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The Best Men’s Sweaters for Looking Cool While Staying Warm in 2022

Sweater weather is finally upon us, and in a big way. The right sweater can make a world of difference if you’re dealing with frigid weather, and that’s no more true than when you layer up with one of the best men’s sweaters. Brisk temperatures are upon us, and dropping steadily, of course.

With that in mind, we say It’s never too early — or too late — to get started on shopping for a new men’s sweater, now that you’re getting ready to shelve that set of the best summer jeans — and other warm-weather essentials — in favor of fall and winter-ready gear.

We’ve got options aplenty for you in that regard. Whether you’re an avid sweater collector or need a few new pieces to spice up your style as temperatures drop, there are myriad sweater options. If you’re wondering who makes quality men’s sweaters, we’ve got just the proper selections for you.

If you’re a fashion-trend follower, you’ve got seemingly endless choices; there are logo, intarsia, jacquard, shrunken and deep V-neck styles. Fair Isle sweaters — beloved by anyone who watches Britcoms — are getting their spotlight. Bright shades, neutrals and earth tones are also trending. This even goes for more luxe options, like if you happen to be wondering who makes the best men’s cashmere sweaters — yes, we’ve got you sorted out there, too.

And yes, a few more sweater trends are popping up, such as abstract prints, hoodie sweaters, novelty printed sweaters; even sweaters from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s are back with a vengeance. Did we mention that logomania is now a knitted wonderland? All these styles are available in the following options:

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Though that might seem like a lot, it doesn’t end there. Technically speaking, you can also find some of the best hoodies, zip-ups and sweatshirts to file under the best men’s sweaters. Though we wouldn’t consider these dressy as the other options listed above, they certainly fall in sweater territory as far as many guys are concerned, just for a different occasion.

Some sweaters depend on your sense of style and level of comfort, meaning we don’t recommend you snag one of each kind. For example, some dudes cannot pull off a sweater vest without looking like Poindexter. In contrast, others can effortlessly incorporate it into their everyday street style by pairing it with the best men’s joggers of the season or a pair of stylish jeans. At the same time, some sweaters are perfect for just about any kind of guy. Take the classic crewneck, for example. We suggest this style for all types of guys, no matter their style, simply because it’s easy to incorporate into your everyday look.

Below you’ll find the men’s sweaters SPY editors are shopping this year because whether shopping for ourselves or looking for the best sweaters to give as gifts, we can always use more stylish sweaters in our shopping cart.

With dozens of different options, we’re sure there has to be something you’ll like, so check out our top picks for the best men’s sweaters below.


1. Todd Snyder Cashmere Crewneck 


Searching for the best men’s sweaters should start with a few key considerations, chief among them fabric. After all, you don’t want to find yourself wearing an itchy, scratchy sweater for hours on end. Famed designer Todd Snyder solves this problem handily, using luxurious cashmere in a classic crewneck design — and in cold-weather-minded colors like Toasted Coconut, no less. This sweater is a bit of a pricey splurge, but it’s wearable with absolutely anything in your fall and winter wardrobe.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Todd Snyder


2. J.Crew Cashmere V-Neck Sweater


The best V-neck sweaters add another dimension to your menswear looks, especially when worn the right way (say, at the office atop a crisp dress shirt with a knit tie). A v-neck sweater, especially one made from premium cashmere like this handsome number from J.Crew, is an underrated style move that still deserves your attention and respect. We love the wide range of color options, the agreeable fit and the potential to mix and match with other J. Crew staples. Plus, you can wear this sweater in a multitude of ways, be it with tailored J.Crew chinos and leather boots or alongside joggers and high-top sneakers. A sweater that works on the weekend or during the workweek sure sounds like one of the best sweaters for men in our book.

Lazy loaded image
J. Crew


3. Wills Classic Cashmere Crewneck


Sure, there are several ways you can go in the world of men’s sweaters as far as layering is concerned, from the straightforward style of the crewneck shown here to the wear-with-anything potential of a V-neck sweater. Here’s the thing with a crewneck sweater though, especially one of the best sweaters for men. You can wear it atop a crew neck T-shirt for easygoing weekend style alongside just as readily as you can style it with slim dark blue jeans, an Oxford shirt and leather dress boots at the office. For good measure, this handsome cashmere crewneck from Wills is as refined as it gets.

