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The Best Men’s Scrubs for Those Long 12-Hour Shifts

Medical workers have always been celebrated as heroes, but many people have developed a newfound respect for first responders and healthcare professionals since the onset of the pandemic. People have seen how vital the doctors, nurses, and medical staff are to a fully functioning (and healthy) society. They’ve also seen how uncomfortably long the hours they work can sometimes be, too.

It’s these grueling hours that motivated us to seek out the best work gear possible. Some shifts can last 12 hours or more, meaning staying comfortable is pleasant for health workers; it also helps them consistently perform at the high levels expected of them. To achieve this goal and save you time and effort, we’ve put a selection of the best men’s scrubs together.

But before we check out the clothes themselves, it’s worth considering a few important factors when it comes to finding the best scrubs for men or women.

Fabric Blend

A typical set of the best men’s scrubs are typically made up of varying combinations of these three fabrics:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Spandex/Elastane

Each of these materials contributes several useful elements to the high performance of the fabrics which make up the best scrubs. Here are some of the specific reasons cotton, polyester and spandex are so regularly found in the makeup of these all-day clothes.

  • Cotton – Cotton is both breathable and soft, which is a large part of why it’s found in so many fabrics.
  • Polyester – While not as soft or natural as cotton, polyester is still surprisingly strong and durable. Including it in a fabric’s makeup makes it less susceptible to tearing, a feature that is especially handy in the best men’s scrubs.
  • Spandex/Elastane – This material is particularly critical for providing stretchiness and mobility in clothing. This versatile addition enables you to move in every which way while wearing scrubs without feeling unnecessarily restricted.

The best men’s scrubs are a combination of all three of these materials. And unlike other everyday clothing, the fabric blend inside your scrubs can make a big difference to your comfort and ease of movement, so it’s worth taking a look at the description or clothing tag before adding them to your cart.

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As with the blend of fabrics, there are several different fits that men’s scrubs can offer. First and foremost, the most important thing to do when picking out a set of the best men’s scrubs is to ensure you’re wearing scrubs designed to fit men. It’s common to find great unisex options, many of which are kept in hospitals for those just-in-case occasions. But when it comes to your choice of personal scrubs, we recommend buying scrubs made with men in mind. Why? Well, the shoulders, on average, will be broader, hips smaller and sleeves cut loose for better mobility.

When it comes to the overall fit of your scrubs, we advise aiming for something on the stretchier side without falling into the excessively baggy category. While some medical professionals may carry the philosophy that baggy is better, it’s worth remembering that extra fabric can get in the way, especially if you’re constantly having to pull your pants up or tuck your shirt back in.

Scrubs are also available in several different cuts — V-necks and crewnecks for the shirt and jogger, cargo and standard pants for the bottoms. This is a matter of personal preference, but a V-neck can add a pleasant amount of extra breathability, which can be particularly welcome on longer shifts. We also think jogger pants are the best-looking scrubs pants you can buy. Cargo pants, however, may win out when it comes to functionality. As with so much of this process, it depends on what you’re looking for.

Finally, it’s essential to check with your supervisor to ensure the scrubs you choose are suitable for your workplace.


The function is arguably the most critical factor when considering the best men’s scrubs to buy. And by this, we mean pockets, pockets and more pockets. Sure, you could carry all of your tools around in the same two pockets and waste your time fishing throughout the day — or you could buy scrubs that have several different designated pockets for storing all your necessary tools. We’ll let you decide which option is better for your needs.

All of that being said, we’ve compiled a list of scrubs we believe offer perks in each category above and, for the most part, won’t blow your budgeting goals out of the water. Here are the best scrubs for men available to order online.


1. FIGS Chisec Three-Pocket Scrub Top


FIGS entered the scrubs scene in 2013, and while some may view it as too luxurious or trendy for the medical world, they’ve introduced the idea of high-quality, functional comfort into scrubs, something that wasn’t necessarily there before. This scrubs top from FIGS is made of a super soft blend of 72% polyester, 21% rayon and 7% spandex with a tailored fit and four-way stretch technology. The v-neck design has reinforced stitching for maximum durability and there are three pockets built-in for maximum smart storage. FIGS also uses fabric in all of their products that’s anti-wrinkle, repellant of liquids and lightweight, so you stay cool throughout the day.

