirt


Nightlife is back, baby, and there’s no better way to up your look than to add a handsome corduroy jacket to the mix of your club-ready outfit. This handsome work shirt from Urban Outfitters is lightweight, affordably priced and comes in a slew of handsome colors. It’s a great option for date night on the water or in the city. Wear it with faded black jeans, a crisp white v-neck and Chelsea boots, or with grey trousers, some black penny loafers, and some gold eyeglasses — it’ll make you look like a guy who drinks his whiskey neat, even if you’re planning on ordering a vodka soda.

UO Big Corduroy Work Shirt Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

UO Big Corduroy Work Shirt



2. AllSaints Castleford Corduroy Overshirt


Our vibe this season? Summer stud. As the leaves come back this year we’re stepping out dressed to the 9’s to match, starting off with this Castleford Corduroy Overshirt from AllSaints. The designers at AllSaints clearly already know what we’re looking for before we even know what we’re looking for and with that being said, they absolutely nailed it with this jacket. By subtly exuding corduroy in a boxy yet tapered fit, this jacket acts as a hip top layer to throw onto your look right before you head out the door. Pair it with your favorite thrifted tee or a buttoned-down printed shirt to match your vibe.

AllSaints Castleford Corduroy Overshirt Courtesy of AllSaints

AllSaints Castleford Corduroy Overshirt



3. Selected Homme Cord Overshirt Jacket


Occasionally, you need a little versatility in your outfit for the day, particularly those beginning or end of summer days that go from 90 degrees to 50 in just a few hours. In comes this incredible corduroy shirt jacket from ASOS that’s ready to handle your average awkward temps. Corduroy is perfect for this type of garment, as it’s definitely warm without being too bulky. Wear it over a basic tee or short-sleeved button-down and pull a look. It also uses a zipper, making it easy to take on and off.

Selected Homme Cord Overshirt Jacket Courtesy of ASOS

Selected Homme Cord Overshirt Jacket



4. Pretifeel Casual Corduroy Jacket


A corduroy trucker jacket is a great option to wear out on a chilly summer night. Given that it’s slightly warmer than the standard denim trucker jacket but with all of the versatility, this won’t come out every single night this summer, but it’s worth having for transitional seasons. The all-black color allows you to blend into the night seamlessly and looks stellar matching anything. Pair it with some oatmeal-colored chinos, beat-up lace-up boots and your favorite tee.

Pretifeel Casual Corduroy Jacket Courtesy of Amazon

Pretifeel Casual Corduroy Jacket



5. H&M Corduroy Collared Jacket


Maybe corduroy ain’t your favorite material to have all over but instead just on accents. If that’s the case, check out this jacket from H&M. Upon first inspection, you might be thinking, “wait, where’s the corduroy?” Well, look up. The only corduroy here sits right on top at the collar. That’s it. If you like corduroy but don’t love corduroy, this accented corduroy jacket is ideal for summer nights and transitional seasons alike.

H&M Corduroy Collared Jacket Courtesy of H&M

H&M Corduroy Collared Jacket



6. SHEIN Cut And Sew Flap Pocket Corduroy Jacket


SHEIN is known for cool clothing at half the price you’d see selling similar items, like ASOS and Urban Outfitters. It might not always be some top-quality stuff, but that doesn’t matter when their clothing looks as incredible as it does below. This corduroy jacket puts style and color at the forefront with a vintage design. It’s multi-color and bright for wearing on chilly summer days and when fall arrives this year.

SHEIN Cut And Sew Flap Pocket Corduroy Jacket Courtesy of SHEIN

SHEIN Cut And Sew Flap Pocket Corduroy Jacket



7. MOCOTONO Long Sleeve Thick Corduroy Shirt


We have a couple of corduroy shirts on this list, but this one from MOCOTONO is definitely the thickest. So much so that we’re not even sure it’s meant for even the chilliest of summer nights — you might have to wait until fall or winter to get yourself in on this one. It’s made from 100% cotton and has a full-button closure. Additionally, it comes in a few colors to keep you looking handsome day in and day out.

MOCOTONO Long Sleeve Thick Corduroy Shirt Courtesy of Amazon

MOCOTONO Long Sleeve Thick Corduroy Shirt



8. ASOS DESIGN Oversized Tracksuit


You might assume that tracksuits are super early 2000s, but what goes around comes around, baby. Yup. Tracksuits are back and they come in styles cooler than ever. Just peep this track jacket from ASOS and get a load of what we’re talking about. It’s clad in an entire corduroy look in light brown and has matching pants sold separately. This is perfect for any season whether you wanted to wear something like this 20 years ago or today.

ASOS DESIGN Oversized Tracksuit Courtesy of ASOS

ASOS DESIGN Oversized Tracksuit



9. chouyatou Vintage-Looking Corduroy Blazer


Looking for a vintage-inspired blazer to top off your look at the next formal event you’re attending? Well, you’ve found it. This blazer from Amazon proves you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to look good in a formal setting. While it might be a little too hot to wear this right now, we love this blazer for weddings during transitional seasons. You already know what to pair it with — just be sure you’re the best-looking dude in the room once you throw it on.

chouyatou Vintage-Looking Blazer Courtesy of Amazon

chouyatou Vintage-Looking Blazer



10. Levi’s Corduroy Sherpa Trucker Jacket


While you’re probably not going to need this until fall, this sherpa trucker jacket is one to beat. What’s great about a trucker jacket is its versatility as a layer. Different variations of trucker jackets, different uses as a layer. This corduroy jacket is from Levi’s and is plenty warm just by itself, but pop the collar and wear it under a peacoat and you’ve just created a Frankenstein’s monster of toastiness. This one would look great with dark jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers, or over a flannel shirt and under the aforementioned peacoat with some great boots.

Levi's Corduroy Sherpa Trucker Jacket Courtesy of Amazon

Levi's Corduroy Sherpa Trucker Jacket



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