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The 16 Best Men’s Pajamas: All the Boxers, T-Shirts and Pajama Pants You’ll Actually Want To Wear To Bed

It’s always the perfect time to refresh your collection of loungewear. That’s right — we’re talking about men’s pajamas. Even if you’re a dude who religiously wears boxers at night, a pair of pajama shorts will be more comfortable and versatile than those everyday undies.

But let’s not forget you also have more sophisticated options, from warm flannel pajama sets to snazzy satin and silk outfits for feeling like a king. And since we spend around a third of our life sleeping (plus more time relaxing around the house), why not get the right threads for the job?

You shouldn’t be ashamed of wanting to feel comfortable. Seriously, do you think people wear Crocs for fashion? Come on. Men’s pajama sets are the same way. You’re mainly wearing them at home anyway, right?

Because every guy is different, we made sure to feature every category that constitutes PJs nowadays. As you check out our picks for the best men’s pajamas, you’ll find options that you’ll want to wear every night. Now lounge-on, my guy.


Best Men’s Sleep Shirts


1. J.Crew Broken-in Short-Sleeve T-shirt


Picking the best T-shirt to sleep in is impossible, but we love sleeping in the J. Crew Broken-in Short-sleeve T-shirt. Simply put, it’s a soft, broken-in T-shirt perfect for sleeping and even beginning your day if you’re not going anywhere. Whatever your preferred bedroom climate is like, this T-shirt will be perfect for it. We love this T-shirt so much that we also named it one of the best T-shirts you can buy in 2022.

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Courtesy of J.Crew


2. Jambys JamTee


We like the J. Crew shirt because it’s just a great shirt for anything, but the Jambys JamTee is specifically made for lounging and sleeping. Made from a French terry modal fabric, it’s crazy soft, stretchy and breathable. That means no getting caught while trying to get comfortable in bed and no unpleasant night sweats. Welcome to your new favorite relaxing T-shirt.

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Courtesy of Jambys


3. Hanes Comfortwash Tank Top


Tanks aren’t just for summer days or a quick sesh at the gym. They’re great for bed, too. The cut is a little less confining, but it still gives you plenty of top coverage if that’s what you’re looking for. The 100% cotton lightweight tank features a ribbed neckline and armholes so that it won’t wear down easily. This is the closest you’ll get to wearing a shirt that feels like you’re not wearing one.

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Courtesy of Amazon


4. Fruit of the Loom Recycled Waffle Thermal Crew Top


Nothing is cozier on a cool autumn night than throwing on a warm waffle top. This long-sleeve one is midweight, so it should keep you warm without making you break a sweat during the middle of the night. There are a few different neutral color options available on Amazon, and you can even pick up a multi-pack if you’re looking to stack up.

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Courtesy of Amazon


Best Pajama Shorts for Men


5. Jambys Boxers


To go with your new favorite sleep/lounging shirt, check out the original Jambys boxer shorts. Made from modal with a bit of spandex, these might be the comfiest boxers you’ve ever worn. They’re soft, they’re breathable, they’re stretchy and — we can’t forget the pièce de résistance — they have pockets. Once you get these Jambys on, you’ll never want to lounge or sleep in anything else.

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Courtesy of Jambys


6. SAXX Vibe Men’s Boxer Brief


We also love the SAXX Vibe Men’s Boxer Brief, which pairs perfectly with the SAXX Snooze Sleep Pants. SAXX’s priority is creating high-quality underwear and pajamas for men. To that end, these boxer briefs feel well designed and considered.

There’s the so-called Ballpark Pouch to comfortably secure your goods and minimize friction while living and sleeping. Of course, SAXX also made the underwear moisture-wicking and gave it flat seams. Add a little bit of elastane to the fabric, and you’ve got a soft, stretchy, breathable pair of boxer briefs that keep the boys fresh and organized whether you’re trying to sleep or just lounging in bed.

Plus, there are a million different color schemes and patterns to choose from, so your underwear can be as freaky or as tame as you are. Plus, we recently named these the best underwear for men you can buy. Trust us, they’re that cozy.

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Courtesy of SAXX


7. Cozy Earth Bamboo Pajama Short in Stretch-Knit


Sure, all of these options are cozy, but Cozy Earth has the word in the name. That automatically means they’re the coziest. Sorry, we don’t make the rules. These stretch-knit pajama shorts are so comfortable that they’ll put you to bed the second you put them on. Each pair is made with 95% viscose made from bamboo in addition to 5% spandex for that much-needed stretch. The knit doesn’t pill in the slightest, and these men’s pajama shorts are some of the most breathable you can throw on. The best part of all? You can try these on for free before you buy them.

