The Cool and the Pantsless: Best Golf Shorts

best golf shorts 2020
Courtesy of Under Armour
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There’s one plus if you play golf without the skill of a PGA professional — you can stay a lot cooler. PGA pros can’t wear shorts during a PGA tour event. It’s long pants only due to tradition and out respect for the history of the game. And since you’re not swinging for the center of the green alongside the likes of Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy, men’s golf shorts are definitely in play.

Still, if you share that sense of respect for the long history of golf, you don’t want to show up at an austere country club in swim trunks or cut-offs — especially since many courses will send you right back home if you do.

This list of men’s golf shorts from top brands provides stylish and appropriate choices for any price range. If you’re out there on the links and your game suddenly ticks up to scratch, you can always go back to long pants when the PGA calls. In the meantime, check out our favorite men’s golf shorts for the summer.


1. Under Armour Showdown Men’s Golf Shorts


Under Armour made a name for itself in golf apparel — and in every other type of sports gear, for that matter — on the back of cutting edge materials. These Showdown Golf Shorts are forged from a light, soft blend of elastane, nylon and polyester that will keep you cool even on hot summer days. The waistband is extremely supple and flexible, allowing smooth turns on full swings. Not only are these the best golf shorts of the season, but they’re also the best men’s golf shorts under $50.

Under Armour

2. Glenmuir g.Keble


If it’s possible for shorts to seem dignified, then these g.Keble golf shorts from Glenmuir seem ready to manage it. They come off looking like a pair of tailored dress pants that just got lost somewhere around your knees. Made of 95% performance polyester and prepped with a silicone waistband, these shorts arrive ready for all-weather wear in case of a passing storm or during heavy sweats from humid conditions.


3. Mizuno 10-Inch Patriotic Shorts


Armed with a very aggressive pattern, these Mizuno 10-Inch Patriotic entries are the best value on this list at only $35. Mizuno makes nothing cheap or chintzy, and the advanced material in play here is designed to breathe well and wick moisture away from the body. Coincidentally, they’ll fit in very well later this summer when Team USA takes on Team Europe for the 2020 Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin.


4. Loudmouth Golf Blasterpiece StretchTech Shorts


Everything Loudmouth designs and sells fits the company nomenclature. Garments like these (another deep breath) Loudmouth Golf Blasterpiece StretchTech Shorts exist to show off loud colors in bold patterns. They’re perfect for players who want to express their love of the game and the joy they feel playing it.

Loudmouth Golf

5. Linksoul Chambray Micro Stripe Flat Front Chino Shorts


Like the rest of the Linksoul Golf clothing line, the (deep breath) Chambray Micro Stripe Flat Front Chino Shorts are low-key and designed for extreme playing comfort. That said, the materials and construction are not quite as casual as the fashion. Made of high-quality materials, the designers added a little extra stretch for that big hip turn or the long bend down to pick your golf ball out of the cup.


6. Callaway Performance Flat Front Shorts


Armed with an Active Flex Waistband, Callaway’s designers laid out these Performance Flat Front Shorts specifically for golf. While the sport is often considered less physically demanding than most others, golf demands a level of flexibility and physical comfort so the player can feel the game. These men’s golf shorts are sure to get out of the way and enable that comfort. The Callaway logo belt is optional.


7. Antigua Flagstaff Shorts


No, this pair of short pants doesn’t care how you vote. They do feature a simple, conservative aesthetic that fits the dignity of a finer golf course, which is why these are the best golf shorts for country club members and more serious players. Extending fully down to the knee, the Antigua Flagstaff golf shorts feature a stretch woven heather mini herringbone design and are cut more like a pair of slacks than athletic shorts.


8. Nike Core Flex Shorts


It’s hardly a huge news scoop that everything Nike designs and sells has athleticism in mind. These Flex Shorts earn that name with a stretching mix of polyester and spandex that wick sweat away from the body for quick drying. Multiple pockets tucked into the design offer storage for golf balls, scorecard, tees, etc.


9. William Murray Cracking Up Water Hazard Shorts


Bill Murray is the essence of comic cool. In recent years, he made sincere, understated performances his trademark. Meanwhile, his presence on any golf course is entertaining, friendly and mellow. Since all of the designs offered by the golf clothing brand carrying his name are inspired by his TV and movie moments, these William Murray Cracking Up Water Hazard Shorts offer that patented brand of smooth, carefree comfort. They’re also well-made and pack some cleverness as an interior draw string and mesh pockets transform them slyly into stealth swim gear.

William Murray Golf

10. Violent Gentleman Winger Mesh Shorts


Violent Gentlemen is not a golf brand. It’s focused heavily on hockey with an occasional nod to martial arts. To summarize the philosophy behind the fun clothing line, every man should behave like a gentleman. Be respectful. Shake hands. Tip your cap — as any golfer should. In that sense, Violent Gentlemen couldn’t come off more like a golf clothing company. However, if the other guy doesn’t reciprocate your gentlemanly conduct, the glove scome off. If you’re the kind of aggressive golfer who likes the sound of that philosophy, take these short with you to the course next time.

Violent Gentlemen

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