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Style Meets Function: The Best Work Jackets To Buy in 2022

Workwear has been a recurring trend for the past few seasons, even at a time when sneakers have dominated the zeitgeist. It makes complete sense when you think about it. After all, the best men’s work jackets serve a dual-fold purpose: They’re on-trend, yet they’re perfectly at ease when worn with ensembles ready to get down and dirty.

If you’re looking to embrace the workwear trend, a great place to start is with one of the best men’s work jackets, including the chore coat. While workwear is intrinsically associated with Americana, the chore coat comes courtesy of the French. This makes it a timeless classic in both its more traditional iterations and more modern looks.

French work jackets are traditionally blue, with three pockets on the outside of the jacket: one at the breast and two at the hips. Chore coats almost invariably feature button plackets rather than zippers. French-style chore coats are typically unlined and lightweight, making them excellent options for springtime or layering.

Other chore jacket styles, such as picks from iconic brands like Carhartt, are also distinctly American. Known for its patch pockets held in place by rivets, the chore jacket is one of the best men’s work jackets for good reason. It looks great with a pair of the best stretch jeans or Carhartt work pants, but it’s a solid style move with your favorite henley as you casually layer up to grab weekend beers. A Carhartt chore coat is a great place to start when shopping for a work jacket.

Another style worth considering is the zip work jacket. The best-known style is the Dickies Eisenhower jacket, which has a lightly padded body, two hand pockets and a pencil pocket on the upper arm. Zip work jackets are the construction worker equivalent to a bomber jacket.

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There are plenty of styles we love when it comes to the best men’s work jackets, so it all comes down to your particular taste. Whichever style you choose, work jackets are hard-wearing and typically have plenty of pockets. While these pockets are great for tools, they also work for your phone and sunglasses. These are the best work jackets to get.


1. Carhartt Blanket-Lined Chore Coat


Carhartt’s work jackets for men are trusted by everyone from indie rockers to A$AP Rocky to skaters and construction workers, so why not snag one of the most classic, best options? This durable chore coat is an all-time great one, made to be worn through frigid Michigan winters — or at any time when rugged durability is the name of the game. Made from the brand’s famed ringspun cotton duck fabric, it’s as hard-working as you are, with riveted pockets to hold your everyday carry and triple-stitching at key stress points. Throw in that the collar is lined with corduroy for added warmth (to go along with the rest of this supremely warm lined jacket), and you’ve just found yourself one of the best work jackets for men at a terrific price.

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Courtesy of Carhartt


2. Dickies Eisenhower Front-Zip Jacket


This insulated jacket from Dickies is made from a substantial polyester/cotton blend fabric, and the simple silhouette is stylish and versatile enough for a variety of outfits. It has two hand pockets and a pen pocket on the arm. There are also button tabs at the back of the jacket to tighten it to make it more fitted and insulated. The jacket comes in various colors like black, navy, olive and red. If you’re looking for a jacket you can wear on the job site, the Dickies Eisenhower work jacket is hard to beat.

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Courtesy of Amazon

3. LL Bean Men’s BeanFlex Utility Trucker Jacket


The only thing more iconically Maine than LL Bean is lobster, so the brand knows a thing or two about making clothes for tough weather. This jacket is made from a blend of cotton and spandex and is one of the brand’s more lightweight offerings, and works well as a layering piece. The jacket has plenty of pockets for easy storage.

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Courtesy of LL Bean

4. Alex Mill Work Jacket in Fine Wale Corduroy


Alex Mill’s workwear jacket is made from a fine wale corduroy, giving it a lustrous velvet-like look. The jacket comes in fall-ready flavors like khaki, deep green and two shades of blue. There are three patch pockets outside and a single pocket inside the jacket. It’s a lightweight layer that lends itself well to layering.

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Courtesy of Alex Mill

5. MKI Canvas Work Jacket


MKI is a relatively new brand that we have on our radar. The U.K.-based brand draws from Japanese youth subcultures of the 1960s, and the brand has a focus on affordability. This jacket is inspired by the classic Dickies Eisenhower jacket and similar workwear jackets, and it features zips on the chest and sleeves. The front placket is double zipped for easy opening. The jacket is made from 100% cotton.

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Courtesy of END Clothing

6. Ben Davis Men’s Original Style Jacket


Along with Dickies and Carhartt, Ben Davis is one of the OGs of workwear, and their clothes are still, as they say, “Plenty Tough.” This sturdy jacket is made from 100% cotton and features a snap front with four outer patch pockets, including one with a button. The jacket is blanket lined to keep you warm. Like many true workwear jackets, it fits large, so it’s worth considering sizing down.

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Courtesy of Amazon


7. Buck Mason Craftsman Canvas Field Jacket


Buck Mason excels at casual basics like denim and t-shirts, so it’s no surprise that their outerwear skews classic and rugged. This field jacket has a corduroy collar and three patch pockets on the front, three with flaps and one with a button closure for secure storage. The jacket is 98% cotton with some 2% stretch for comfort and ease of movement.

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Courtesy of Buck Mason

8. Alex Crane Kite Jacket


Most of our picks for work jackets are best suited for the colder months, but you can still wear a workwear jacket in the warmer months. That is, as long as it’s this jacket from Alex Crane, which is made from breathable but sturdy linen. The jacket has two outer patch pockets and a pocket on the inside. It comes in a range of colors, including this engineer-inspired stripe pattern.

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Courtesy of Alex Crane

9. Patagonia Iron Forge Hemp Canvas Chore Coat


When wearing one of the best men’s work jackets, it’s a solid bet you’re focused on the task at hand, not necessarily on what goes into making your trusted work jacket. But sustainability is the name of the game and more crucial than ever these days, so if you can find a dependable work jacket made the right way, that’s all the better. Making things the right way has long been Patagonia’s focus, after all, and they’ve repeatedly knocked it out of the park with the fan-favorite Iron Forge Chore Coat. Made from supremely abrasion-resistant, proprietary Iron Forge canvas fabric, it’s also fashioned from recycled materials for extreme performance and an added dash of “feel-good” appeal.

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Courtesy of Patagonia


10. Amazon Essentials Quilted Flannel-Lined Work Jacket


You trust Amazon for just about everything else in your life, including goods on the go, so why not go the next step and pick up a highly affordable, reliable work jacket from the brand’s famed Amazon Essentials line? If you choose, you could outfit yourself for off-duty occasions using only the Amazon Essentials line of basics, which makes this work jacket so impressive. It’s got all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a coat made to handle just about anything, including a useful drawstring hood with oversized pulls tabs, plus a riveted front pocket design. It’s a perfect layer for mornings in the garage or the yard, but you can easily throw it on at a moment’s notice to head to your favorite watering hole wearing a rugged henley and classic blue jeans.

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Courtesy of Amazon


11. Club Monaco Chore Coat


Chore coats are often made from a light, shirt-like material despite the name. Club Monaco’s chore coat updates the style with a warm, wool-blend fabric, making it feel more like an actual coat. The workwear details are still there, thanks to the spread collar and patch pockets on the chest.

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Courtesy of Club Monaco

12. Levi’s Men’s Sherpa Trucker Jacket


Levi’s classic trucker gets even better with the addition of faux-shearling and insulated sleeves, making it warm enough to wear in cold weather. The denim exterior makes it hard-wearing yet stylish, and it has plenty of pockets for storing all of your essentials. There are two hand pockets, two button-down chest pockets and an interior pocket. The sherpa version of the trucker swaps standard buttonholes for convenient snaps, making it easier to take on and off.

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Courtesy of Amazon

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