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2. CHEROKEE Workwear Professional Men’s V-Neck Top


CHEROKEE is one of the best sellers on Amazon in the men’s scrubs category for its functional design and excellent chest pocket storage. The fabric is a blend of polyester, spandex and cotton, just like we recommended initially, and it pays off. The V-neck and short sleeves give you breathability and the back length of 28″ protects you from exposure when bending over. It has a slim fit and the material feels high-quality without being too stiff. This top is especially suited for cooler units as the fabric is heavier than other options.

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3. Scrubstar Core Essentials Unisex Scrub Pants


Whether you’re a medical student who needs an inexpensive pair of scrubs for the occasional shift, or you’re looking for a pair of easy-care pants that won’t’ break the bank, the Scrubstar Core Essentials Unisex Scrub Pants with Drawstring Tie are a great fit, both literally and figuratively. Available in 10 colors and six sizes, the unisex pants have a drawstring closure that makes it easy to get a snug fit. Two side pockets and one cargo pocket is great for cell phones, pens or warming hands between patients, and the straight-leg cut adds a professional look to an affordable pair of pants.

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4. WonderWink Scrub Top


Don’t you love ironing scrubs … said no one, ever. WonderWink has created a scrub top with a cotton polyester blend that eliminates wrinkles and keeps wearers looking polished and professional even when they’ve just finished the graveyard shift. The unisex V-neck top includes the WonderWink signature triple chest pocket for IDs and pens, as well as a small bungee cord. Available in nine sizes, the WonderWink comes in 15 colors, so at least your shirt can help you remember what day it is, even if you’re too deep into a 24-hour shift to remember the year.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


5. CHEROKEE Men’s Original Cargo Scrubs Pants


These pants from CHEROKEE are made using 65% polyester and 35% cotton for maximum durability and strength. They’ve got a drawstring cinch at the waist and an easy zip fly. These cargo pants have both slash and back pockets with reinforced stitching against tearing and they’re machine washable. These pants also have a ridiculous number of positive reviews and are bestsellers in Amazon’s “men’s scrub pants” section. Users noted that, unlike many scrubs, these fit like regular pants and the fabric feels high-quality.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Dagacci Scrubs Medical Uniform


This scrubs set has over 13,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4-star rating for its functionality and price. For the price tag of one shirt from other brands, you get a whole set with an elastic closure on the pants, a unisex V-neck top and plenty of storage. The top has two patch pockets, a chest pocket with a reinforced pen slot and the cargo pants have pockets as well. The set comes in over 20 different colors and is unisex.

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7. Healing Hands Blue Label James V-Neck Top


Wearing a name tag at work can be extremely handy for building familiarity with patients, but it can also be quite unhygienic. If your workplace allows for it, one way around this sanitary dilemma is to get your name embroidered into this Healing Hands Blue Label James V-Neck Top. Simply select your size, your desired color and then enter your name at the point of purchase to have your personalized scrubs delivered right to your door.

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Image courtesy of Scrubs & Beyond


8. M McGuire Gear Tactical Scrubs Top


Whether you’re working in the armed forces or just trying to hide from your patients for a few minutes, this M McGuire Gear Tactical Scrubs Top is an excellent option if you’re looking for a camo-covered shirt. It is available in a wide range of different tones and patterns to suit your individual style or working environment. Plus, the shirt is made from a half nylon and half cotton material blend, making them both highly durable and surprisingly comfortable.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


9. koi Lite Soul Platinum Grey/Black Top


This koi Lite Soul Platinum Gray and Black ombre top brings a sense of style to your work wardrobe, which you previously thought was impossible on the wards. The ombre top features a classic V-neck design and sports a design which gradually changes from grey to black across the chest. For comfort, the shirt is made from a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric, while an included bungee loop gives you a convenient place to attach your ID badge.

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Image courtesy of Koi


10. WonderWink Men’s Front Warm-Up Scrub Jacket


If you often find yourself feeling a little bit chilly during shifts, it might be a smart idea to keep the WonderWink Men’s Front Warm-Up Scrub Jacket at your disposal. This zip-up garment features long sleeves and a fleece inner to help warm you up and maintain your body temperature. And while this jacket isn’t particularly overflowing with style, it does have a smarter-than-your-average-scrub-top appearance about it, making it particularly well suited to professional work environments.

