Meet Your New Favorite Stay-At-Home Hoodies for Men

best hoodies for men
Courtesy of Everlane & Urban Outfitters
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Although you might think everything’s fine considering lots of restrictions have seemed to lead up a little this summer, more stay-at-home orders and quarantines are finally beginning again worldwide as the weather gets cooler. This is widely due to the fact that so many Americans are simply not wearing their masks. So, in the days of quarantine and stay-at-home orders, comfort is one thing we really need right now. For some, these times are scary. For others, they’re just inconvenient and annoying. One thing that can help the burden of having to stay home is cozying up with the right hoodie.

The best hoodies for men are soft, durable and versatile. They should be both comfortable when Netflix and quarantining, and stylish when stepping outside for the first time in the last five days, trying to persuade people you do still shower and have control of your life. Yes, a hoodie can help with that.

Casual apparel today has come a long way, and our favorite men’s hoodie options in 2020 are longer-lasting, technologically advanced, recycled and generally of a better fabrication than what we grew up on. Despite this, there’s still very much a “can’t beat the classics” vibe, so we still like to see grey, black and navy, but with innovative designs.

To help you cozy up to your favorite new stay-at-home hoodie, and even after this pandemic clears up, we’ve compiled 20 of the best hoodies for men to consider right now.


1. Everlane French Terry Hoodie


If you’re looking for a no-fuss, go-to everyday hoodie to rock from fall through winter, look no further than the Everlane French Terry Hoodie. This cool yet cozy cold-weather staple is part of Everlane’s “Uniform” collection — which is a line of clothing that is perfectly crafted for everyday wear. Need to run a couple of errands around town? This is the hoodie to do it in. Looking to go on a quick job in cooler weather? This is the hoodie to do it in. Lounging on the couch like the potato you strive to be? This is the hoodie to do it in. No matter what your day brings, Everlane’s French terry’s got you covered, from the neck to your waist, at least.

best hoodies for men - Everlane French Terry Hoodie (in navy) Courtesy of Everlane


2. Feat BlanketBlend Hoodie


This year, the Feat BlanketBlend Hoodie won our “Best Hoodie of 2020” category in our SPY Man Awards. Why, you might ask? This 2020-centric pullover is clad in none other than the style of the year — tie-dye. That’s not all, upon throwing this bad boy on, you’ll notice that it feels just like your favorite blanket. Those two characteristics make it perfect for the amount of time we’ve spent indoors this year by mixing it with our go-to pattern for whenever we *rarely* left the comfort of our own home. There’s genuinely no other hoodie that hit the nail on the head the way this one did.

best hoodies for men - Feat BlanketBlend Hoodie (tie-dye style) Courtesy of Feat Clothing


3. Outdoor Voices CloudKnit Hoodie


Let’s set a familiar scene up. You wake up, still confined to your house. You eat breakfast, grab a blanket, turn on the tv and continue to watch Narcos or whatever it is you fell asleep watching last night. Two episodes go by until you realize it’s been a few days since you’ve seen a shower. Relax, we’re all doing it. The least you could do to stay “fresh” is reach for something that won’t leave you sweating through the dog days of summer were almost full throttle experiencing. That’s why we like Outdoor Voices’ CloudKnit Hoodie. It’s a lightweight as hell choice with the softest material you’ll ever feel on a hoodie. It’s made from primarily polyester fabric that’s designed to layer light and comfortably even during the summer, hence the name “CloudKnit”.

best hoodies for men - Outdoor Voices CloudKnit Hoodie Courtesy of Outdoor Voices


4. Alo Caliber Hoodie


Since 2007, Alo has been surging through yoga communities everywhere and creating some of the best apparel for the active lifestyle. We’ve seen yoga clothing before, but Alo’s vision takes people from the studio to the street in a trendy, fashionable manner. The Caliber Hoodie is made in the USA, designed with four-way stretch making it great for yoga, running and other sports. The attention to detail in this hoodie is remarkable. Aside from the overall slouchy appearance, the drawstrings feature a thicker tip which makes handling easier and presents an innovative way of preventing strings from getting lost in the hood.

Alo Caliber Men's Hoodie in black Courtesy of Nordstrom


5. American Giant Classic Full Zip


Deemed “the greatest hoodie ever made”, American Giant’s classic full zip-up hoodie’s got a lot to live up to — and it does. Coming in a slew of different colors (like this seasonably stylish red), this cozy zip-up is fit to match whatever your style is. Because it’s made from heavy-weight cotton fleece, it’s totally made to handle colder weather with no problem, which is strange for a zip-up. Most of the time, we’ll never feel like a zip-up by itself has the ability to keep us warm, but let American Giant’s surprise you. It’s also tailored to fit your body so it won’t look boxy when on.

