Bundle Up and Look Polished With the 14 Best Men’s Scarves to Wear This Fall

best men's scarves
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Though easily overlooked, a scarf is an incredibly useful tool when it comes to battling the elements. Even though it may seem like just a flimsy, narrow piece of fabric, it’s not to be forgotten. The scarf covers that difficult-to-protect area around your neck that your winter coat, collar and hat just don’t reach. It’s small, but in the freezing rain, snow or wind — you’ll feel it if it’s not protected. Let one of these scarves bundle you up and polish your outfit off nicely this winter.

Recently, fashion designers have been reimagining, what in its essence, the scarf does. That means previously unseen materials have been applied to scarves. For example, the down-filled puffer material creates a scarf that is more adept in harsh, freezing climates. There has been the application of fleece to the scarf, which in part because it is a warm, insulating material but also because it is super trendy right now. We’re all about fleece, lately.

From preppy to streetwear, puffer to cashmere and affordable to eye-wateringly-luxurious, these are the best men’s scarves to wrap up warm in this winter.


1. Drake’s Regimental Striped Scarf


Drake’s is one of the most legendary tiemakers (if not the most legendary), so it’s only natural that they would bring their necktie-know-how to the other neck accessory of note: the scarf. This wool scarf is made in Scotland, and it has a simple and stylish color-blocked design that features navy, emerald and wine red stripes. It’s available from Todd Snyder.

mens scarfs - Drake's Regimental Striped Scarf Image Courtesy of Todd Snyder

2. Burberry Check & Giant Check Scarf


The thing about Burberry’s now so recognizable tartan print is that once it was just another checked tartan belonging to some family of Scotland. Now, it takes on a form that denotes so much more: quality, intelligent design and heritage. The blend of cashmere and merino wool gives it a heavenly softness that warrants its elevated price tag. Plus, this navy spin on their classic pattern brings this pivotal design into the modern era of winter wear.

burberry men's scarf Courtesy of Nordstrom


3. Patagonia Recycled Cashmere Scarf


If you like having your cake and eating it too, this is the scarf for you. This recycled cashmere scarf weighs lightly on the conscience as it doesn’t compromise on the welfare of animals or the climate but still allows you to indulge in the finery of life. It’s a classic, no-frills design in a cool navy blue which makes it easy to match to outfits. It is soft to the touch and a good insulator, making it a scarf to be cherished as the weather takes a turn.

Patagonia Men's Recycled Cashmere Scarf (in navy blue) Courtesy of Patagonia


4. Barbour Tartan Lambswool Scarf


This wonderful traditional tartan scarf comes in a deep and rich taupe tartan and breathes a sort of comforting neutrality in its color scheme. It is constructed from 100% lambswool making it divinely soft on the skin. This will go just as well with skatewear, streetwear or office wear; it is complimentary and classic.

Barbour Tartan Lambswool Scarf, best men's scarves Courtesy of END


5. ACNE Fringed Mélange Wool Scarf


Because there isn’t much that’s as nostalgic, nor as warm as a sepia-toned, 80s Christmas music video. This scarf will give you that same fuzzy warmth, not only in the feelings and memories it inspires but because of its smooth and snuggly wool material. It will become so beloved, you’ll be reaching for it all year round.

Acne Studios Men's Fringed Mélange Wool Scarf (in beige) Courtesy of Mr Porter


6. Dries Van Noten Merino Wool-Blend Scarf

Infinity scarves are simple, stylish and best of all, they stay in place no matter what. This one from Dries Van Noten has an elegant mix of colors and is designed to fit comfortably over your head with a soft-wool blend that’s as comfortable to wear as it is warming. Add a chunky look on especially cold days with this ideal winter accessory.

Dries Van Noten infinity scarf, best men's scarves Courtesy of Mr. Porter


7. Missoni Fringed Striped Wool Scarf

Add a little boho energy to your winter wardrobe with this striped wool scarf that’s got a blend of complementary colors on it that’ll match your neutral coats perfectly. The pops of color are bright but not too bold and the naturally insulating wool it’s made of has zigzags tracing up and down the fabric that leads to the long wispy fringes at the edges that complete the look.

Missoni Fringed Striped Wool Scarf Image Courtesy of Mr. Porter


8. Everlane The Cashmere Scarf


Looking for an affordable basic that’s simple, stylish and available in different colors? Everlane should be one of the first places you look. This scarf is made from Grade A cashmere, meaning it’s soft and made to last. It’s available in a few solid colors that are eye-catching yet easy to pair with anything in your closet.

mens scarf - Everlane The Cashmere Scarf (in cinnamon) Image Courtesy of Everlane

9. TOM FORD Fringed Silk Scarf


Tom Ford is the modern master of luxury, so it’s no surprise that his eponymous label offers a scarf in the most luxurious fabric: silk. This 100% silk scarf is available in either black or silvery-white and it has a fringed detail. It makes a great companion to formalwear.

mens scarf - TOM FORD Fringed Silk Scarf (in silver color) Image Courtesy of Mr. Porter

10. COS Wool Padded Scarf


If a regular wool scarf is like a blanket, this padded wool scarf is like a whole duvet. It has a wool exterior, giving it a luxe look, but it’s padded like a jacket to give you extra warmth. It’s also enormous, so it’s easy to bundle up in this scarf. It’s a pretty ridiculous item of clothing, in the best way possible.

COS Wool Padded Mens Scarf (in brown) Image Courtesy of COS

11. AllSaints Merino Wool Scarf


If a traditional wool scarf is a little too preppy for you, consider this option from AllSaints, a British brand known for a dark, rock-n-roll aesthetic. It’s made from merino wool, but the ribbed texture makes it look and feel like your favorite beanie. The finished edge is also decidedly more modern than a classic fringe. It comes in black, army green or burnt sienna, which is a burgundy-ish color.

AllSaints Merino Wool Scarf Image Courtesy of AllSaints

12. Uniqlo Patterned Scarf


Uniqlo is almost like a convenience store but for stylish clothing. It’s a characterization they’d probably agree with — they even experimented with clothing vending machines in airports. Underdressed? Overdressed? Pop into Uniqlo and they’ll probably have what you need, and that includes accessories, like this stylish scarf. It’s available in a variety of different patterns, such as this classic brown plaid. It’s made of acrylic and wool.

Uniqlo HEATTECH PATTERNED Men's Scarf Image Courtesy of Uniqlo

13. Ted Baker Paisley Scarf


Embrace old school luxury with this scarf, which features a navy and red paisley motif. It has a fringed design as well, adding to the classic look. The inner and outer layers of the scarf are different colors, which adds a little extra visual flair. The scarf is made in Germany of acrylic.

Ted Baker Paisley Men's Scarf Image Courtesy of Nordstrom

14. Banana Republic Sweater Gaiter


Gaiters have become a popular alternative to face masks, especially for anyone working out during the pandemic. But they can also be used to keep your face warm. This gaiter is made from a sweater-like material that you can pull over your face or wear around your neck to keep warm. There’s also a cinch-tie that adjusts to keep it snug and comfortable.

mens scarf - Banana Republic Sweater Gaiter (in black) Image Courtesy of Banana Republic