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The 33 Best Men’s Watches of 2022 for Every Style and Budget

When you can see the time clearly on virtually every device in your home or office, what’s the point of wearing one of the best watches for men? There’s plenty to be said for adorning your wrist with one of the best men’s watches, from an added dash of style points to the ability to manage your time without being glued to your devices. When you perfectly match your watch to your outfit, you instantly signal that you’re a sophisticated man worth taking seriously.

There’s a reason clotheshorses obsess over the best men’s watches at all price points, from timepieces worn by screen legends like Daniel Craig (*ahem* Bond, James Bond) to everyday, affordable men’s watches for the modern guy. For our money’s worth (and yours), there are plenty of reasonably priced, stylish watch brands that offer some in the under $500 and under $2,000 price ranges. Because as much as we might like to drool over the most expensive watches in the world, we know that most guys are more likely to spend $250 on a Citizen watch than drop $25,000 on a luxury watch from Rolex or Patek Philippe.

To help guide your search, we caught up with a trusted watch expert to help steer you toward the best men’s watches so you can find your own stylish timepiece heaven.

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Courtesy of Patek Philippe


What To Look for When Buying a New Watch

There are several keys that stylish men everywhere should keep in mind when looking to upgrade their watch collection, especially in the sub-$500 category. Guys should shop closely and carefully, Blake Buettner, a watch expert and managing editor of the watch news site Worn and Wound, told SPY.

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“Under $500, I’d be looking for something original, stylish and ergonomic,” he said, urging buyers to avoid knock-off watches. Buettner also encouraged buyers not to fuss over whether they’re buying quartz or mechanical movements (more on the differences below).

Buettner also said watch enthusiasts should look for “something that isn’t jumping on the latest style trend, so you know it will have some staying power in your collection.”

He explained that you could customize the watch further, noting that you can even swap out watch bracelets and straps with relative ease.

As the best men’s watches climb in price — say, between $1,000 and $5,000 — Buettner also noted that enthusiasts and newfound watch fans should tread carefully and with a clear goal. “Buy it for your lifestyle, not the one advertised to you. Buy to use, wear, and build experiences in rather than to merely collect.” 

The beauty of the men’s watch world is options exist for every taste, purpose and budget. So whether you seek a sharp dress watch, a go-anywhere military watch or even a tried-and-true vintage watch, we’ve collected the best men’s watches for every type of guy below.


While great options abound in every category of watchmaking and at every price point, it’s helpful to know where the market is before investing in a new timepiece. Is it worth it to follow a trend or opt for the classics? 

Watch brands these days have transcended the traditional timepiece companies. Be it a fashion-forward clothing brand like Rowing Blazers teaming with Seiko or the ongoing partnership between menswear designer Todd Snyder and Timex, traditional menswear brands dip their toes (wrists?) into the world of horology. 

In addition, we’re also seeing a lot of interest in vintage watches. Rowing Blazers now has a vintage watch section on their website, while sites like 1st Dibs have a vast selection of restored watches. Even J. Crew has a vintage watch shop stocked with enviable pieces. Elsewhere, we’re seeing more monochromatic timepieces hit digital and physical shelves (although shopping for watches online, primarily used and vintage watches, is another trend all its own). 

A few years ago, bright colors and synthetic materials dominated the watch world, but in 2022, classic and darker colors were the most popular. Classic silver and brown-leather bands were everywhere. In addition, all-black watches were one of the biggest trends in the men’s watch world. As smartwatches become more ubiquitous, we’re simultaneously seeing a return to traditional styles and materials in the watch world.

Just check out these watches from SPY-favorite Timex. This pick features retro Art-Deco styling as part of the Todd Snyder x Timex collaboration. The second features an ultra-cool all-black design, which will go with any outfit or occasion.

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Courtesy of Todd Snyder
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Courtesy of Todd Snyder

The choice is all yours, but if you play your cards right, you’ll have a timepiece that’s both of the moment and built to last. Keep scrolling to find our picks for the best men’s watches of 2022, sorted by category and affordability.

For this list, we tried to select watches we think most men can afford, so most of our picks focus on the best men’s watches under $500, although we couldn’t resist including a few more expensive yet worthy options.


The Best Men’s Automatic Watches

If you’ve spent time on watch forums, perhaps you’ve seen the debate regarding automatic movement watches versus quartz, or battery-powered, watches. Automatic watches harness energy from the wrist movements of the wearer, translating this into an internal watch movement that keeps your timepiece running smoothly and accurately. 