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Courtesy of Huckberry


4. Rhythm Fishermans Knit Sweater


The cable-knit sweater’s historical roots are nearly unmatched, with the classic cable-knit pattern adding another layer of protection while serving as the perfect seafaring sweater. This aptly named sweater (as sold by Bespoke Post) delivers that classic warmth and comfort with more than a dash of rugged style along for the ride. Plus, the deep Olive shade is an eye-catching change of pace in a dreary winter. Best of all might be the fact that it retails for under $80.

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Courtesy of Bespoke Post


5. L.L. Bean Classic Ragg Wool Sweater


L.L. Bean has long been a trusted resource for anything and everything classic, iconic and hard-wearing in the world of men’s style. That goes for its always-dependable winter boots and rugged outerwear (not to mention toasty slippers for when you step inside after a hard winter’s day in the elements). Throw in this timeless, classic sweater the next time you want genuine winter warmth because it delivers both throwback looks and outstanding versatility.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of L.L.Bean


6. J. Crew Heritage Cotton Crewneck Sweater


If you’re hunting for a reliable sweater you can wear through just about anything — the kind that looks stylish when layered underneath a waxed trucker jacket or styled with a crisp peacoat, to name but a few picks — J.Crew is your best bet. The brand recently underwent a revamp thanks to new Creative Director Brendon Babenzien, resulting in a return to the classics — like this stylish crewneck that plays off the 1980s and 1990s designs from the brand. You can wear it as often as you please, plus, it comes in a wide range of easily wearable colors.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of J.Crew


7. Relwen Thermal Rib Shawl


The pullover sweater now gets its day in the sun (or rather, its day in the cold of winter) with this old-school option from Relwen made modern. The Ohio-based brand takes the Midwest into account with this thermal shawl sweater, the kind you can actually look forward to wearing on frigid days. The fleece interior provides plenty of cozy comfort, while the tall shawl neck itself delivers critical added protection from even the most freezing days and nights. Better still, layer it with one of Relwen’s quilted jackets for extreme warmth.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Huckberry.


8. Naadam Essential Cashmere Sweater


Take it from us: We know a thing or two about finding the best sweaters for men with some serious value and style, and that’s where Naadam enters the equation to change up your wardrobe and layering game in the cold weather. This luxurious sweater looks and feels much more expensive than its $75 price tag, with plenty of versatile styling potential built right in — no matter which color you select, you can layer it with everything from chambray shirts to a classic dress shirt and knit tie.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Naadam


9. Vuori Clothing Coronado Hoodie


This won’t be the last hooded sweatshirt (or even zip hoodie) that we cover today, but it’s just about one of the most functional yet casual sweaters we can find on the market. It’s lightweight yet warm, easy to throw on over a henley for a Zoom call or atop a graphic tee with jeans and sneaker boots for a weekend coffee run. It’s stretchy and absorbs moisture, meaning you can also wear it for training sessions, but we think it works best when worn in a casual, laidback fashion. Go ahead, layer up and kick back this winter.

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Courtesy of Vuori


10. Banana Republic Organic Cotton Cardigan


Sustainable style is more crucial than ever as you consider your shopping picks for the season ahead, including one of the best men’s sweaters. Luckily, Banana Republic designed this classic cardigan with that very consideration in mind, using organic cotton for an eco-friendly finish. The rest of this design is as crisp and timeless as it gets, with the ability to be layered over a henley for a nice high-low mix or the potential to team with a sharp white Oxford shirt and tan chinos for an office-ready fall or winter look.

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Courtesy of Banana Republic


11. Billy Reid Dover Crewneck Sweatshirt


When does the humble, athletic-minded crewneck sweater become something else entirely? When it’s made by one of our favorite menswear designers and one of the best designers in the country, the effortlessly cool Billy Reid. Reid himself put his unique spin on the humble crewneck, using handsome leather elbow patches and a super-soft interior fabric to turn the crewneck sweatshirt from a weekend staple to one you can even wear to the office with a pair of tailored chinos from the famed designer.

