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Thimble Thumbelina: The 5 Best Mini Sewing Kits Under $15

* Conveniently sized kits sporting on-the-go sewing notions
* Ideal for fixing untimely fashion emergencies
* Each kit includes a range of thread colors and supplies

Fashion emergencies can strike at any time. It could be a button pinging off your jacket or an unsightly split up the back of your pants, but having the tools to deal with it at the time can be a real lifesaver. Inside each of these well-endowed kits, you’ll find almost everything you need to perform emergency sewing fixes on your clothes.

With a range of threads and accompanying notions, you can rest easy that you won’t be caught out when you have one of these kits at your side. The convenient size of the kits mean they are great for keeping around the house, in your car, or in your luggage, putting them at hand whenever they are needed. And with their impressive range of tools and small size, they also make a great gift for anyone starting a new journey or job.

1. Coquimbo Mini Sewing Kit

Help your clothes last longer with a Coquimbo Mini Sewing Kit. This set includes everything you need to hem, patch and stitch your garments. Inside the handy case, you’ll find 12 colors of thread, scissors, sewing needles, an assortment of shirt buttons, a seam ripper, a thimble, two needle threader tools and a foldable measuring tape. Plus, the small size of this kit makes it especially convenient for travel.

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2. Best Sewing Kit Bundle

This sewing kit isn’t labeled “Best” for nothing. The 40-piece set boasts everything from colorful threads to a thread cutter. In addition, each part of the kit is securely fastened by black elastic bands inside the portable, nylon case. In addition, the compact carrier boasts high-quality zips on three of the four open sides in order to prevent spills.


3. Embroidex Sewing Kit

A step up from the average dollar store sewing kit, the Embroidex Sewing Kit allows you to take care of small fashion repairs on your own, from replacing buttons to mending a seam. Inside the kit, you’ll be pleased to find quality notions, including scissors that can easily cut through thicker cloth and a wide variety of needles. And thanks to the leather finish of the compact case, this sewing kit looks pretty swanky, too. Whether you need a gift for your mother or you’re going on an extended vacation, this sewing kit would be a great purchase.


4. Craftster’s Mini Sewing Kit

Don’t know how to sew? No problem. The Craftster’s Mini Sewing Kit comes with a free ebook called The Hand Sewing Survival Guide, which includes 30 pages of in-depth, illustrated instructions. The kit also boasts stainless steel scissors, a measuring tape, a seam ripper, 10 needles, a thimble, 2 threaders, pins, an assortment of shirt buttons and 12 spools of thread. Elastic holders secure each piece in its own special place inside the high-quality case made from ripstop nylon.


5. VelloStar Tackle Any Fashion Emergency Sewing Kit

Made to be practical and reliable, the VelloStar “Tackle Any Fashion Emergency” Sewing Kit comes with premium sewing supplies and accessories. 16 spools of thread, 11 safety pins and 30 needles make this one of the bigger kits on the list, yet the zippered canvas case is still very much portable. It can fit in your car, suitcase or desk. Never suffer a fashion emergency again, and ensure you always look presentable with this extensive set.

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