This mechanism makes an automatic watch pricier than a quartz watch, and some swear only by watches with automatic movement. It all comes down to personal preference, though. An automatic watch should be built with the proper movement (and most watch movements are shrouded in secrecy), all the better to maximize its longevity and wearability. The more you wear your automatic watch, the more accurate it’ll be. Here are some of the best automatic watches of the moment. 


1. Timex + Todd Snyder Marlin Date Watch


The ongoing partnership between Timex and Todd Snyder always yields the best men’s watches. That hasn’t changed with this stylish collaborative watch between the famed designer and the famed American watch brand. This retro-inspired leather watch is our top pick. The Marlin Date Watch is a subtle, sophisticated timepiece with quite a few features under the hood, from a dressy 38mm diameter to a 21-jewel automatic movement.  It’s everything you need in an upscale, everyday automatic movement watch.

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2. Orient Men’s ‘2nd Gen. Bambino Ver. 2’ Dress Watch


Japan may have led the quartz revolution, but Japanese watchmakers are still some of the best if you’re shopping for timepieces featuring automatic movement. Take Orient has been making affordable automatic dress watches for decades and has a history dating back to the early 20th century. The Bambino is water-resistant and about as classic as dress watches get, making this an excellent gift for anyone (including yourself). It’s one of the best affordable men’s watches at under $200. 

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Courtesy of Amazon

3. Nixon Spectra Automatic Watch


When an automatic movement powers a watch, it’s a true treat to find one that shows it off. Like all the best men’s watches, the Nixon Spectra is durable and uses a stainless steel design paired with a striking transparent skeleton face to truly stand out from the pack. It’s all the better if that watch retails for less than $400, which is precisely what you’re getting with the dressy Nixon Spectra Watch. It’s the sort of watch to do the talking for you, so to speak — pair it with a navy polo and tan chinos for a subtle style that keeps the attention on your timepiece.

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Courtesy of Nixon


4. Fossil Townsman Automatic Leather Watch


Finding the right mix of refinement, style and performance — and doing so on a budget — is a quest many watch lovers take on weekly, if not daily. Get rid of the guessing game by sticking with a reliable brand that blends an eye-catching aesthetic with some neat bells and whistles. Fossil is one of the best men’s watch brands and the bold, skeletonized Townsman Watch provides a nice mix of rugged style and dressy refinement. The 48mm case size is larger than average and the black dial stands out significantly on a handsome leather strap.

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Courtesy of Fossil


5. Tissot V8 Swissmatic Stainless Steel Watch


Buying a Swiss watch doesn’t have to destroy your budget; it doesn’t have to be cumbersome or confusing; it doesn’t have to take all that long. If you want a no-fuss automatic watch at an agreeable price, the kind you can wear with everything from your best T-shirt and most comfortable jeans to a dress shirt, knit tie and soft-shouldered suit, look no further than long-running watch purveyor Tissot. This watch boasts durable, sporty and yet dressed-up stainless steel construction, plus a black dial that gives it a more tailored look and feel. It’s also water-resistant up to 330 feet — suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not for intensive diving — so you can get plenty of real-world use out of it.

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6. Seiko Automatic 5 Stainless Steel Watch


Seiko hits on three key points we love when looking for the next best men’s watches. Affordability is crucial, for starters, and this stainless steel watch (which clocks in at around $200) is easily one of the best affordable men’s watches available. There’s a reliability factor we appreciate, too. The stainless steel build should prove durable day in and day out. And there’s that all-important automatic movement, which should also prove long-lasting. Of course, the fact that you can wear a stainless steel watch with a black dial with just about everything is a bonus. 

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Courtesy of Macy's


7. Shinola Men’s Runwell Automatic Watch 


There’s a reason (well, more than one reason) that we anointed Shinola our selection for the best men’s accessories brand in The 2021 Man, our end-of-year men’s product awards. The Detroit-based brand focuses on fine craftsmanship and a perfect balance of rugged yet refined luxury. This attention to detail is best exemplified in lovely leather goods and even accessories for the home. But Shinola’s true calling card is the skillful art of creating the best watches for men, which they get right every time. The Runwell Automatic is a signature luxury watch for the company, with a dial design that’s versatile enough to wear out on Saturday, errands on Sunday and to the office on Monday. Because it’s an automatic movement, it’s pricier than some of the brand’s other offerings but if you’re in the market for a luxury watch, it’s worth every penny. 

