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The 30 Best White Sneakers for Men — Spy the Top Styles From Nike, Adidas & Greats

The best men’s white sneakers serve as blank canvases on which to paint your personal style, whether it leans toward streetwear, smart casual, preppy or something totally unique. That’s because the best white sneakers for men can be worn with just about anything, whether a pair of cuffed blue jeans or dressy wool pants. The key is finding the right white sneakers to suit the ‘fit.

The most popular white sneakers available today can trace their roots to athletic performance. Some styles we love today, at one point in time, were considered cutting-edge technology for tennis, running, basketball or skateboarding. Sports technology has advanced immeasurably since the 1970s, making these shoes less suitable for sports. However, the fashion world has adopted them as everyday footwear; some even amassing cult followings behind them.

And while there’s a decent chance you already have a pair of white sneakers, it can’t hurt to add one (or two) more pairs into your rotation. That’s because there’s a white sneaker for every occasion, and white sneakers vary widely between classic canvas styles and sporty leather sneakers. And if you’re worried about keeping your new kicks clean, we’ve even got a guide to cleaning white sneakers like a true sneakerhead.

Read on for our top picks for the best white sneakers for men. While many of these shoes are all white, we also included gum-sole sneakers and off-white sneakers. And don’t forget to cross-check this list with our guide to the most comfortable sneakers, as there’s a surprising amount of overlap.

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1. Nike Air Force 1 ‘07


When the first version of this iconic sneaker, designed by Bruce Kilgore, dropped in 1982, it was the first basketball shoe to include Nike Air technology in the sole, making it one of the most comfortable shoes in the world. Forty years later, that’s still the case, a testament to Nike’s pioneering footwear design. We wouldn’t say that this is the most stylish white sneaker for sale in 2022, but it’s comfort and enduring popularity are undeniable.

Why It’s the Best White Sneaker: Today, the Nike Air Force 1 ’07 is one of the most identifiable silhouettes and the true king of white sneakers. It’s comfortable, long-lasting and goes with almost any outfit you can imagine.

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Courtesy of Nike


2. Adidas Stan Smith


The Stan Smith is one of the single most popular tennis shoes and one of the most iconic styles from Adidas. Modern tech has rendered this shoe useless for competitive tennis, but it remains at the top of the list for preferred men’s white sneakers. There is an all-white colorway available, but we like the pop of green on the heel that comes with these iconic kicks.

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Image courtesy of Zappos


3. Nike Cortez 4.0 Sacai White University Red Blue


Nike has racked up collaborations with many brands, including streetwear brands like Supreme and Stussy. But Sacai has been one of the most sought after, mainly because of the innovative way the Japanese label reinterpreted Nike’s best-known shoes. Rather than release a new colorway or add a logo, Sacai rebuilt the Cortez from the ground up, creating a shoe that looks like two different sneakers collided. As one of the most hyped collaborations, you’ll have difficulty buying it directly, but StockX has this shoe in most sizes.

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Courtesy of StockX

4. Chuck 70 Vintage Canvas


The Chuck 70 is the updated version of the classic Converse shoe. It’s built to the standard of how the shoes were made in the ’70s, which translates to a thicker sole, a more substantial canvas and upgraded hardware. They come in at a higher cost, but when we tried them, we felt they were worth the splurge. These are also one of our favorite off-white sneakers (not to be confused with our favorite Off-White sneakers).

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Courtesy of Converse

5. Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 Vintage


Choosing the best high-top white sneakers for men was easy. There wasn’t even a runner-up. If you’re the type of person used to simple silhouettes like Converse or Vans, Blazers are a low-key upgrade that won’t mean straying too far from your comfort zone. Wear them on the weekend with your favorite jeans and a t-shirt, or wear them to the office with chinos and a button-up.

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Courtesy of Nike


6. Greats Royale White Sneakers


Greats’ Royale sneaker is a huge player from a small collection of the revolutionary Brooklyn-based brand. The idea was simple: make a sneaker with the same materials in the same factories as couture designers, except sell it for a fraction of the cost.

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Image courtesy of Greats


7. Thursday Boots Premier Low Top


Our favorite white sneakers of the moment come from none other than Thursday Boots Co., one of SPY’s favorite men’s boot brands. These aren’t just some of the best white sneakers for men of 2022, but some of the best sneakers, period. Most white leather sneakers for men cost two or three times as much, but these are affordable dress sneakers that don’t compromise on quality.

