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For a Gift That Is Thoughtful, Practical and Timeless, Give a Personalized Tie Clip

A tie clip is one of the few accessories in men’s fashion that never seems to go out of style. This makes it an excellent gift for yourself or anyone who wears a tie, regardless of their age. Tie clips also feature a broad range in price, with many affordable options still boasting a high-end look. But why not take your tie clip game even further with a personalized option?

A tie clip is a small piece of metal that keeps a tie in place by securing it to the placket of a dress shirt. Placed halfway down the tie, a tie clip has prime real estate on the front of the wearer’s body. Although tie clips are often sold in a standard silver finish, adding a bit of personality to the clip is an easy way to step up your style and create a more polished look.

Tie clips are a small accessory, but they still have enough room for titles and initials. Create some interest in your look or buy a thoughtful gift for the tie wearer in your life with a personalized tie clip.

1. AMITER Men’s Classic Tie Clip

For a tie clip that can be passed down through generations, try the AMITER Men’s Classic Tie Clip. Users can choose any letter of the alphabet for the personalized tie clip. We like that Amiter also sells the clip with matching cuff links. The tie clip has a smooth and glossy finish and an elegant steel look that will match most shirts and ties. The clip measures 2 inches across, making it easy for others to spot the personalized touch.

Pros: The Amiter is polished with brass and electroplating to give it a durable and high-end finish.

Cons: Unlike all the other clips on our list that come in a box, the Amiter is packaged in a pouch. The finish on the front of the clip may scratch if not stored carefully.

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2. HEABY Tie Clip

For an affordable and personalized gift for your entire wedding party, we recommend the HEABY Tie Clip. The tie clip features laser engraving with wedding titles, including Groom, Father of the Bride, Brother of the Bride, Father of the Groom, Brother of the Groom, Best Man and Usher. The clip is made with brass, giving the engraving a brassy yellow appearance. The classically designed tied clip features a secure spring-loaded clip that will keep the tie clip in place. Personalized tie clips can bring uniformity to a bridal party in different suits and make it easier for photographers to tell bridal party members apart.

Pros: The Heaby is made with durable brass and will last years, giving users a gift they can wear again or pass on to friends and family members.

Cons: Because the Heaby tie clip is personalized with wedding titles, it is less versatile than the other clips on our list.

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3. ORAZIO Engraved Tie Clip and Initial Cuff Links

Make your gift memorable with the ORAZIO Engraved Tie Clip and Initial Cuff Links. The set features a matching tie clip and cuff links to give a more polished look to formal attire. The set has a gold-tone with a black background for initials, making the accessories pop against ties and on cuffs. Made from high-quality brass, the tie clip has a spring-loaded clip that makes it simple to put on and remove. Fade and rust-resistant, the set instantly elevates any outfit.

Pros: The Orazio set comes in an elegant box and is a great option for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, work event or Father’s Day gift.

Cons: Orazio doesn’t offer every letter in the alphabet. Customers also can’t choose to only purchase the tie clip.

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4. BodyJ4You Four Piece Set

Treat yourself to a matching personalized set or wow someone with a thoughtful gift thanks to the BodyJ4You Four Piece Set. The polished and smooth accessories include a personalized tie clip, cuff links and money clip with the same letter printed on all four pieces. The cuff links have a bullet back closure that makes them easy to put on, while both the tie and money clip are one folded piece of metal that create a strong and secure hold. The four-piece set comes in a reusable black gift box with foam inserts to keep the items safe and secure.

Pros: The BodyJ4You set is available in every letter and customers can choose from Gold Tone, Rose Gold Tone and Silver Tone.

Cons: The tie clip measures 1.96 inches, making it the shortest on our list. Fingerprints are easily visible on these items.

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