6 Pairs Of Shoes You Won’t Believe Are From Vans

best vans sneakers varix review
Image courtesy of Vans

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* New looks from the skate shoe favorite
* Six unique, stand out sneakers in new colors, prints and silhouettes
* From futuristic desert shoes to artful takes on classics

Everyone knows what a pair of Vans looks like, right? From the classic high-tops to the iconic slip-ons seen at every coffee shop, bike shop and skate park from 1990 to, well, today, the Vans look is nothing if not distinctive. However, this isn’t all they do, and you might be surprised at what an impressive range of different, and sometimes out-there shoe designs have come from Vans lately. Here are six pairs you’ll want to cop to stand out from the rest of the Vans-wearing pack.

1. Varix

This multicolored “tech skate,” shoe is actually a futuristic throwback to a late 90s style. It’s been revamped, with more “millennial” pastel and substantial improvements to wearability and comfort as well. Like that chunky “dad shoe” trend? Here’s an easy way to get in on the look.

Vans Varix Multi Courtesy Vans


2. Kyle Walker Coral Snake

It’s the Vans logo… but in snake form. Kyle Walker’s signature model is a classic design updated with a cool, modern art-looking black, white and red snake pattern. (SPY tip: it’s also a solid alternative to those way pricier Gucci snake sneakers).

Kyle Walker Vans Coral Snake Courtesy Vans


3. UltraRange Pro

This is the skate shoe equivalent of the high-tech cutting edge footwear we see in the basketball and track and field industries. They look especially cool in the new Marshmallow and Quetzal green variety, and work as well with jeans as they do with shorts.

Vans UltraRange sneakers Courtesy Vans


4. Ultra Range Gore Hi

These remind us of something you’d wear in a futuristic space colony on some desert moon, or perhaps on one of those really weird, out-there 1970s science-fiction movies, but they’re also really comfortable, practical shoes.

Vans Ultra Range II Courtesy Zappos


5. Mid Slip SF MTE

What do you get when you mix a Vans hi-top slip on and a felt lined boot? This. This is what you get.

Vans Mid Slip Courtesy Zappos


6. UltraRange 3D RapidWeld

We have no idea what the name has to do with the shoe; it sounds like a combination wireless transmitter and metal-bonding adhesive. That said, the shoe is high-tech and athletic, and more sophisticated than anything you’d probably expect from Vans.

UltraRange 3d Vans Courtesy Zappos

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