American Giant Classic Full Zip Courtesy of American Giant


6. Patagonia Ponderosa Pine Pullover Hoodie


Patagonia is one of the most active, mainstream American brands on the frontlines of environmental relief. That mission is directly reflected in their products. This hoodie is created with organic cotton and a Thermolite blend for warmth and comfort. Weirdly enough, finding a Patagonia hoodie right now is just about impossible whether you’re searching on Patagonia’s site or elsewhere. Patagonia says that a majority of their out of stock items won’t be back in stores until February, so this is a rare find right now. Get on it while you can!

Patagonia Ponderosa Pine Pullover Hoodie Courtesy of Backcountry


7. Everlane Waffle-Knit Hoodie


The best hoodies can do it all. They’ll work whether you’re trying to look stylish, sweating it out at the gym or just hunkering down on the couch. They’re tough and can be easily washed for continued enjoyment. This hoodie from Everlane is down for any and all challenges. Made from 100% cotton, you’ll be comfortable all day regardless of what you’re doing. This must-have is available in a few cool colors, but we’re loving this blue teal color that can represent any season you choose to wear it in. Wear it with a pair of khaki pants, your favorite beanie and go-to boots this winter.

Everlane Waffle-Knit Hoodie Courtesy of Everlane


8. Comme des Garçons PLAY Patch Hoodie


A solid, do-all grey hoodie is something everyone should have in their closet. It’s the most basic and essential of layering pieces and works within the broad spectrum of personal style. Although many brands have a wonderful take on the grey hoodie, the Red Heart Hoodie from Japanese brand Comme des Garçons has the perfect accent with their signature heart appliqué. Made from 100% cotton, this soft, drawstring hoodie features welted kangaroo pockets for convenience. Though durable, the brand recommends dry clean only maintenance to properly service the garment. Rock this hoodie however the heck you want to because it’ll look dope no matter what!

Comme des Garçons PLAY Patch Hoodie Courtesy of End Clothing


9. Nike Sportswear Club Fleece


Straight from the iconic athletics brand comes the prettiest-in-pink hoodie to rock no matter the occasion. Except, for like, a funeral. That’s probably not the best look. This bubblegum pullover is a casual must-have in any guy’s closet. It’s a total conversation starter not only because of its vibrant coloring but also because of the wild un-Nike-like prints on the front and back. The classic “Just Do It” branding is embroidered on the chest in the same color as the sweatshirt and is complete with an array of different designs we simply weren’t expecting from Nike. Nonetheless, we love it.

Nike Sportswear Club Fleece Courtesy of Nike


10. Barefoot Dreams Fleece Hoodie


If you’ve heard of Barefoot Dreams before, chances are it was in regards to baby products or linens. Known for insanely soft, cozy fleece fabrics, this brand has found its way into homes across America through clothing and blankets for adults. This hoodie transforms the signature feel that Barefoot Dreams customers know and love into a stylish garment that’s perfect for falling asleep on the couch. It’s generously cut for added comfort and wearing thicker layers underneath. While this hoodie is great for home lounging, it also serves as a no-brainer throw-on when venturing out of the house.

Barefoot Dreams Fleece Hoodie Courtesy of Nordstrom


11. NikeLab Washed Hoodie


We’re suckers for a good pastel, which is why we can’t resist NikeLab’s washed mint green pullover hoodie. This men’s hoodie is made from a super-soft fleece material, perfect for lounging around the house or quick errands around town in chilly weather. While the pistachio-clad color might be super reminiscent of warmer weather, now’s never been a better time to add a pop of color into your mundane, winter-weather wardrobe. All in all? We’ll take two.

NikeLab Washed Hoodie Courtesy of Nike


12. Hanes 1901 Heritage Fleece Raglan Pullover Hoodie


Coming in at just under $20, this hoodie from Hanes is an absolute steal. Don’t act like you don’t already know the brand, they’ve probably covered your family jewels more than a couple of times in your life. This casual sweatshirt is just as comfortable as the undies we already know and love and it’s available in two neutral colors. You can wear it like a shirt, by itself as a hoodie or as a base layer with a jacket or button-up shirt. If you’re searching for the best hoodies under $50, this is it.

Hanes 1901 Heritage Fleece Raglan Pullover Hoodie Courtesy of Hanes


13. Nike Club Tie-Dye Hoodie


While none of us really could’ve anticipated how popular tie-dye would become this summer, is anyone really mad about it? The funky colorful blob variations look tight, we can’t lie. Nike got in on the trend by creating this tie-dye hoodie in various yellows, blues and pinks to bring a handsome splash of color to the otherwise mundane yet hellish world we’re calling the year 2020. If you’re worried this trend will be 6 feet under by the time fall comes around, get real, tie-dye will never go out of style — but, this hoodie’s probably going to go out of stock, so you better act fast.

