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Cuff Bracelets That Every Man Should Own

Cuff bracelets for men make for great minimalist accessories with maximum style. They’re completely innocuous, and when you find the right one(s), you’ll feel naked without them. These cuffs bracelets can evoke a different connotation depending on what you wear with them — in a sense, these cuffs can help determine what kind of person you are: bold and daring, simple and reserved or dashing and rustic.

As we’ve said, cuff bracelets for men are interesting and fun pieces of men’s jewelry. Some of the most popular materials used in several styles include either gold or silver. But, another popular material used in cuff bracelets is leather. So, it’s important to know what materials you like the most and then go from there.

Your options are seemingly never-ending and range in style from the intricate to the ultra-thin and barely-there variety. Whatever your personal aesthetic, we’ve picked the best men’s cuff bracelets for you to consider.


1. Fossil Modern Americana Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Cuff Bracelet


This is one of the simpler designs on the list. It comes from Fossil, and though it’s made from stainless steel, it comes in a golden hue, making for an altogether classy pick. But, while it’s certainly stylish, it’s not loud. So, if you like for your clothing to do the talking and for your jewelry to take a back seat, then try this option. Also, the price point is just right.

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2. Mealguet Jewelry Personalized Cuff Bracelet


If you’re looking for a simple yet striking cuff bracelet for men, Mealguet has the option for you. This cuff bracelet is customizeable. It is made of gold-plated stainless steel and comes in a handful of sizes so you can find the one that fits you best. Another intriguing facet of this cuff bracelet is its affordable price. At $12.99, it is one of the most appealing options on the list.

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3. Miansai Venice Sterling Silver Cuff


For a luxury option that isn’t too flashy, take a look at Miansai’s Venice cuff. This cuff has a minimalistic design in mind. It features defined ridges that help accent the silver-tone of the jewelry and also adds some interesting shine and embellishment. It’s on the pricier side, but for a durable and stylish men’s cuff bracelet, we think it’s well worth the money.

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Mr. Porter

4. Giles & Brother The Original Railroad Spike


This unique option comes from Giles & Brother and features a railroad spike. It is made from solid brass and comes in four color variations that offer a rustic yet fashionable appeal. Branded by the brand as an “instant classic,” this cuff is eccentric and bold.

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Giles & Brother

5. Alexander McQueen Skull Silver-Tone Cuff


One of the more expensive options on our list comes from Alexander McQueen. McQueen is known for avant-garde pieces that continue to push the envelope, and this cuff bracelet for men is no different. With two skulls encasing the ends, this bracelet has all of the brand codes of McQueen while offering them in a functional piece. It features silver-tone brass, and it’s weightier to help make sure that it doesn’t slip off.

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Mr. Porter

6. FRD.2Y Genuine Leather Bracelet


Variety can oftentimes make a lot look like a little, which seems to have been the objective of FRD.2Y cuff wrap bracelet. It mixes and matches strips of leather with braided cotton rope and is capped off by a brass button closure. While this pick is a bit busier than most of our cuff bracelets listed, we wanted to linclude it as it makes for an affordable and fun option to have on hand when you feel like it.

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7. Stephen David Leonard Resiliency Black Cuff Bracelet 


This option from Stephen David Leonard is a piece of stainless steel sandblasted to obtain a matte black appearance. A touching quality within this bracelet is the rivets which you can use to represent the people who are really close to you. It only comes in one size, but it can be slightly adjusted to fit different sizes.

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Stephen David Leonard

8. ZiMOJiE Genuine Leather Bracelet


Although this isn’t a cuff necessarily, it is a fine piece of jewelry that will accent your ensemble. It is made with genuine leather and features a stainless steel charm. It is functional and versatile. Also, this bracelet comes in six colors that are sure to pique your interest.

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