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Courtesy of Shinola


8. Alpina Startimer Automatic Pilot’s Watch


The great thing about the best automatic watches across the board is that they can apply a precise, wearer-driven movement to just about any watch style. Take Alpina’s Startimer Watch, modeled after old-school pilot watches and now applicable and wearable in the wardrobe of any modern gentlemen on the move. The Swiss-made movement is among the best, while the legible dial makes this an ideal adventure or aviation watch. The deep black dial, stainless steel, and titanium band are neat design touches that perfectly align with 2022’s best watch trends. 

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The Best Men’s Dress Watches

Some watches are fit for work, others for play, and some are best suited for when you’re dressed up sipping on an Old Fashioned. The best men’s dress watches differ from dive watches or military watches built for purpose and made to stand up to harsh conditions. Ideally, your dress watch of choice features a slim, not overly large or flashy dial design and case. 

Most dress watches also have a smaller case diameter, the better to stand out quietly and stylishly when peeking out from beneath the sleeve of your shirt cuff. Dress watches also possess an elegance in terms of the dials themselves: Think clean lines or Roman numeral dial markings, the kind of small design flourishes that show you mean business. Additionally, most dress watches feature either black or brown leather straps, so to nail the sartorial details that stand out to those in the know, match your belt and dress shoes (or your best boots) to the leather of your watch strap. Fear not; just because your dress watch looks expensive doesn’t mean you need to take out a bank loan to buy it. Shop now, accessorize accordingly and thank us later.


9. NOMOS GLASHÜTTE Tetra Grenadine Leather Watch


Who said a dress watch needs to be boring? Nomos is a relatively new brand in the staid world of horology, but they’ve drawn a lot of admirers for their clean lines and modern, Bauhaus-inspired design. And for the amount of watch you get, Nomos is a great value. Their square Tetra watches are particularly eye-catching because even though rectangular watches abound, truly square watches are quite a rarity. The watch has hour and minute hands, plus a seconds sub-dial.

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Courtesy of Mr. Porter

10. Cartier Tank Louis Cartier Watch


No list of the best men’s watches is complete without the Cartier Tank, easily one of the most iconic watches ever produced. But despite its name, the Tank is a slim and tasteful dress watch, not a battle-ready bruiser. The Tank is available in a wide range of shapes, colors and movements, so it’ll be hard to pick just one. But for now, we’ll stick with suggesting the brown leather strap and gold case. Ask us again tomorrow.

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11. Bulova American Clipper Black Leather Strap Watch


Who better to take timepiece inspiration from than the sophisticated and iconic Frank Sinatra? Bulova was his watch brand of choice back in the day (and he favored Jack Daniels whiskey, the classy guy), so you can’t go wrong with a clean, classic black leather strap watch for your most formal occasions. Like the watches we wrote about earlier, this timepiece features an automatic movement, which you can view through the open caseback. Best of all, it retails for under $300, making it one of the best watches under $500. Go ahead and splurge on a cocktail or a steak dinner on date night (suited up accordingly, no doubt). 

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Courtesy of Macy's


12. Citizen Eco-Drive Corso Leather Watch 


Bold elegance is the name of the game with Citizen Eco-Drive’s Corso Watch, right down to the embossed leather strap and contrasting rose gold dial markings. A small date window and Roman numeral markings at 6 and 12 o’clock provide a nice touch of upscale, contrasting design for subtle style. However, the real standout of this finely crafted dress watch might be Citizen’s famed Eco-Drive technology, which harnesses light from any source to power the movement within. It’ll be the talk of the town (or at least your next formal affair) if you decide to adorn your wrist with it. 

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Courtesy of Citizen


13. MVMT Rise Watch in Hustle Gold


We commonly think of dress watches as leaning more towards classic black or brown leather strap designs, but when done right — not too flashy, not too pricey — the best dress watches can offer a nice change of pace from the ordinary. Take this yellow gold ionic-plated stainless steel watch: Sure, it’s not 18-karat gold, but it provides a stylish, visually striking change of pace from your traditional leather dress watch. After all, leather watches sometimes aren’t the easiest to wear if it gets hot. This watch offers just a bit of flair alongside warm-weather looks, like your best navy polo shirt and off-white jeans.

