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The 7 Best Men’s Sandals for Exploring the City, the Beach, and the Trail

Warm weather is on the horizon, so you know what that means — your sandals in the back of the closet finally get to come out and play. Or perhaps it’s time to lock down a new pair of the best men’s sandals to usher in the spring-summer seasons. Sure, you can wear your best sneakers, but who wants to keep their feet enclosed once the mercury rises?

Also, men’s sandals are getting more attention today thanks to major style trends like chunky footbeds and slides as a whole. Naturally, you want to buy a pair of men’s sandals that are the most stylish, but aesthetics shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. It’s also essential to weigh the options based on supportive benefits like a cushioned footbed, advanced sole materials, and water and shock-absorbing properties.

Finding the perfect pair of men’s sandals depends on the preceding variables as well as personal preference. Whether you’re looking to nab comfortable sandals with grippy tread and added security for a hiking trail or have the versatility to work with resort wear on vacation, the choices are vast. Even days that consist of lounging around the house and simple errand runs call for an easy slip-on sandal. 

With winter shoes going the way of the closet and the weather slowly warming up, everybody’s toes deserve a little wiggle room. To help prepare for the spring agenda, Spy collected a few of the best men’s sandals. And after you take your pick, please make sure to have a pedicure appointment on the calendar.

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Best Men’s Sandal


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There’s nothing more satisfying than having a pair of comfortable and stylish sandals that are an absolute delight to wear 24/7 and the Birkenstock Arizona sandal is the ultimate go-to. Having inspired generations of hippies, stoners, ska fans, and what seems like 90% of today’s social media influencers, the brand reigns supreme atop the sandal world, tracing its shoemaking heritage back to the 18th century.



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Camper is a brand that’s introduced us to iconic boots, sneakers, and formal shoes for generations. Heck, even Larry David was obsessed with the shoe brand in “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” But to find out Camper also makes one of the best men’s slide sandals was the icing on the cake, though not so surprised after seeing what they look like. The Camper Crossover-Step sandals have leather crossover straps, as stated in the name, and the perfect amount of cushioning to wear for your next getaway. They make a dressier alternative to a casual Birk.

Best for Hiking


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Having the breathability of a sandal while hiking feels incredible, but not without the risk of injury. That’s why it’s best to hike in a sandal that covers your toes. Hoka makes the Hopara hiking sandal which is a safe bet for protection, comfort, and convenience. The cutouts on the sides and heel allow for ample drainage and ventilation for warmer days. But what makes this the best men’s sandal for hiking is the sole. Made from a shock-absorbent rubber and a ridiculous tread, the outsole is what will help you get up inclines with ease and grip stone if it’s wet.

BEST FOR the city


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City-ready means down for anything, at any point in the day, and being able to adapt. That’s what the Nisolo Huarache sandal does for a guy. They’re appropriate to wear in places many sandals are not, casual enough for daywear but nice enough to go out at night, and versatile enough to match with anything. A huarache sandal is traditionally Mexican but has found its way into everyday American style as a not-so-common, special type of sandal. Guys who rock a huarache get noticed, and in the city, that matters.

best POOLSIDE Sandal


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Love minimal sandals and squishy materials but are afraid to get them wet? Slide into a spongy molded footbed brought to you by Cushionaire. These sandals are affordable, waterproof, and great for lounging poolside or tanning on the beach. Not to mention, their undeniable value earned them a spot on our list for the Best Christmas Gifts of 2022.

BEST FOR Walking the Dog


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Suicoke is renowned for making boldly shaped and incredibly streamlined sandals, designed for physical activity. The Depa-Cab sandals are the best sandals for walking the dog because of the multi-point support they offer. The footbed is contoured at the toes and inner arch to cradle the foot in areas most sandals don’t. Additionally, the ankle and vamp straps allow to tighten the sandal at will, allowing it to fit nearly any foot shape. For those days when doggo just refuses to go back inside, Suicoke has feet covered.

best to SPLURGE


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Sometimes, a little splurge can make all the difference — especially when investing in your look. This is why we recommend elevating your sandal game with a luxury pair from Marni. Their slide sandals have an ecru-toned stretch band finished with rich navy accents and the brand’s minimal logo.