Lazy loaded image
Billy Reid


12. Wellen Recycled Cotton Headlands Sweater


We’re seeing texture everywhere this year when it comes to knitwear. That also shows itself in sustainable and stylish ways, like this textured cotton number from Huckberry’s own Wellen, which makes use of recycled materials to come up with a sweater that’s easy to layer (seriously, try it over everything from a lightweight flannel shirt to a chambray shirt). The texture stands apart when worn on its own with jeans, under a waxed trucker jacket or layered with your favorite fall field jacket.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Huckberry


13. Amazon Essentials Men’s Crewneck Sweater


What’s not to love about a crewneck sweater? The style can showcase a buttondown shirt, it can be teamed with dark blue jeans or classic chinos, and it can function as a go-to, laidback weekend layer when worn with tapered joggers or stretch jeans. That’s a lot that you can do with just one sweater, and you’re also getting tons of bang for your buck with this Amazon take on the timeless style. Best of all is the outrageously great price (well under $30), plus the massive range of colorways to suit every style.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Amazon


14. Faherty Brand Reserve V-Neck Sweater


Sometimes you want to meet the demands of the season — i.e., bundling up for cold weather — while still looking sharp, fresh, and office-ready. Faherty’s Reserve line uses seriously upgraded, premium fabrics and stylish, easy-to-style designs to bring your office looks up to snuff this season, not least with this goes-with-anything V-neck sweater. Wear it beneath a navy suit or team it with a tan herringbone blazer and dark blue jeans for Casual Friday style that’s anything but sloppy.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Faherty


15. Marine Layer Henley Sweater


Combine all of the appeal of the classic henley with the rugged stylings of one of the best men’s winter sweaters in this new seasonal essential. Here, Marine Layer has beefed up the knit fabric yet made it softer than ever, making this a piece you can wear as either a base layer or a mid-layer when styled atop, say, a denim shirt (and perhaps worn underneath a waxed field coat. When you find a henley that’s actually a sweater, we say go for it as you look for good sweaters for men.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Marine Layer


16. Goodthreads Soft Cotton Quarter-Zip Sweater


The quarter-zip sweater is an oft-overlooked style move that deserves more credit in our book. Goodthreads here makes a highly affordable option that allows you to either show off the shirt you’re wearing as your base layer, or make use of the handy quarter-zip for extra protection in the chill of winter. Plus, the quarter-zip is a more polished option than a casual crewneck sweatshirt, while still remaining just as comfortable and easygoing.

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Courtesy of Amazon


17. AllSaints Slim Fit Crewneck Sweater


From time to time, straightforward, subtle style is how you want to dress — nothing too over the top, just something sleek and streamlined, like this deep black AllSaints sweater. It’s the sort of sweater that would pair nicely with slim black AllSaints jeans and a black leather moto jacket for when you want a bit of rock n’roll edge — without freezing in the chill of fall and winter, of course. The rest of the time, it’s dressy and easy to pair up with grey or blue jeans or corduroys any day of the week (workdays included).

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Bloomingdale's


18. Mugsy Gettys Quarter Zip


There are some of the best men’s winter sweaters that are more suited to wear with tailored trousers or chinos (like any cashmere sweater, for instance), and there are some that wear especially well with your favorite pair of expertly-broken in jeans. This quarter zip just so happens to be made by expert jean makers Mugsy, and the faded cotton exterior makes it look like a vintage sweater you’ve had for years. Bonus points for the warm fleece interior and the two-tone colorblocked design for an added dash of style.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Mugsy Jeans


19. Wills Speckled Merino Crewneck


Merino is a favorite fabric of ours here at SPY, with the versatility and adaptability to be turned into everything from socks to underwear to shirting — to stylish sweaters like this one, of course. It keeps you warm when needed yet also wicks away moisture, proving an ideal layer beneath, say, a navy topcoat, and Wills — an in-house brand at Huckberry — knows how to craft one the right way for an accessible price. The use of speckled yarns gives this handsome sweater an added dash of style points, too.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Huckberry


20. Buck Mason California Cashmere Turtleneck


If you ask us, the turtleneck is squarely back in style, turned into a more relaxed yet no less polished option these days compared to more stuffy versions of yesteryear. In the hands of the all-American gurus at Buck Mason, the turtleneck gets updated with luxe cashmere fabric in a sleek black color, with the kind of design that calls to mind the effortless cool of Steve McQueen. Feel free to wear with your finest navy winter suit for sharp evening style all season long.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Buck Mason


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