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Courtesy of Cozy Earth


8. Polo Ralph Lauren Knit Sleep Shorts


For some guys, a whole set of pajamas is just too much fabric to sleep in. If that sounds like you, we suggest giving up those boxers for these PJ shorts from Polo Ralph Lauren. They’re made of 100% premium cotton to keep your man-parts comfy. And in our modern era of casual wear, you could even get away with wearing these to take out the trash or walk the dog.

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Courtesy of Amazon


Best Pajama Pants for Men


9. Polo Ralph Lauren Knit Jersey Pants


We’ve already covered these in the shorts version, but this fan favorite is so comfy and stylish that we also decided to throw the pants into the mix. Like its shorts counterpart, these are made of 100% cotton and feature a roomy straight pant leg, so you’ll be good to go on cooler nights.

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Courtesy of Amazon


10. MeUndies Lounge Pants


If you aren’t afraid of a little color in your pajamas, you’ll want to check out MeUndies selection of men’s lounge pants. We recommend the Espresso or Dino prints, but over a dozen fun prints feature tacos, otters, astronauts, and other fun creatures. Of course, you can also buy solid-color lounge pants from MeUndies if that suits your style better (not to mention a matching set for your sweetheart). These bold lounge pants are made from ultra-soft micro-modal cotton and are perfect for lazy Sundays.

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Courtesy of MeUndies


11. Fruit of the Loom Sleep Pant


Another great pair of solo sleep pants are these Fruit of the Loom jersey pants. They’re extremely affordable (most sizes are under $20) and comfortable with a simple drawstring, button-fly design. They’re also among the best-rated products on our list, with 4.5 out of 5 stars and almost 30,000 five-star reviews, and users say they’re incredibly comfortable to wear while sleeping and lounging around the house. Some reviewers are already on their second pair.

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Courtesy of Amazon


12. Nautica Sleep Pajama Pants


In the winter, we would likely recommend a warm pair of fleece or flannel pajama pants, a classic piece of bedroom attire for men and women. However, in the warmer months, we prefer a 100% cotton pair of sleep pants like this pair from Nautica. Available on Amazon in a dozen different colors and styles, these soft and breathable pants are perfect for both sleeping and lazy days around the house.

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Courtesy of Amazon


Best Men’s Pajama Sets


13. PajamaGram Cotton Pajama Set


This set from PajamaGram ticks all the right boxes. They feature soft jersey cotton that’s lightweight and breathable for summer nights yet warm enough for the winter. The styling is classic, which we like in pajamas, with a button-up front, notch collar and chest pocket. In short, they’re both comfortable and sophisticated. Plus, reviewers are big fans, saying the PJs are warm, well-made and durable enough to wash easily.

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Courtesy of Amazon


14. Tony and Candice Short Sleeve Pajama Set


Looking for some summery PJs? This short set from Tony and Candice is your ticket. They’re made of a deluxe satin that does double duty by keeping you cool and making you feel posh when you’re having that morning cup of Joe or watching TV before bed. The satin also has a functional purpose, as it doesn’t get tangled around your body while you move in your sleep.

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Courtesy of Amazon


15. David Archy Button-Down Pajamas Set


If you like the classic button-down pajama design but want something a little more modern, go for this David Archy set. It comes with a collared button-down shirt and drawstring pants. The duo is all one solid, neutral color, save for subtle piping on the chest pocket and cuffs. They’re slightly more expensive than other classic PJs, but you get what you pay for with higher-quality cotton and a better trim fit.

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Courtesy of Amazon


16. Hanes Woven Plain-Weave Pajama Set


The only problem with all this new-fangled modern sleepwear is price. Sure, it’s great if the pants or shirts are breathable and stretchy, but it’s not great how much they cost. That’s where good ol’ Hanes can help. The Hanes Men’s Woven Plain-Weave Pajama Set is the epitome of basic men’s pajamas in the best way. These cotton-polyester pajamas are comfortable, loose, and, most importantly, cheap. Why spend the big bucks when you can get some of the best men’s pajamas for a lot less? There’s a reason this set is Amazon’s Choice for “men’s pajamas.”

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Courtesy of Amazon


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