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Image courtesy of Target


11. Dickies Dynamix Men Scrubs Top


If your workplace allows for some lenience in colors and patterns, we suggest checking out Dynamix Men Scrubs Top from Dickies. The trusted and functional clothing brand offers a wide variety of scrub tops and bottoms for men and women in various colors and styles, and even some pattern tops for men, which can be challenging to find. The Dynamix tops are available in six cool masculine and work-appropriate patterns while still adding a bit of fun and edge. Plus, they pair easily with most solid color scrub pants. The tops feature a chest and sleeve pocket with zip closure, have a front shoulder yoke for added comfort and back panels for ease of movement.

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Image courtesy of Walmart


12. Jaanuu Men’s Tech Underscrub Tee


Wearing one of these Jaanuu Men’s Tech Underscrub Tees under your usual scrubs is a great way to add a thin layer of additional warmth during the colder months. These lightweight undergarments are incredibly comfortable and include handy thumb holes in each cuff to provide a reliable arm’s worth of coverage when you need it. Additionally, these tees are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate all body types as well as multiple colors, including royal blue and hunter green.

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Image courtesy of Jaanuu


13. Jaanuu Men’s V-Neck Top


A Jaanuu Men’s V-Neck Top is a highly functional top choice, thanks to its four integrated pockets. With the more commonly found chest pocket and side pockets, this top features a hidden, zippered pocket ideal for storing a locker key or other more essential belongings during your shift. Not only are these scrub tops a practical choice, but they are also very comfortable because they are made from a four-way stretch fabric that doesn’t constrict and naturally moves with your body.

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Image courtesy of Jaanuu


14. Mediclo Skye Banded Collar Scrub Top


Bring a greater sense of style to your choice of scrubs with this Mediclo Skye Banded Collar Scrub Top. The premium-quality shirt features a branded color and a logo patch on both the breast pocket and the back of the neck. The shirt is available in a wide range of trendy colors, some of which are similar to classic scrubs colors, such as black, blue, and green, in addition to more alternative options, such as sunflower yellow and burgundy red.

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Image courtesy of Mediclo


15. Jaanuu Men’s Crew Neck Top


Rather than the classic deep cutout found in a V-neck shirt, this Jaanuu Men’s Crew Neck Top mixes things up a little and minimizes the cutout, resulting in a more stylish scrub top offering. The shirt also includes three pockets, all of which have zippered closures to ensure your belongings remain securely held inside, even during the most hectic of shirts. Plus, the shirt is available in five color options, allowing you to match your color choice to your personality, making for a more enjoyable time when it comes to wearing this particularly stylish scrub top.

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Image courtesy of Jaanuu


16. Jaanuu Raglan Sleeve Top


Most scrub tops come in a V-neck or a … V-neck. That’s it. We have nothing against V-necks and rock them frequently, but variety is the spice of life. Thankfully, Jaanuu has given medical professionals an alternative with their Raglan Sleeve Top, which features a fashion-forward ribbed crew neckline. The relaxed top includes several thoughtful finishes, like a hidden badge loop, zip pockets and a toggle tightener for sleeves. The durable and attractive four-way stretch scrub top is available in eight solid fade-resistant color options. Each shirt is treated with  Silvadur™, an antimicrobial technology that enhances garments’ protection because germs are bad, OK?

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Image courtesy of Jaanuu


17. HalloweenCostumes Adult Scrubs Costume


If you don’t actually work as a medical professional and are simply looking for a way to dress up like one, this HalloweenCostumes Adult Scrubs Costume is the set of scrubs you need. Whether you’re thinking along the lines of a crazy doctor or a blood-covered surgeon, these scrubs give you a blank canvas to adapt as you like. Plus, you’ll find several handy add ons and accessories to complete your costumes, such as a pair of glasses and a stethoscope.

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18. FIGS Tansen 2.0 Jogger Style Athletic Scrub


These slim jogger scrubs have all the storage you need and a great fit and super soft fabric. They have a knit yoga waistband that stays up all day and reinforced double-stitching all over the pants for durability. These pants also have a whopping five different pockets on them for maximum storage capacity. They’re made with FIGS’ FIONTechnology fabric with four-way stretch and moisture-wicking capabilities, so you stay dry and have a professional look, so no one will know how comfortable you are.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


19. FIGS Axim Cargo Scrub Pants


Anything from FIGS is a splurge, but these pants are highly rated despite the price tag of over $50. They’re noted for having the “perfect fit” of a structured cargo pant with an athletic waistband, straight leg and four-way stretch. These Axim pants have faux fly stitching, reinforced double-stitching all over to avoid tears and seven different pockets for functional storage throughout the day. These pants are also made with FIGS’ FIONTechnology fabric that’s moisture-wicking, soft for comfort and anti-wrinkle for professionalism.

