Agent Accessories: The 10 Best Multifunction Keychains for Modern Day Spies

Premium Bottle Opener Keychain
Image Courtesy Amazon
Image Courtesy Amazon
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* Keep your keys handy with these useful keychains
* From lip gloss tubes to hidden cameras
* Because being prepared is key

Keychains are great because they hold your keys together and help those of us whose attention is chronically overtaxed to avoid losing them. But beyond their mundane, key-shepherding function, these multifunction keychains provide some clever upgrades that seem straight out of an Ian Fleming novel or classic British secret agent show. See how these multifunction tools hold the key to new assets in the realm of everyday convenience.

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1. Refresh Lip Gloss Keychain

Lip gloss is one of those things that you can always find when you don’t need it but somehow manages to vanish like a charming cat burglar just when you do. Keep your lip moistening needs securely tethered with this lip gloss keychain.

lip gloss keychain Courtesy Amazon

Lip Gloss Keychain


2. Beard Comb Utility Keychain

You never know when you’ll have a beard-combing emergency. Be prepared with this beard and mustache comber utility keychain. Be very prepared.

beard comb keychain Courtesy Amazon

Beard Comb Keychain


3. Bottle Opener Keychain

It may not be a life-saving multi-tool, but you just might save the life of the party with this keychain bottle opener. No MacGuyver skill needed.

bottle opener keychain Courtesy Amazon

Bottle Opener Keychain


4. Flashlight Keychain

Great for fundraisers and as a party favor, this imprintable flashlight keychain features a tiny, guitar pic-shaped flashlight that packs a powerful LED.

Branding flashlight keychain Courtesy Amazon

Flashlight Keychain


5. Multi-Purpose Carabiner

This handy multi-function carabiner keychain is slick and compact yet includes a screwdriver, seat belt cutter, hex wrench and more.

Multifunction carabiner keychain Courtesy Amazon

Multi-Purpose Carabiner Keychain


6. Multitool Flashlight Keychain

Bottle opening is a breeze for this jack-of-all-trades keychain. It also includes a flashlight and pocket knife.

flashlight multitool keychain Courtesy Amazon

Multitool Flashlight Keychain


7. Sunscreen Keychain

Another product that’s always getting lost is travel sunscreen. Keep yours in the light of day where it belongs with this sunscreen carabiner keychain.

Sunscreen keychain Courtesy Amazon

Sunscreen Keychain


8. Personal Alarm Flashlight Keychain

This handy little keychain can be a help in dark places, thanks to its flashlight and emergency alarm function.

Alarm Flashlight keychain Courtesy Amazon

Alarm Flashlight Keychain


9. Stainless Pill Bottle Keychain

With its spy movie design, this keychain can not only carry an emergency backup of necessary pills, but can also provide entertainment: just sit next to someone, look around subtly but suspiciously and then unscrew the cap and proceed to take a tic tac (or an aspirin) and let your audience wonder.

Pill Holder Keychain Courtesy Amazon

Pill Bottle Keychain


10. Hidden Camera Keychain

It looks like an ordinary car remote, but this key fob is actually a hidden camera. Of course, pointing it at things that aren’t cars might give you away, but still.

Camera key fob Courtesy Amazon

Hidden Camera Keychain


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