The Best Places To Buy Halloween Costumes Online in 2021 – Plus Some of Our Fave Costume Ideas

halloween costume ideas for men
Courtesy of Party City & Amazon

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Halloween costume shopping can easily go wrong. Depending on where you buy them from, costumes can be cheap, uncomfortable, or take forever to arrive, to the point that you don’t even get them in time. To help you avoid those issues, we’ve done some research to determine the best places to buy a Halloween costume.

Despite everyone’s best intentions, Halloween always seems to be one of those holidays that creeps up on us. One second it’s summer, and the next second you’re hearing about everyone’s costumes and where they’ll be trick-or-treating. That being said, speedy delivery is a huge plus when it comes to the best places to buy Halloween costumes. Since it’s pretty common to only wear a costume once, it’s a life-saver if they’re affordable. You also want to check out ratings and reviews to ensure that the costumes are of decent quality, so you won’t be itchy or hot the whole night.

Don’t be caught with a last minute costume this year— check out this list of the best places to buy a Halloween costume so you’ll be prepared with some enviable outfits for this spooky season.

And if you need more costume ideas, is the best place to find costume ideas for 2021:


1. Amazon


It’s no surprising that Amazon tops the charts at number one on this list. There’s nowhere else that really even comes close. From the impressively wide variety of affordable options to the fastest possible shipping to the plethora of reviews to consult before making a purchase, it’s hard to argue that it’s the best and most trusted place to buy a Halloween costume. You can scroll through their many offerings until you’re inspired or search for exactly what you want to be and still find plenty of options to consider. Some personal favorites are below.


Inflatable Dinosaur Costume

If you want an easy costume that’ll get some laughs, this inflatable dinosaur will be a hit. You don’t even have to be stuck inside of it, you just get to pop on a hat and be the person riding the dino. It’s quite affordable for a costume of this kind and qualifies for free one day shipping in case you find yourself in a bind on Halloween eve.

inflatable dinosaur costume Courtesy of Amazon

Captain Marvel Hero Suit

Another fairly easy option, this one-piece Captain Marvel costume is fun and flattering without being too revealing. Just slip into this officially licensed jumpsuit and you’re ready for a costume party or to greet your trick-or-treaters. It’s very highly rated and allows for free returns in case it doesn’t fit.

captain marvel jumpsuit Courtesy of Amazon

2. PartyCity


PartyCity is great for a lot of things. If you need party supplies and decorations, candy, balloons or any birthday paraphernalia, it’s the best place to go. It also happens to be one of the best places to buy Halloween costumes that are affordable but look remarkably high quality. They carry a solid variety of fairly well-made costumes that won’t fall apart after one wear. The shipping is also free over $49 and decently fast to most zip codes. We perused their 2021 offerings and found some winners if you’re looking for inspiration.


Homer Costume – The Simpsons

This is a pretty solid Homer Simpson costume if you don’t mind wearing a mask. It includes the full-body jumpsuit and plastic mask to help you transform into this iconic character. Many costumes like this are one-size-fits all, but this one has standard or plus size options in case you tend to need something larger than average.

homer simpson costume Courtesy of Party City

Average Joe’s Costume

This is a great excuse to throw on shorts and a t-shirt and still be able to say you’re dressed up. It’s probably one of the most comfortable Halloween costumes you’ll find, if that’s something that’s important to you. You can also easily get matching costumes and put together a whole team with your friends or family. And it happens to be on sale.

average joe's costume, best places to buy halloween costumes Courtesy of Party City

Roaring 20s Flapper Costume

This costume in particular looks quite chic for the price. It’s a classic flapper outfit that comes with the dress and headband, but the other accessories are also available separately to top off the look. It’s well-reviewed and available for almost instant pick up or delivery in certain areas.

flapper costume, best places to buy halloween costumes Courtesy of Party City

3. Target


What can’t you get at Target? It’s pretty much a one-stop shop for anything you could possibly need, and Halloween costumes are no exception. You can get kid costumes, adult costumes and costume accessories, and you can always trust Target to give you a good deal. The prices are right and the costumes are solid, making it another one of the best places to buy Halloween costumes this year and always. A couple in particular that we love are linked below.


Disco King Costume

Funky disco costumes are always in style. They give you an excuse to boogie all night long, and if I don’t say so myself, you look pretty good while doing it. This set comes with the sparkly shirt and flared pants, and you can choose if you wanna add the ‘stache or sunglasses. There are also small/medium or medium/large options, so you can make sure you get the most flattering fit.

disco king costume, best places to buy halloween costumes online Courtesy of Target


Hot Dog Costume

Everyone loves a classic, all-American hot dog, so why not dress up as one? It’s another simple, one-piece costume that you can throw on before you go out. It also facilitates others to join you as ketchup, mustard or any other hot dog toppings.

hot dog costume, best places to buy halloween costumes online Courtesy of Target

Bone Chillin Halloween Costume

It’s always good to invest in a sort of generic Halloween outfit that you can wear year after year when needed. They’re not topical or particularly creative, but they come in seriously handy when you just want to be in the Halloween spirit without putting too much thought or effort into it. This is actually a pretty school skeleton suit that fits the bill and comes in a variety of sizes.

skeleton suit, best places to buy halloween costumes online Courtesy of Target

4. Spirit Halloween


Every year as fall approaches, you start to see some Spirit Halloween stores pop up around town in empty storefronts. Their sole purpose is selling Halloween costumes, so you know they have to be good at it. They offer tons of costumes, from the classic Halloween looks to more topical looks for any given year. You can now also order from them online any time of the year, and some outfits you’ll see are offered online only, so you should snatch them up while you still can.


