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Coming Up Short: The 6 Best Places To Shop Online If You’re Petite

* Discover the petite lines at popular stores like Topshop and ASOS
* Being short shouldn’t restrict your shopping sprees
* Learn what to look for that will help you shop

Being petite is a blessing and a curse all wrapped up into one frustrating yet relieving package all at the same time. Being “petite” is usually defined as being a height of 5’3″ and under, and, yes, people really can be that short. There are positives and negatives that people of all heights find, however, but being short comes with extra, well… everything.

Find a pair of jeans that actually fit your waist? Awesome. But guess what? Nine times out of 10 they’re too long and then it’s back to square one. Sure, tailoring exists. But can you imagine spending hard-earned money simply trying to get a pair of pants to fit properly? It’s just not realistic. The good news is, there are a few wardrobe hacks that you can utilize on your next trip to the mall that you can learn about right here. Better yet, there are some great stores that offer exclusive lines for the shorties of the world… get your wallet ready.

1. ASOS Petite

If you have not heard of United Kingdom-based brand ASOS, you may have been living under a rock. This online retailer is incredibly budget-friendly and has so. much. stuff. including a gigantic line dedicated to those 5’3″ and under. They use petite models, too, so it’s a super close representation on how that dress may look on you as well. From blazers to beachwear, you’re (almost) guaranteed to find an item that fits you exactly how you want it to.

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Image courtesy of ASOS

Explore the ASOS Petite Line


2. Zappos Petite

Yep, your favorite online shoe destination, Zappos, sells more than just shoes. Like, way more. They also carry a decent petite line and plus sizes as well, which is a big step towards more inclusive clothing for every kind of woman. Their line has jeans, tops and dresses which are some of the harder things to find that fit, especially when it comes to midi or maxi dresses. So long, too long.

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Image courtesy of Zappos[/caption]

Explore the Zappos Petite Line


3. Forever 21

Although Forever 21 does not have an exclusive petite line, some of their items can actually fit really well. What you need to look for when shopping online is any pants or jumpsuits that are the size XS or are labeled “cropped” or “wide-leg” because those tend to fit taller people cropped, but shorter gals just right. This is a nearly fool-proof guide to smart buying, but if all fails, check the size guide for further info.

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Image courtesy of Forever 21


4. Nordstrom Petite

Nordstrom has indeed blessed us with a lengthy line of petite clothing. Here, you can shop hundreds of name brands that also carry petite clothing all in one place for the ultimate shopping spree that’ll also save you time. Can you *imagine* a dress that doesn’t drag on the floor even with heels on? Nordstrom makes it possible.

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Image courtesy of Nordstrom

Explore the Nordstrom Petite Line


5. Revolve

Revolve is another one of those retailers that does not have a designated line strictly for petite gals (yet), though they are known for carrying brands that have sizes like XXS, size 22 and 23 waist and clothes that just run super small in general — a plus for you. When searching on Revolve, it’s important to refine the search in the size tab by choosing what sizes you usually wear so you don’t spend hours clicking through pages and finding little that works.

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Image courtesy of Revolve


6. Topshop Petite

Topshop does a great job of making their site and store easy to navigate when it comes to finding the right sizes. You no longer have to worry about not finding work trousers, a blazer or a dress that’s too long or boxy; Topshop has you covered — literally.

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Image courtesy of Topshop

Explore the Topshop Petite Line


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