Reebok Takes Tech: 4 Things to Buy From The Brand’s New “Innovation Collective”

reebok pump supreme rilla
Image courtesy of Reebok
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* New innovation-focused push from classic sneaker brand
* Space age tech meets age-old craftsmanship
* Unisex pieces released in small batches

If you’ve had your eye on the wildly innovative new looks from Reebok lately, you’re not alone. The company’s forward-looking Innovation Collective has already produced some award-winning new designs.

Teaming up with futurists, avant-garde designers and materials scientists, the Reebok Innovation Collective is making some of the most exciting footwear, athletic wear and “athleisure” apparel around today.

The Innovation Collective involves a creative web and social campaign that spotlights Reebok’s innovation partners, ranging from a renowned London-based tailor shop to NASA. (Yes, Reebok is making Space Boots now.) Here are our picks for the top 4 things to buy from Reebok’s Innovation Collective.

1. Floatride Run Men’s

The Reebok Floatride Run is a winner of a Runner’s World debut award. Designed for serious distance runners, it features numerous high-tech elements to take out impact harshness, namely lightweight foam cushioning for support, and a outsole tread that improves balance and positioning on the ground.

Reebok Floatride Running Shoe Courtesy Reebok Reebok


2. Floatride Run Women’s

The Women’s Floatride Run, also a Runner’s World “Best Debut” recipient, benefits from innovative lightweight cushioning using consistently sized cells for minimum degradation over the course of a run. It also has a unique 3D heel cradle, made with technology developed and patented originally for use in bras.

Floatride Women's Running Shoe Courtesy Reebok Reebok


3. Pump Supreme Hoodie

The Pump Supreme Hoodie is a comfort-minded shoe that pairs excellent cushioning with the trademark PUMP adjustable fit, resulting in a sleek casual shoe that’s both snug and cool. The “hoodie” part refers to the super soft jersey-like material on the top of the shoe. Think of it like a “pillow top” for your feet.

Reebok PUMP Supreme Hoodie Courtesy Reebok Reebok


4. Pump Supreme Rilla

The Pump Supreme Rilla features a camoflauge-inspired color scheme along with space-age technology including the updated PUMP snug fit system. The ‘Rilla also uses a carbon fiber-reinforced midsole for extra support and stability.

Pump Supreme Rilla Courtesy Reebok Reebok

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