Hunky Firefighter Costume

If you’ve been working on your body this year and want to show off, there’s no shame in going with a hunky costume. And what’s hunkier than a firefighter? This one has a faux-torso tank top so you won’t be too revealed, but you can still highlight those shoulders and arms you’re so proud of. It includes the screen-printed muscle shirt, yellow pants, red suspenders and most importantly, the firefighter’s hat.

hunky firefighter costume, best places to buy halloween costumes online Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

Wild Wavy Inflatable Costume

If you’re going for a more silly vibe, this is truly one of the best costumes I’ve seen. It’s an inflatable one-piece, so it’s easy enough to put on, and you can spend the whole night wiggling and waving around like those wonky inflatable men outside of the car wash. It’s sure to be a hit at any Halloween party.

wild wavy inflatable man, best places to buy halloween costumes online Courtesy of Spirit Halloween

5. Etsy


You may not think of Etsy as a go-to place for Halloween costumes, but it’s actually a great spot to find adorable and unique baby costumes or cool, creative accessories to put together your desired spooky look. Once you see how cute your kid will look in one of these costumes, you’ll agree that it’s one of the best places to buy Halloween costumes. The only drawback to keep in mind is that things can take longer to deliver on Etsy, so you’ll have to plan ahead and order a bit earlier than you would from other sites.


Ramen Baby Costume

This ramen noodle had is possibly one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. The costume comes with the hat and a onesie, either short-sleeved or long-sleeved, available for newborn sizes up to 5T. You’ll surely get a lot of attention toting your baby around in this one.

ramen baby costume, best places to buy halloween costumes online Courtesy of Etsy

Subway Sandwich Blanket Costume

baby sandwich blanket, best places to buy halloween costumes online Courtesy of Etsy

Progressive Insurance Flo Costume

If you don’t have a baby but you are looking for some easy accessories to create your own costume, grab this set of apron and pins to become Flo from the Progressive Insruance commercials. If you’re a brunette, you can just throw on a headband and white clothes with these and you’re ready to go.

flo progressive costume, buy halloween costumes online in 2021 Courtesy of Etsy


6. Walmart


We all know we can count on Walmart for unbeatable prices. That also applies to their Halloween costumes. They offer a pretty good assortment of costumes, including many options for around $20 or less. The more intricate costumes may be a little pricier, but still super affordable for what you get. Many of the costumes are also eligible for free 2-day delivery. All things considered, it’s one of the best places to get a Halloween costume.


Banana Costume

Since you can wear whatever clothes you want and throw this banana costume on top before you run out to the costume party, this costume is ideal for uncertain weather conditions. You can be as warm or cool as necessary and pop on this lightweight suit without interfering with your body temperature. It’s also pretty funny — bananas are kind of a crowd-pleaser.

banana costume, buy halloween costumes online in 2021 Courtesy of Walmart

Reno 911 LT Dangle Costume

For all of the Reno 911 fans out there, you can transform yourself into LT Dangle in this fun and affordable costume. Show off those thighs in these tiny shorts, with a separate police shirt to tuck in. Reno 911 really never gets old, so this costume will always be relevant.

reno 911 lt dangle costume, buy halloween costumes online in 2021 Courtesy of Walmart

Deluxe Woody Costume

Get the whole family to go for a Toy Story look and kick things off with this comfortable, lightweight Woody costume. There are tons of other characters for the whole crew to join in. This one comes with a jumpsuit, vest, boot covers, handkerchief and a cowboy hat. It’s everything you need to embody Woody for a night.

woody costume, buy halloween costumes online in 2021 Courtesy of Walmart

7. shopDisney


Especially if you have kids, Disney themed costumes are always a hit. Everyone knows the characters, so you don’t have to do much when it comes to hair, makeup or accessories and you’ll still be recognizable. The shopDisney store has costumes for nearly every Disney character imaginable, and they’re top-notch when it comes to quality. They may be a bit pricier than some other places, but they’ll last you for a long time, which will work to your advantage since Disney never goes out of style.


Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Glow-in-the-Dark Half Suit and Light-Up Tie

This is a great option for something that’s Disney-themed without being film specific, so you can wear it at least one night every Halloween season. It’s another one of those costumes that’s more generic Halloween, which can be fun to put on for a classy party or to entertain your trick-or-treaters year after year. It’s festive and fun, and you’ll never get tired of it.

disney mickey mouse half suit, buy halloween costumes online in 2021 Courtesy of shopDisney

Prince Charming Prestige Costume

Who wouldn’t want to be Prince Charming? This dapper costume will delight children, and you’ll still look suave enough to impress the adults. It includes the pants, jacket and belt— just enough to make you look plenty royal without being over the top. It’s a classic Disney costume that everyone will love.

prince charming costume, buy halloween costumes online in 2021 Courtesy of shopDisney

Snow White Deluxe Costume

For a classic Disney princess costume that both you and your kids can appreciate, go for Snow White. She’s timeless and beautiful— what’s not to love? This costume comes with the full dress and red headband with a bow to complete the look. All you need to do is style your hair and you’ll be a dead ringer.

snow white costume, buy halloween costumes online in 2021 Courtesy of shopDisney