The 5 Best Neutrogena Products For Men

Best Neutrogena Mens Products
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* From acne wash to anti-aging creams
* Plus a most excellent shower gel
* See which men’s moisturizer got the Esquire seal of approval

From skin cleansers to lotions and shaving creams for sensitive skin, these are some of the best Neutrogena products for men. Great to have on hand, whether you’re on the lookout for an acne-banishing face wash or anti-aging products, or even if you’re at that unfair age where you need both. And as an added bonus, your significant other just might already own some of these so you can try them out.

1. Shaving Cream

Shaving irritation is just plain…irritating. And nobody likes the post-shaving flakiness of dry skin. This lotion is formulated to sooth with Neutrogena’s “Pro-Soothe” technology.

Neutrogena shave cream Courtesy Neutrogena


2. Triple Protect Face Lotion

Combination moisturizing lotion/sunscreen products aren’t just for the boutique skin care shelf anymore. This Esquire-recommended triple protect lotion helps relieve dry skin while also adding some anti-aging broad-spectrum sun protection.

face lotion Courtesy Neutrogena


3. Rainbath Shower Gel

This refreshing shower and bath gel has a clean, revitalizing and invigorating scent. Plus it leaves skin feeling gently cleaned and moisturized.

rainbath shower gel Courtesy Neutrogena


4. Eye Cream

Made with Melibiose and alpha-hydroxy acids, this eye cream both moisturizes and helps preserve elasticity.

eye cream Courtesy Neutrogena


5. Acne Stress Control

Long considered one of the best acne lines on the market, this classic keeps breakouts in check and, unlike some mid-2000s acne drugs, doesn’t cause horrific side effects.

acne wash Courtesy Neutrogena


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