Often Overlooked, But Always Appreciated – The 10 Best Men’s Scarves to Wear This Winter

best men's scarves
Courtesy of Mr. Porter
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Though easily overlooked, a scarf is an incredibly useful tool when it comes to battling the elements. Even though it may seem like just a flimsy, narrow piece of fabric, it’s not to be forgotten. The scarf covers that difficult-to-protect area around your neck. The one that your collar just doesn’t quite reach.

Recently fashion designers have been reimagining, what in its essence, the scarf does. That means previously unseen materials have been applied to scarves. For example, the down-filled puffer material, creates a scarf that is more adept in harsh, freezing climates. There has been the application of fleece to the scarf, which in part because it is a warm, insulating material but also because it is super trendy right now. We’re all about fleece, lately.

From preppy to streetwear, puffer to cashmere and affordable to eye-leaking, these are the best men’s scarves to wrap up warm this winter in.


1. Todd Snyder Collegiate Striped Scarf in Green


The perennially sharp New York-based brand Todd Snyder has outsourced their scarf supply to excellent British brand  Drake’s. This luxurious scarf is three-quarters traditional wool and a quarter Angora wool. The Angora wool is from the Angora rabbit, and is around the same fiber diameter of cashmere (extremely fine) and so adds plush softness. Its preppy simplicity makes it a versatile piece this winter.

Todd Snyder Best Scarves Courtesy of Todd Snyder


2. Burberry Check & Giant Check Scarf


The thing about Burberry’s now so recognizable tartan print, is that once it was just another checked tartan belonging to some family of Scotland. Now, it takes on a form that denotes so much more: quality, intelligent design and heritage. The blend of cashmere and merino wool give it a heavenly softness that warrants its elevated price tag.

BURBERRY MEN'S SCARF Courtesy of Nordstrom


3. Patagonia Recycled Cashmere Scarf


If you like having your cake and eating it too, this is the scarf for you. This recycled cashmere scarf weighs lightly on the conscience as it doesn’t compromise on the welfare of animals or the climate, but still allows you to indulge in the finery of life. It’s a classic, no-frills design in a cool navy blue which easy to match to outfits. It is soft to-the-touch and a good insulator, making it a scarf to be cherished as the weather takes a turn.

Patagonia Men's Scarves Courtesy of Patagonia


4. Ted Baker Earlham Dot Scarf


Add a sprinkle of German-engineering to your winter wardrobe this season. This German-made, double-sided Earlham dot scarf by British brand Ted Baker comes with a classic frill finish. The clean pattern, frilly ends and gold stripe gives this scarf a refined aesthetic.

TED BAKER MEN'S SCARF Courtesy of Nordstrom


5. Polo Ralph Lauren Tartan Wools Scarf


We absolutely love the richness, the warmth and the class that this scarf emanates; and that’s just from how it looks. Wrap it round your neck and you’ll appreciate its sweet soft blend of new and recycled Italian wool and its great insulating properties. This is a scarf that embodies all the beautiful things about Christmas spirit and will look great in the months outside of Yuletide too.

RALPH LAUREN MEN'S SCARF Courtesy of Nordstrom


6. Snow Peak Down Scarf


The puffer scarf is an innovation that makes sense. For an item of clothing designed to keep you warm, stuffing it full of down, trapping the most air, means it will insulate your body even better. The down used is all recycled and it comes with a highly practical pouch; a pocket you never knew you needed, but will, perhaps against your will become a very practical tool. Be it the slopes or the mall, this innovative piece will keep you looking cool and feeling warm.

Snow Peak Men's Scarf Courtesy of End Clothing


7. OFF-WHITE Arrows Scarf


Why not go bold this winter. Loud colors and coarse, broad and almost health-and-safety-esque designs are the name of the game here. It comes in an acrylic, wool, cotton and viscose blend to enable a thick, chunky texture. Virgil Abloh’s Off-White (head designer at Louis Vuitton, also) is a go-to brand when it comes to luxury streetwear.

Off-White Men's Scarf Courtesy of End Clothing


8. Fred Perry Royal Stewart Tartan Scarf


This wonderful traditional tartan scarf comes in a deep and rich, Red Stewart tartan and breathes a sort of passionate vibrancy in its color. It is constructed from 100% lambswool making it divinely soft on the skin. This will go just as well with skatewear, streetwear or office wear; it is bright and stylish.

Fred Perry Men's Scarves Courtesy of End Clothing


9. ACNE Fringed Mélange Wool Scarf


Because there isn’t much that’s as nostalgic, nor as warm as a sepia-toned, 80s Christmas music video. This scarf will give you that same fuzzy warmth, not only in the feelings and memories it inspires, but because of its smooth and snuggly wool material. It will become so beloved, you’ll be reaching for it all year round.

Acne Studios Men's Scarves Courtesy of Mr Porter


10. Mr. Porter Striped Wool Scarf


The knitted wool scarf in general has a very homely, DIY feel to it, relating back to an age long gone, when family members used to make Christmas presents for each other (definitely wasn’t part of that era!). The chunky feel, the soft wool and the white stripes give  this scarf a real warm feel about it. Either navy blue or grey is an easy color to match up to a suitable warm, winter outfit. Now all we need is to get that (electric) fire going.

Mr. P Men's Scarves Courtesy of Mr. Porter