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Courtesy of MVMT


The Best Men’s Military Watches

Military watches are a fascinating addition to the modern world of horology, particularly given that they were first developed for the battlefield and eventually made their way into civilian life. They’re rooted in a history of functionality and duty, like men’s chinos and even the white T-shirt. These days though, the best military watches add a bit of rugged style appeal and that same spirited utility you need for days on the job and casual affairs.

Military watches usually boast a smaller case diameter and are accompanied by a fabric strap, typically made of tough nylon or similar materials. Military watches are also set apart because, in most cases, you can slip the watch strap through the underside of the watch, giving you more customization options with the same dial. This style is known as a NATO strap watch, initially worn by NATO troops. There’s that field-ready history at play again. We would also consider the pilot’s aviation watch a different kind of military watch, so we included one of our favorites below.

Get a military watch when you want a durable and often water-resistant, timepiece ready for action. 


14. VAER A3 Watch


It’s often hard to find a military watch style that hasn’t been done before or attempted before, but VAER is carrying on that noble quest in fine form with the rugged A3 Tradition Watch. Boasting an automatic movement and a sturdy-yet-subtle 36mm case diameter, this watch is all tradition, all the time (pun intended). This watch is so good, most styles are already sold out. The orange dial version is still available and is cool and speedy, with crisp, legible markings. With customizable straps and a water-resistant design, this can take a beating. If you’re in the market for a military watch, this is the best men’s watch for you.

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15. Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical Watch


The story behind Hamilton Watches and its highly useful military timepieces nearly needs no introduction, but suffice to say, they’ve long been crafting some of the best men’s watches on the market — least of all if you prefer the adventure-ready style of a hard-wearing military watch. They’re a best-in-class example of subtly stylish design, and the key here is the amped-up, improved case design for even more dependability. The black dial also pairs quite nicely with the green textile strap — swap it out as you please, and you’ve got quite a few watch options with just one dial.

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Courtesy of Hamilton Watch




IWC’s Top Gun watches predate Top Gun: Maverick, but now feels like a great time to buy one. Both the film and aviation watch take their name from the United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program, better known as TOPGUN. IWC was granted exclusive license to market Top Gun watches by the Navy, which makes perfect sense for a watch brand so well known for pilot’s aviation watches. The watch utilizes a Swiss-made caliber 82100 automatic movement with a black dial and 60-hour power reserve. Its rugged ceramic case is designed to withstand extreme conditions.

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Courtesy of Mr. Porter

17. Timex Men’s Expedition Scout 40 Watch


Unless you want to dive into the luxury watch category, many of the best men’s watches come from one of the most familiar watch brands: Timex. This no-frills tactical watch merges the fundamental elements of past army watches into a rugged design. Build quality is official with a brushed stainless-steel case, a hardened mineral crystal display, and a resilient nylon canvas strap. The quartz movement inside is trustworthy to keep you on track for appointments and other time-sensitive engagements. Unique details like the big numerals, large indices, and an Indiglo illumination make telling time simpler in dark settings.

When putting together the best watches for men, there weren’t many options at this price point. With 23 other colors and styles available, this is easily one of the best men’s watches under $100 (with many options under $50). 

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Courtesy of Amazon

18. VAER S5 Calendar Field Watch


If you’re seeking a modern service watch, then VAER is one of the better watch brands in a crowded field of options. This particular timepiece nods to A-11 service watches worn in World War II. It is characterized today by its clean, distinct black dial design and a battery-powered movement that should last up to five years. It’s also one of our favorite diving watches, with a water rating of 100 meters. On sea or land, this tough-as-nails watch is nearly unstoppable. 

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Courtesy of VAER Watches


19. Bulova VWI Special Edition Watch 


Bulova takes it back a century with this homage to World War I watches, but this isn’t a piece you’d find in a museum. Instead, it’s an elegant yet dependable watch you wear in the real world, especially with a denim shirt and your best field jacket. The numerals and lettering on the dial are perfectly suited for the era, and the olive fabric strap also falls in line with traditional military watches. 

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Courtesy of Amazon


The Best Men’s Dive Watches

Are you hitting the water any time soon? Planning a tropical getaway or a more adventurous excursion? You need a dive watch on your wrist, simple as that. Dive watches are wearable in multiple situations. Even if you aren’t a diver, dive watches make for some of the best men’s watches as the (typical) use of a stainless steel bracelet and dial makes them more durable than most. But of course, dive watches are built with specific functionality in mind: standing up to the pressures of the deep sea, mainly when worn for snorkeling, boating or, yes, diving. 