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Courtesy of Thursday Boots


8. Common Projects Original Achilles Leather White Sneakers


The granddaddy of the minimal sneaker trend, the Common Projects Achilles has been going strong since its introduction in 2004. Overrated? A new classic? That’s for you to decide. But these crisp white shoes are unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon. Looking for a more affordable Common Projects dupe? Check out the Thursday Boots Co. dress sneakers below.

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Courtesy of Mr Porter


9. Rothys RS01 Sneakers in White


Rothy’s lacks the name recognition of big brands like New Balance and Nike, but they’ve earned a stellar reputation in a short period. We love the clean look of these men’s sneakers, which have a unique feature that gives them a significant advantage over other white shoes — they’re machine washable.

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Courtesy of Rothy's

10. Adidas UltraBoost 22 Running Shoe


The Adidas UltraBoost is the ideal do anything, go anywhere shoe. It provides all-day comfort and a well-rounded athleisure style to any outfit. Effortlessly cool, this shoe features Adidas’ most comfortable sole and advanced cushioning.

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Courtesy of Adidas


11. KOIO Capri White Dress Sneakers


If your office isn’t casual enough for you to wear your Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage high-tops or Adidas UltraBoost running shoes, then a handsome white leather dress sneaker is the perfect alternative to stiff dress shoes. KOIO is gaining more fans with each passing year, and it’s easy to see why. All of the brand’s sneakers are hand-made in Italy from Italian leather and feature clean lines and modern styling.

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Courtesy of KOIO

12. On Cloud 5


In the already crowded running shoe market, ON has managed to stand out despite its confusingly short name (it’s just ON). That’s because their stand-out CloudTec cushioning makes them ideal for all-day comfort, whether you’re running or just walking around. Seriously, if you’ve been searching for the most comfortable shoes for standing all day, you have to try On Cloud.

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Courtesy of Zappos

13. Vans Authentic Sneaker


The Vans Authentic Sneaker is synonymous with the Southern California lifestyle and is regarded as one of the pioneers of skateboarding shoes. Today, the Authentic serves a much wider audience as the go-to white sneaker for summer.

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Courtesy of Nordstrom


14. Cariuma Off-White Gum Canvas


Cariuma is a relatively new entrant into the sneaker space, and the brand strongly focuses on sustainability without compromising style or comfort. The shoes are made from natural materials like organic cotton, natural rubber and a cork insole, and any plastic used is made from recycled bottles. Of course, the shoes have to look good, too. Fortunately, they have a classic canvas and gum sole look that goes with anything.

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Courtesy of Cariuma

15. Onitsuka Tiger GSM Sneaker


Onitsuka Tiger is a Japanese brand with a long history that dates back to 1949, the same year Adidas was founded. Onitsuka was rebranded as Asics, with the former continuing as a lifestyle sub-brand while Asics focused on performance. Onitsuka was a popular running shoe brand, and a small American company called Blue Ribbon started importing Tigers from Japan. Blue Ribbon then essentially copied the design of an Onitsuka sneaker, and a brand called Nike was born. One of the most underappreciated Onitsuka silhouettes is the GSM, a low-top style that combines the best of basketball and tennis shoes.

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Courtesy of Nordstrom

16. SALOMON White XT-Wings 2 Sneakers


Outdoors-inspired t-shirts and hiking clothes have been having a big moment lately, catapulting niche, technical brands like Arc’Teryx and Salomon into the style stratosphere. And while many of Salomon’s sneakers look highly engineered, the XT-Wings 2 sneakers are surprisingly streamlined. Of course, they’re still built to keep up with every outdoor adventure.

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Courtesy of SSENSE

17. Superga 2750 COTU Classic Sneaker


These classic canvas sneakers have been around since 1911 and have a unique crepe sole that stands out from average rubber soles. These white sneakers manage to be both preppy and unique, which is a rare feat.

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Courtesy of Zappos


18. Karhu Unisex Legacy 96 Sneakers


Karhu is a Finnish sportswear brand that’s been around since 1916. They’ve made many running shoes over the years, but they also excel at making stylish lifestyle shoes, like the Legacy 96, which has an attractive two-tone design. Karhu is also the original brand with three stripes. The story goes that Adolf Dassler (founder of Adidas) wanted a three-stripes logo, only to find Karhu had beat them to it. Dassler reportedly paid the equivalent of €1,600 and two bottles of whiskey to Karhu for the trademark. A good deal, if you ask us. Karhu is undoubtedly a niche brand, but they’ve attracted a devout following.

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Courtesy of Bloomingdales

19. New Balance 574


New Balance is best known for its love affair with gray, but it also makes some of the best white sneakers. The 574 was launched as a versatile shoe that combined trail and road performance. It’s a great option for anyone who loves retro running shoes.