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20. Carhartt Men’s Ripstop Utility Scrub Top


This scrub top is made for movement during rounds with a bi-swing at the back yoke enables easy movement. This top also has side vents at the hem for breathability and the length of the back is 1.5 inches longer than the front for extra coverage when bending over. The labels are also tagless to avoid irritation during long wearing periods. These scrubs use a durable blend of 55% cotton and 45% polyester that’s breathable and strong.

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21. Urbane Performance Quick Cool Men’s V-Neck Top


If Lululemon made scrubs, they would feel like the performance line from Urbane scrubs, but at a fraction of the price. Actually, we may just start working out in these scrubs. Urbane has created a line of scrubs that wash beautifully (even if you throw them in the dryer), never wrinkle, and are lightweight and comfortable to wear even though the most extended shifts. Available in four colors and featuring a top breast pocket for ID cards and pens, the performance top is the ultimate in all-day comfort, like the matching bottoms. You won’t want to take these scrubs off when you get home, but you should. Gross stuff happens at work.

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Image courtesy of A1 Scrubs


22. BARCO ONE 5-Pocket Reinforced V-Neck Top


This scrub top from BARCO is made with an anti-static fabric that easily releases and sheds animal hair, making it perfect for professionals in the animal care industry like vets, pet groomers, dog trainers, etc. It has a temperature-regulating fabric that adapts based on your body’s temperature changes to keep you cool throughout the day. The material is weightless, breathable, eco-friendly, wrinkle-resistant and has four-way stretch. The top features functional design elements for medical professionals like coil secure zipper pockets, a media cord keyhole, a patch pocket, slash pockets, and an internal phone pocket. It’s 30 inches long in the back for sufficient coverage and features five different pockets total for storage.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


23. Moxie Scrubs


Ladies, if you’re tired of wearing boxy scrub tops and pants that are not designed with you in mind, it’s time to switch to Moxie Scrubs. The company was created in the Harvard Innovation Lab for nurses and is designed with women in mind. Featuring fashionable colors and comfortable cuts that are also flattering, the company uses high-tech design and materials to make their line while also partnering with the American Nurses Association. Their Stephanie Top is made with four-way stretch, quick-dry fabric and includes a media pocket and side vents for ease of movement. And don’t worry, fellas — Moxie Scrubs is working on their men’s line right now.

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Image courtesy of Moxie Scrubs


24. Landau Unisex V-Neck Scrub Set


Unisex scrubs are beneficial for couples who both work in medical fields or hospitals, medical offices, and private practices and are looking to stock up. This set includes a V-neck short sleeve top and drawstring pants with plenty of pockets. The pants feature two back pockets, and the top features one chest pocket. They’re machine washable and come in various colors from bright red to blue, green, white and black.

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25. Men’s 5-Pocket Raglan Scrub Jacket by Grey’s Anatomy


Here’s something they don’t often talk about on Grey’s Anatomy or any TV medical drama – hospitals are cold. Like, freezing cold. Wearing long underwear under your scrubs is not a bad idea, and neither is investing in a scrub jacket by the official Grey’s Anatomy brand. This five-pocket raglan-style jacket with rib cuffs and an open back vent may not lead to steamy sessions in the on-call room, but it will keep you warm and still looking professional on days when your workplace feels extra chilly. Available in three colors and nine sizes, the Grey’s Anatomy jacket will have you looking and feeling like McDreamy.

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Image courtesy of Grey's Anatomy


26. FIGS The Essentials Kit


If you’re just starting out on the wards and need a reliable go-to option of quality scrubs, FIGS The Essentials Kit is a great choice. Equally, if you’ve been working in scrubs for years and know how important it is to find a reliable and comfortable set of scrubs to wear, you’re also going to love these. The combo includes one three-pocket top and a pair of cargo scrub pants, so we recommend stocking up on a few sets to get you through the week.

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Image courtesy of FIGS


27. FIGS On-Shift Sweater Knit Jacket


The FIGS On-Shift Sweater Knit Jacket takes a stylish yet practical approach to provide warmth when wearing scrubs. The design follows the classic scrubs shape but in a much more fashionable way than you will usually see on the wards. Plus, the four-way stretch knit material adds an additional layer of warmth and comfort. There aren’t many options on this list that would convincingly work as everyday clothes inside and outside the hospital, but this is undoubtedly one option that does.

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Image courtesy of FIGS


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