Bundle Up and Look Polished With the 14 Best Men’s Scarves to Wear This Fall

best men's scarves
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Though easily overlooked, a scarf is an incredibly useful tool when it comes to battling the elements. Even though it may seem like just a flimsy, narrow piece of fabric, it’s not to be forgotten. The scarf covers that difficult-to-protect area around your neck that your winter coat, collar and hat just don’t reach. It’s small, but in the freezing rain, snow or wind — you’ll feel it if your neck is not protected. Let one of these scarves bundle you up and polish your outfit off nicely this fall and winter.

There are so many different ways to wear a scarf. Of course there’s the strictly utilitarian method of layering it underneath a large men’s coat or parka this winter. A scarf also looks great paired with a jean or bomber jacket in fall, before the first snow has fallen but after the temperature has definitely dropped. There are thick, wool scarves designed for warmth, and lighter cashmere styles for fashion. We’ve gathered all of the best options this season below, so you can choose what fits your style and surrounding climate the best.

From preppy to streetwear, puffer to cashmere and affordable to eye-wateringly-luxurious, these are the best men’s scarves to wrap up warm in this winter.


1. Pendleton Unisex Adult Wool Knit Scarf


Pendleton makes some of our favorite wool blankets and other warming goods for the winter, so naturally their scarf is one of our favorites. This one is made of 100% Merino wool and comes in four different Pendleton plaid patterns. It’s unisex, will keep you warm in fall and winter and has a price tag that isn’t too exorbitant. It’s dry clean only, so if you’re a washing machine loyalist you might want to consider another pick.

pendleton scarves, scarves for men Courtesy of Amazon

Pendleton Unisex Wool Knit Scarf



2. Burberry Check & Giant Check Scarf


The thing about Burberry’s now so recognizable tartan print is that once it was just another checked tartan belonging to some family of Scotland. Now, it takes on a form that denotes so much more: quality, intelligent design and heritage. The blend of cashmere and merino wool gives it a heavenly softness that warrants its elevated price tag. Plus, this navy spin on their classic pattern brings this pivotal design into the modern era of winter wear.

burberry men's scarf Courtesy of Nordstrom

Burberry Check & Giant Check Scarf



3. Patagonia Recycled Cashmere Scarf


If you like having your cake and eating it too, this is the scarf for you. This recycled cashmere scarf weighs lightly on the conscience as it doesn’t compromise on the welfare of animals or the climate but still allows you to indulge in the finery of life. It’s a classic, no-frills design in a cool navy blue which makes it easy to match to outfits. It is soft to the touch and a good insulator, making it a scarf to be cherished as the weather takes a turn.

Patagonia Men's Recycled Cashmere Scarf (in navy blue) Courtesy of Patagonia

Patagonia Recycled Cashmere Scarf



4. Everlane Cashmere Bandana


Not a scarf guy? No problem! This cashmere bandana from Everlane will keep you just as warm without a ton of extra layers. It’s made of 100% cashmere, ties in the back, like a bandana, and comes in three different colors. It’s super soft and comfortable to wear, and can be worn just as well with a leather jacket as it can with a sweater, parka or heavy winter coat.

everlane cashmere bandana, best men's scarves Courtesy of Everlane

Everlane Cashmere Bandana



5. L.L.Bean Adults’ Irish Lambswool Scarf


This unisex scarf from L.L.Bean has an additional 6″ on it so you can wrap it around and around, bundling up for warmth. It’s made of luxurious Irish lambswool and has been yarn-dyed for a rich, vibrant color. It’s got a fringed edge and comes in six different plaid varieties. It also has a very affordable price tag, so you can stock up on multiple colors for the season.