Dive watches feature design details that’ll help you keep track of your depth relative to time (the rotating outer ring on the dial, known as a bezel, helps with this). Beyond that, the oversized links usually make it easier to strap on over a wetsuit if you want to get down to the nitty-gritty. But because this is 2022 we’re talking about, you’ll also see the one and only James Bond sporting a dive-style watch (albeit an Omega) with a suit. 

How you wear your dive watch is up to you because these can handle just about anything you throw their way. 


20. Shinola Lake Superior Monster Automatic Watch


We’re all about blending affordability with premium style and performance, and sometimes, it makes sense to pay just a bit more cash to hit that high benchmark. The Lake Superior Monster Automatic is a wildly tough, well-made dive watch inspired by the depths of Lake Superior, with bold stainless steel construction, a 38-hour power reserve and a precise SW200-1 automatic movement for good measure. Sure, it retails for more than a grand, but it’s an investment worth making.

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Courtesy of Shinola


21. Invicta 8926 Pro Diver Automatic Watch


The Invicta 8926 spoils owners with the braggadocio that comes with sporting a luxury Swiss watch, sans the $1,000+ cost. Powering the watch is a Swiss automatic movement, which practically sets the bar for precision and performance if you know your horology. Even some of its unique details, like the luminous silver-tone hands, markers, and fluted crown, contribute to the dive watch’s graceful presence. It’s also water-resistant up to 200 meters. Overall, it’s one of the best men’s watches under $100 that you can comfortably sport at a pool party or wedding.

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Courtesy of Amazon

22. Alsta Nautoscaph IV


Recognize the design of this watch? If you want to talk dive watches, it’s best to retrace your steps back to the iconic film Jaws since this timepiece is an update of the men’s watch worn by Richard Dreyfuss. The watch bracelet is slimmed down compared to other dive watches, which feature horizontal links rather than the vertical bracelet link design. Remember the automatic movement watches we talked about earlier? This one features the very same type of movement. You could certainly say it’s the whole package. 

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Courtesy of Huckberry


23. Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver 


Citizen’s Eco-Drive line has been innovative since its debut, converting any light into the ability to power its durable watches. These watches are naturally sporty and rugged, and this rubber-strap dive watch is no exception. A dive watch is convenient to wear in the water since the rubber dries quickly once on land and can withstand submersion for long periods. Plus, Citizen has ensured this watch is ISO-compliant (suitable for diving), and it helps that the brand’s signature touches, like oversized hours and minutes hands, are easy to read beneath the surface.

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Courtesy of Amazon


Digital Watches and Smartwatches 

Before smartwatches made it possible to wear a computer on your wrist, digital watches packed in features like calculators and alarms. The spirit of the digital watch lives on in smartwatches because both are all about function. That doesn’t mean they don’t meet the mark in terms of form, though. There are plenty of digital watches and smartwatches that are genuinely stylish. Another great option is a hybrid smartwatch, which packs built-in health-tracking metrics into an analog timepiece. These are some of the best men’s smartwatches available for purchase now.


24. Apple Watch Series 8


As much as it might pain Android lovers to admit, Apple makes the best smartwatches in the world right now, and that’s been true since the company brought smartwatches into the mainstream. The newest Apple Watch, the Series 8, is a work of art you can wear on your wrist, with many high-tech, smart features. Not only is its predecessor, the Series 7, the best men’s smartwatch of 2022, but it’s also one of the best fitness trackers. The newly improved Apple Watch can take an EKG, monitor your heart rate and measure your blood oxygen levels.

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25. Casio G-Shock GA-2100-1A1


G-Shock’s GA-2100 is affectionately dubbed the CasiOak for its resemblance to the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, but this watch costs a single Benjamin rather than about 600 of them. This watch has an analog-digital display powered by quartz, giving you the time at a glance or more detailed digital features like an alarm or chronograph. It sports a black dial and is a great option if you’re looking for an all-black watch.

