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The Best Places to Buy College Apparel (Apart from the School Bookstore)

Whether you’re starting your freshman year or nostalgic for your college days, academia inspired clothing never loses its appeal. But that doesn’t mean you have to go the standard route of stopping by your campus bookstore and buying a basic crewneck sweatshirt like everyone else on campus. 

Done right, college apparel can make you look like you walked right out of a retro J.Crew or Ralph Lauren ad, and the more creative you are with where you buy your collegiate gear, the more versatile it is to style, as well. Pairing some well worn alma mater pride gear with chinos and a blazer is a quick and easy way to look retro, and cool with a hint of that WASP vibe that says, “oh this old thing? From an IVY league school? Found it in the back of my closet.” 

The Best Places to Buy College Apparel: At a Glance


Abercrombie & Fitch

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Ebbets Field Flannels

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gray oxford university sweatshirt on wooden hanger in front of framed photo


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What the Experts Say

When it comes to showing your alma mater pride after you’ve gotten your diploma, it’s all about finding pieces that look stylish and well-loved rather than like you got them in a goody bag at freshman orientation. 

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“I’m a Pitt grad, and I’ve always liked 47 Brand and Homefield for their retro-minded designs with a soft, broken-in feel,” says menswear expert and founder of BAMF, Nick Guzman. “Those feel more individualized when I’m at crowded games and stylishly dressed down if I’m repping the colors for weekend errands. I find those kinds of shirts and sweatshirt I’m more inclined to wear beyond just the stadium” Menswear stylist and founder of Style Girlfriend Meg Collins also endorses collegiate gear, especially with a retro flare. “Our go to for clients is Ebbets Field Flannels,” she says. 

Courtesy of Homefield

$20.00 – $100.00

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There are plenty of big schools from around the country on the Homefield website, and their selection boasts a variety of styles. Their prices are also super reasonable compared to some of the more niche (elitist) retailers. 

Courtesy of J. Press
Runner Up

$60.00 – $285.00

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Speaking of J.Press, For the collegiate apparel lover who really, really, loves the classics, you can’t beat J.Press. Obviously they have all the standard J.Press gear that just screams old money, but their new collab with High Snobiety has some modern cool-guy flair that’s perfect if you’re the kind of guy who likes to share “fit pics” on your instagram. Be warned though, these upper-crusters only really support Ivy League institutions. 

Courtesy of HillFlint
Best classic gear

$90.00 – $110.00

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For J.Press style that won’t actually set you back an entire college loan payment, HillFlint has some awesome options for Letterman sweaters and cute unique sweats like this one repping Harvard, that nowhere else has. The weave and quality on the knitwear is also particularly strong and resists pilling.

Courtesy of Abercrombie & Fitch

$40.00 $50.00

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For guys looking to spend a little less than, Abercrombie—yes, that Abercrombie—makes some great preppy pieces that give off a great collegiate vibe. For casual wear, these logo fleece shorts also have a very Monday morning after an Animal House style night look to them. 

Courtesy of Amazon


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EFF has a killer but very select collection of retro inspired college logo sweatshirts. They might not have the highest number of schools, but the styles are timeless and easy to dress up or down. 

Courtesy of Amazon

$75.00 – $145.00

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If you’re going for a classic sort of St. Andrews-meets-Oxford appeal, look no further than Rowing Blazers. The anglo-inspired brand make a bunch of rugby-style polo shirts and sweats that look like the chicer cousin to your standard campus bookstore gear; they also have a line of rowing club blazers with specific school emblems on them if you’re inclined to custom order one with your school on it—though these are probably best kept to those who actually row crew—or you can pick from the list of their already stocked variety like this selection repping the US Rowing team. 

gray oxford university sweatshirt on wooden hanger in front of framed photo
Courtesy of Grailed

$20.00 – $300.00

If you really want to go for that authentic retro feel, there are a bunch of great places online to source original, actual vintage college gear. Grailed, for example, has a wide variety of Harvard merchandise. But lots of other websites like Etsy, Thrifted, GOAT Vintage, and Restated Vintage also have a solid selection to pick from.