L.L.Bean scarf, best men's scarves Courtesy of L.L.Bean

Adults' Irish Lambswool Scarf



6. Port Authority Men’s Extra Long Fleece Scarf


This is a no-frills, affordable scarf that’s for keeping you warm, and little else. It’s made of polyester, costs less than $10 and has an anti-pill finish for lasting wear. It comes in five different colors, including this vibrant red, and is perfect for stashing in your car in case of a sudden, unexpected temperature drop.

port authority extra long fleece scarf, best men's scarves Courtesy of Amazon

Port Authority Men's Extra Long Fleece Scarf



7. Gap Recycled Cozy Scarf


This warm, stylish scarf is made from recycled polyester, and has frayed ends and allover prints for extra polish. It’s crafted thin and wide, like a pashmina, so you can layer it however you like, and comes in a whopping nine different colors, so you’ve got many styles to choose from.

Gap recycled cozy scarf, best men's scarves Courtesy of Gap

Gap Recycled Cozy Scarf



8. ACNE Fringed Mélange Wool Scarf


Because there isn’t much that’s as nostalgic, nor as warm as a sepia-toned, 80s Christmas music video. This scarf will give you that same fuzzy warmth, not only in the feelings and memories it inspires but because of its smooth and snuggly wool material. It will become so beloved, you’ll be reaching for it all year round.

Acne Studios Men's Fringed Mélange Wool Scarf (in beige) Courtesy of Mr Porter

Acne Studios Canada Skinny Fringed Mélange Wool Scarf



9. Dries Van Noten Merino Wool-Blend Scarf


This wool dress scarf from Banana Republic is a solid wardrobe staple that’s perfect for fall and winter, and designed to be worn for formal occasions. It’s 100% wool, and comes in a dark navy color that’ll pair well with suits, flannels, long and waist-length jackets. It’s nicely made while still being affordable, and comes in one universal size.

banana republic wool dress scarf, best men's scarves Courtesy of Banana Republic

Banana Republic Wool Dress Scarf



10. Canada Goose Classic Merino Scarf


Canada Goose is a winter wear company known for their parkas, but this scarf from them is made of Merino wool and has a lightweight design that won’t weigh you down as you’re bundling up. It’s made from 100% Merino wool and has clean lines that’ll compliment a variety of outerwear options. The knit is double-layered for extra warmth, and it’s got a reverse folded label that shows the brand’s logo no matter how you wear it.

canada goose classic merino scarf, best men's scarves Courtesy of Canada Goose

Canada Goose Classic Merino Scarf



11. Barbour Tartan Lambswool Scarf


This wonderful traditional tartan scarf comes in a deep and rich taupe tartan and breathes a sort of comforting neutrality in its color scheme. It is constructed from 100% lambswool making it divinely soft on the skin. This will go just as well with skatewear, streetwear or office wear; it is complimentary and classic.

Barbour Tartan Lambswool Scarf, best men's scarves Courtesy of END

END. Barbour Tartan Lambswool Scarf



12. Ralph Lauren Cable-Knit Cashmere Scarf


Almost $600 for a scarf might seem ridiculous, but this cable-knit design from Ralph Lauren has a chunky construction for staying warm, as well as soft, cashmere materials that are soft and comfortable to wear. It’s made of 100% cashmere, has rib-knit ends and comes in five colors, including Classic Chairman Navy pictured below.

ralph lauren cable-knit cashmere scarf, best men's scarves Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Cable-Knit Cashmere Scarf



13. TOM FORD Fringed Silk Scarf


Tom Ford is the modern master of luxury, so it’s no surprise that his eponymous label offers a scarf in the most luxurious fabric: silk. This 100% silk scarf is available in either black or silvery-white and it has a fringed detail. It makes a great companion to formalwear.

mens scarf - TOM FORD Fringed Silk Scarf (in silver color) Image Courtesy of Mr. Porter

Tom Ford Silk Scarf



14. Everlane Cashmere Scarf


This 100% grade-A cashmere from Everlane costs less than $100, making it a very affordable option for the quality. It’s a simple, classic winter staple that’s small enough to wear during fall as well. It comes in three neutral colors, and works just as well underneath a giant coat as it does over a sweater.

everlane cashmere scarf, best men's scarves Courtesy of Everlane

Everlane The Cashmere Scarf



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