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Courtesy of Amazon

26. Timex Metropolitan+ Activity Tracker Smart Watch


Smartwatches don’t have to look like something too futuristic or out of this world. Sometimes, the best men’s smartwatches blend the best of both worlds, as in this surprisingly stylish silicone watch from affordable watch purveyors Timex. The key is the strap, which looks on the surface like a smart leather strap but is a more customary silicone strap. The rest of the watch is as performance-minded as it gets. The Timex Smart design system provides a wide range of capabilities, including activity tracking, GPS, and multiple workout modes.

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27. Casio Men’s Classic Digital Sport Watch


Casio’s Men’s Classic Watch puts function first, and it’s stylish for precisely that reason. It’ll easily be one of the most useful watches you’ll add to your collection because it’s lightweight and inexpensive, so you won’t have to worry about abusing it. And when you have any timekeeping needs, this watch includes a stopwatch, alarm and backlight.

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28. Citizen CZ Smart HR Stainless Steel Smartwatch


If your first thought regarding smartwatches was the Apple Watch and not necessarily a timepiece with a more traditional design, think again. Citizen turns its watchmaking prowess towards the tech-heavy category with a timepiece that replaces dual chronographs (like mini-clocks to count smaller time units) with customizable activity tracker dial displays. It’s an elegant touch and gets even better when you realize the watch includes touchscreen capability and an excellent all-black dial design. 

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29. Skagen Connected Smartwatch


Skagen dove into the world of style and smartwatches headfirst, adding a tech-savvy focus to its collection of minimal, cleanly designed watches for the modern man. The Connected Men’s Smartwatch tracks your heart rate and activity, of course, but also features a genuine leather strap backed by silicone. It’s a nice gesture at the intersection of modern technology and classic style, and you get it all for well under $250. It was an easy choice with a sleek and contemporary design when selecting the best men’s watches of 2022.

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Courtesy of Amazon


Also Consider: Men’s Vintage Watches 

There’s something special about a timepiece to call your own, one that you buy new and turn into an admired piece of your daily routine and ensemble (and life’s special moments, of course). And there’s also something pretty cool about coming across a watch that already has that history and heritage built right in (think of the watch your father or grandfather cherished). Just as the market for online watches has boomed, so has the demand for distinctly vintage, pre-owned watches. 

We mentioned earlier that watch brands like J. Crew are now stocking vintage watches, and they’re not the only location. If you visit Todd Snyder’s New York City store (and visit it, you should), you’ll find a selection of covetable, drool-worthy vintage watches alongside the designer’s polished, rugged menswear goods. If it’s a vintage watch you seek, you’ve got plenty of places to find one.

Here’s the catch: Vintage watches are pricey, so finding an affordable option is tough. You might want to snag the option below without shelling out an obscene amount of dough. You can also check out our guide to Buying Vintage Watches Online.


30. Tudor Heritage Black Bay GMT


Unlike some of our other picks for the best men’s watches on this list, it will be pricier to find the eternally classic, rugged Tudor Heritage Black Bay for a deal. But if you’re willing to invest in a piece of wearable history, then Tudor’s watches are some of the best, to say the least. The two-tone bezel is a classic, the GMT design adds another layer of functionality, and the condition on this vintage number still seems top-of-the-line (at least, according to 1stdibs).

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Courtesy of Tudor


31. Analog: Shift Vintage Elvia Watch at J.Crew


It makes sense that the good folks at J.Crew would curate an impossibly cool, classic selection of vintage watches. After all, the brand’s wares have a timeless quality that never seems to go out of style (look at its wide range of chinos in slouchy or slim fits or its chambray shirts and henleys). A classic vintage leather watch is always a safe bet for pairing up with those style staples and wearing anything else in your wardrobe. This rare 1970s watch from underrated watchmaker Elvia features a bold, rugged case design and a well-worn (yet still high-quality) look and feel. The key is the oversized steel cushion case, elevating the watch dial and bezel while providing sporty functionality. It’s worth investing in this one (or any vintage watch at J.Crew) ASAP.

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Courtesy of J.Crew


32. Rolex Stainless Steel


Tiffany blue watches are one of the surprising watch trends of the last couple of years, but you don’t need to pay current catalog prices; you can snag a Tiffany blue Rolex from the 1960s. It’s worth noting that most of these turquoise timepieces aren’t connected to the jewelry company (in much the same way Pepsi Rolexes don’t have a direct association with PepsiCo). If you’re not afraid of a bit of color, this vibrant men’s watch will bring a smile every time you look at it.

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Courtesy of 1stDibs