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Courtesy of New Balance

20. Orlebar Brown Larson Mesh Sneakers


Orlebar Brown is best known for making swimwear and resort wear, so it’s no surprise their foray into footwear is inspired by the water. These shoes are ultra lightweight and have mesh paneling, meaning you can take a dip wearing these shoes without worrying. But we mostly wanted to include these among the best white sneakers because they look unlike anything else on this list.

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Courtesy of Mr Porter

21. Beckett Simonon Morgen Trainers


Gum soles are popular right now, and some of the best white sneakers of 2022 feature this popular material. Beckett Simonon’s Morgen is made from full-grain Argentinian leather and embodies the midpoint between soft and durable. Best of all, they give you designer looks on a modest budget.

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Image courtesy of Beckett Simonon


22. Reebok Club C 85 Men’s Shoes


The Club C 85 is as British as seeing Oasis at Glastonbury, even though Reebok is now owned by Adidas (a German company) and based in Boston (an American city). Still, it’s all about the vibe.

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Courtesy of Reebok

23. Converse Jack Purcell White Sneaker


Though it’s associated with tennis, the Jack Purcell started as a badminton shoe for the Canadian athlete of the same name. The Jack Purcell is known for its durable canvas upper, flat sole and rubber toe bumper. These comfortable white sneakers for men are a great choice if you prefer slightly preppier attire over the sporty look of Nike and Adidas.

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Courtesy of Nordstrom


24. Filling Pieces Low Top Ripple Nappa White Sneaker


Most minimal white leather sneakers take their design cues from the Common Projects Achilles. However, the Filling Pieces Low Top Ripple Nappa White Sneaker has a sportier design while maintaining a minimal silhouette.

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Courtesy of Filling Pieces


25. HOKA Clifton 8


There are more popular, well-known shoe brands, but few brands attract as much of a cult following as HOKA. They’re comfortable, supportive and perfect for the utilitarian GORP-core trend.


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Courtesy of HOKA

26. Everlane Forever Sneaker


Everlane’s newest sneak, the Forever sneaker, is an eco-friendly take on your classic pair of Vans. These everyday sneakers are made with 50% recycled cotton canvas, a 50% cotton canvas upper and 100% recycled polyester laces to ensure these sneakers are as eco-friendly as possible.

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Courtesy of Everlane


27. Veja V-10 Rubber-Trimmed Leather Sneakers


“Minimal, but not plain” best describes the ever-popular Veja V-12 sneakers. These leather shoes have a simple “V” logo in navy with a contrasting burgundy heel tab. If even the tiny bit of color on these minimalist kicks is still too much for you, Veja also makes an all-white version of the V-12.

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Courtesy of Mr Porter


28. Vans Canvas Old Skool


For a slightly more supportive silhouette than the Vans Authentic or slip-on, pick up the Old Skool. It’s a minimalist canvas style that can be worn with pretty much anything.

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Courtesy of Vans


29. Nike Air Max ‘90 White Sneakers for Men


Though many Air Max models exist, the Air Max ‘90 white sneaker is by far the most iconic and one of the most sought-after. Considered Nike’s second signature sneaker (only to the Air Force 1), this early ‘00s reissue brings back the roots of Nike running with the waffle sole design and Max Air cushioning in the heel.

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Courtesy of Nike


30. PUMA Men’s Clyde Sneaker


Puma is a classic sneaker brand with an interesting history. It was founded by Rudi Dassler, brother of Adolf Dassler, the founder of Adidas. The brothers had a falling out and launched their two companies in the same town. Though Adidas has overtaken Puma, the latter brand is still a great source for classic sneakers, like the basic (in a good way) Clyde sneaker.

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Courtesy of Amazon



Also Consider: Jason Markk Repel Spray

Ever wonder how some people keep their white sneakers looking so clean? It’s no big secret: Be sure to apply shoe protector spray before you wear them outside. Right now, our go-to option is the Repel Spray from Jason Markk.

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Courtesy of Amazon

Also Consider: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Wipes

Stains are bound to happen unless you refrain from wearing your white sneakers outside completely. When they do, reach for these stain eraser wipes from Mr. Clean, which can help extend the lifespan of your new white shoes for men.

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Courtesy of Amazon


Updates: This article was last updated on August 26, 2022, at which time we added additional purchase links. We also added several new white sneakers, including KOIO Capri Dress Sneakers, Cariuma Oca Low Canvas Sneakers, and the Nike Air Max Terrascape 90. The Nike Air Force 1 ’07 sneakers remained our “Best Overall” selection. We also added a sponsored item from StockX, the Nike Cortez 4.0 Sacai White University Red Blue.


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