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How To Find The Right Tie For Any Occasion

If you close your eyes and listen carefully, you’ll be able to hear someone, somewhere, saying that the necktie is dead. As that rare kind of men’s garment that isn’t entirely functional, it isn’t surprising that ties are unpopular in an era when the most influential people are known for their practical gray t-shirts. Even in the traditional world of finance, the tie has largely gone the way of the Rolodex. But, despite the naysayers, the necktie soldiers on, in large part because it’s still a reliable way to look put together.

The nice thing about ties is that since they’re no longer expected for everyday wear, it’s easier to have fun with them. I’m not talking about novelty ties, but rather colors and patterns that add a little flair to a suit. Plus, if you need a tie for a formal occasion, you’ll be surprised by how such a simple strip of fabric is capable of conveying a broad range of things. If you’re going to an interview you can wear a powerful but muted burgundy, for a funeral you can wear a simple dark-colored tie, and for a wedding, you can wear something colorful. These different ties will make you look prepared for the occasion, all without having to change the suit or shirt.

With that in mind, check out these affordable ties.

1. Mantieqingway Men’s Cotton Printed Floral Neck Tie

For a light cotton tie you can wear to a summer wedding, these floral ties are available in a bunch of different colors and prints. There are big flowers, little flowers, and even a tie with some abstract looking flowers. Either way, these ties are great for less formal occasions.

Pros: Machine-washable cotton, festive floral prints that are good for weddings.

Cons: Not as suitable for professional settings.

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2. K. Alexander Ties

If you’re looking for silky, lustrous ties, these solid ties give off a slightly shiny appearance. There are a whole bunch of different colors, including vibrant options like sky blue and seafoam green, as well as muted options like navy and burgundy.

Pros: Available in many different solid colors, making it easy to pair them with patterned shirts without clashing.

Cons: Ties run slightly short.

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3. WeiShang Necktie

These neckties are sold in sets of four or six, making them a perfect gift for a recent college graduate who’s probably going to have to go to a lot of interviews. They’re woven from silk, and they come in a variety of classic patterns.

Pros: Sold in a set of six, traditional patterns that are good for business suits.

Cons: They’re shipped folded, instead of rolled, which can create a crease that will need to be steamed or carefully ironed out.

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