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The Best Men’s Rain Jackets to Keep You Dry and Stylish Under Any Circumstance

The best time to buy a rain jacket is before the rain starts. The second best time is now. Umbrellas are still essential, but they can only do so much, and frankly, they’re way too easy to lose. With or without an umbrella, a rain jacket will keep you prepared for inclement weather and rainy days. To make things easy, we’ve rounded up the most stylish, water-resistant, and all-around best men’s rain jackets that will keep you dry and looking fly.

Depending on your style, there are a few ways to stay dry in the rain. The most traditional is waxed canvas. Although regular cotton is notoriously absorbent, waxed cotton effectively repels water. Waxed canvas jackets also take on a rich patina with wear, which can be rewaxed with either paraffin or beeswax. However, these jackets can be heavy, and there are more lightweight and breathable technologies that have come along.

Another type of technology is GORE-TEX, which is a synthetic membrane in fabric that has the advantage of being waterproof but breathable, meaning you won’t overheat the way you might under a heavy slicker jacket. DWR is a type of coating that causes water to bead up and roll off, and many waterproof jackets will also have a DWR coating for added water resistance. DWR can have a negative impact on the environment, but it remains one of the best ways to repel water, and more eco-friendly versions of DWR are in use now.

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There are also a variety of styles to consider, too, from hip-length jackets that won’t hinder your movement to full-length coats that will give you added protection from the elements. It’s also worth considering packable jackets that you can keep in your bag just in case, for those times when the forecast reads sunny, but you’re not so sure.

Whatever you plan to get up in the wide, wet world, whether it’s commuting to the office or hitting the trails, SPY has found the best raincoats for men.

best for hikes

The punny name may be clunky, but this jacket is anything but. It’s lightweight, packable, and pretty stylish. It’s built to perform on the trail, too. Underarm zippers allow you to get air without letting rain in.

best colors

The North Face’s stylish and affordable take on a rain jacket is available in various colors, and the jacket is made from 100% recycled fabrics. There are secure zippered pockets and a drawstring hood.

best value

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REI knows a lot about selling outdoor gear, and they’ve learned a thing or two about making it, too. This affordable jacket has a DWR finish and a breathable polyester shell. The design may not be the most exciting, but it’ll work with most outfits.

best long jacket


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A fishtail parka is so named for the flared ends on the back of the jacket. It so happens that a fishtail parka also helps you be about as bothered by water as a fish would be. That’s because the long length offers greater protection of your legs than standard hip-length jackets.

sleek look


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Lululemon makes a sporty take on the waterproof jacket, fittingly designed for a day spent on the go. The fabric is waterproof and windproof but stretchy. A back vent and underarm vent allow for breathability.

preppy look


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Unsurprisingly, J Crew makes a preppy take on the rain jacket. It’s made from stretchy nylon. It has a cinchable hood and hem and adjustable straps on the wrists for a secure, insulated fit. There are plenty of pockets, too.

recycled fabric

LL Bean’s wet weather jacket has a technical, outdoorsy look and features a packable design for easy storage when the clouds clear. The jacket is made from recycled nylon and is even machine washable.

the original


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Some may think of it as a generic name for a rain jacket, and some may think of it as a computer. But Mackintosh is actually a brand name that’s been making old-school rain coats since 1824. They may be pricey, but Mackintosh coats are also incredibly stylish.

most high tech


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When it comes to staying warm and dry, no one does it quite like mountaineering brand Arc’Teryx. This jacket is made with GORE-TEX and is packed with features like a cinched hood, vented underarms, and adjustable cuffs.

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The jacket is lightweight, packable enough to fit into a backpack easily, and features elastic pulls on the waist and hood so you can adjust the jacket to you. Though it won’t keep you warm, it works for layering.

british classic

Before Gore-Tex and DWR, Barbour’s waxed canvas jackets are how you stay dry. The jacket is durable and water-resistant, while the corduroy collar and plaid lining add comfort and classic style.

streamlined style

When it comes to staying dry in wet weather, you can count on Rains, an aptly named Danish brand specializing in rain jackets and accessories. This lightweight layer has a snap front and secure pockets.