Nike Club Tie-Dye Hoodie Courtesy of Nike


14. Buck Mason Brushed Loopback Hooded Sweatshirt


If you’ve ever been blessed with owning something from Buck Mason, you’ll know full well how quality and comy their stuff is. Case and point, this hoodie. With an effortlessly stylish all-black look, you can stay comfortable while looking cool, calm and collected no matter what the day brings. This is an all-season kind of throw-on, making it perfect to wear no matter where you’re from or what the weather’s like outside your front door.

Buck Mason Brushed Loopback Hooded Sweatshirt Courtesy of Buck Mason


15. Champion UO Exclusive Reverse Weave Snap Hoodie Sweatshirt


Champion is without a doubt one of the founding fathers of the modern-day hoodie. Their hoodies and crewnecks stylishly and affordably dressed kids across the world from the mid-80s to the mid-90s and existed in both popular culture and the world of sports simultaneously. In recent years though, we’ve seen an influx in popularity again, and with that, a surge in pricing. While that part low-key sucks, we still love Champion for their wide variety of cozy-wear. From strutting the streets to lounging around the house, draping that 15+ pound post-quarantine bod in this tan beauty is the move this winter. Best part of all? This UO exclusion has a snap closure instead of the classic drawstring design, making this baby a real standout. Pair it with a casual jean jacket and your favorite dad hat to finish the look off right.

Champion UO Exclusive Reverse Weave Snap Hoodie Sweatshirt Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


16. Britney Spears Hoodie Sweatshirt


Ready to rep your favorite pop icon of all time whenever you leave the house this winter? Well, you know what they say, it’s Britney, bitch. This all grey hoodie works as an ode to our main pop girl and all of the bops she’s put out over the years. Additionally, now’s one of the most relevant times you can wear Britney on your hoodie due to all of the internet rumors and conspiracy theories going around talking about her freedom. Hopefully, none of that is true, but if you really are a true Britney stan, work this into your wardrobe and work to #FreeBritney.

Britney Spears Hoodie Sweatshirt Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


17. Gap Vintage Soft Hoodie


While we didn’t find this at our favorite local vintage shop, we won’t be surprised that in a few years, you will. This brand new “vintage” inspired hoodie from Gap has everything you want in a soft, worn hoodie. It comes in a range of colors that boast either bright or dark facades (depending on your preference) that will totally work as your new everyday favorite. We’re loving this bright red color for its loud look that’s needed to help bolster your otherwise lackluster winter wardrobe.

best hoodies for men - Gap Vintage Soft Hoodie (in red) Courtesy of Gap


18. Gucci Printed Loopback Cotton-Jersey Hoodie


As stylish hoodies for men go, here’s the luxe you’ve been looking for. This Gucci hoodie features their ever-so-classic mirrored G logo on a green and red racing striped box, complete with the brand name plastered on each side. This hoodie is quite the in-your-face alternative to mostly any other hoodie on the market and acts as a casual bragging right to friends and strangers on the street alike. To create the ultimate outfit for this Gucci hoodie, wear it with your favorite light wash denim and one of Gucci’s staple sneakers.

best hoodies for men - Gucci Printed Loopback Cotton-Jersey Hoodie Courtesy of Mr Porter


19. Faherty Knit Baja Poncho


If you’re a simple guy who likes holding hands and long walks on the beach, here’s the men’s hoodie for you. This Faherty pullover hoodie was inspired by the classic Baja sweater of 70s California surf culture. With the half-placket, it’s an easy-on, easy-off option which is great for things like, of course, surfing, but also any post-quarantine first dates. The loopback cotton weave is naturally crease-resistant, so even if this hoodie is tossed in the backseat of your car, it’ll still look fresh when you put it back on. Rock this with your beachwear; anything from dock shorts and Birkenstocks to loose chinos and Vans Slip-Ons. Don’t forget your board!

best hoodies for men - Faherty Knit Baja Poncho Courtesy of Faherty


20. PUMA Reactive Sleeveless Training Hoodie


Many people are finding refuge these days in physical activity. While most gyms are closed, driveways, sidewalks and some local parks are still open. This PUMA sleeveless hoodie is made from polyester that maintains its natural shape, even after vigorous exercise and is machine washable. The sleeveless hoodie style is great for catching some sun and flexing the guns, sure, but the true beauty is the ventilation that comes with the design. No more overheating, even when your workout is on fire.

best hoodies for men - PUMA Reactive Sleeveless Training Hoodie Courtesy of PUMA