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10 Stylish Polarized Sunglasses for Men to Wear in 2020

* Sunglasses should be worn year-round
* Protect your eyes from UV rays and glare
* Polarized shades for a variety of prices

Although sunglasses are a summertime staple, they’re just as necessary across all seasons. Whether you’re skiing, commuting to work on wet roads, or traveling, it’s a good idea to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and glare. Plus, sunglasses always score style points. However, there’s a way to find both style and function with your lenses, which is where polarization comes in handy.

For the unaware, polarized lenses are a special coating included in your frames that work to eliminate the amount of light that’s reflected off a surface into your eyes, helping to reduce glare and better protect your eyes. This also has the added benefit of making what you see through the shades sharper and clearer. UV protection for your eyes is just as important for UV protection for your skin after all.

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up a variety of different polarized sunglasses that are perfect to wear, no matter the season. You’ll find our ten favorites, below.


1. Quay Polarized Sunglasses


Quay’s brilliance comes from its ability to make quality frames at a more than quality price. That’s why this Australian eyewear company has emerged as one of the year’s most popular sunglasses. In particular, we’re big fans of their version of a classic Ray-Ban wayfarer style frame Check out the company’s Reckless 56mm Square Sunglasses, pictured below. The gray-blue, polarized lenses help to evoke a decidedly sporty look, while the sturdy plastic frames themselves ensure durability. Plus, the black-colored frames will match just about everything in your wardrobe while providing 100% UV protection.

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2. Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic Polarized Sunglasses


The Clubmaster frame from Ray-Ban is a sheer classic. The horn-rimmed frames are instantly recognizable due to their distinctive edges. Classically cool and always trendy, they’re a fast way to elevate your style considerably. The crystal polarized lenses allow for deep and rich color clarity while ensuring your eyes are 100% protected from the sun’s most harmful and dangerous rays. These sunglasses are often imitated, but you can’t beat a true classic.

These Ray-Ban shades come with a variety of color options, but we prefer the timeless tortoise-shell frames with gold detailing pictured below.

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Courtesy of Ray-Ban


3. Metallic Rim Polarized Clip-On Sunglasses


That’s right: the clip-on sunglasses your dad wore in the 80s are now back in style thanks to street-style trendsetters and designers like Gucci. They’re especially useful if you wear prescription glasses, and this pair is very affordable at just $13.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Sunski Browline Polarized Sunglasses


Sometimes you want a pair of sunglasses that skews away from what you normally might invest in, i.e., something a little more trendy or stylish. With this rounded set of frames from Sunski, you’re getting just that. Inspired by vintage designs, the rounded frames will look good on a variety of face shapes, providing a look that’s equal parts timeless and trendy. The contrasting bits of gold around the lower third of the lenses also helps to provide additional character notes. And, of course, the polarized lenses will provide ample protection from the sun’s most harmful beams.

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5. eyebobs Air Heart Aviator Sunglasses


Retro in their design, these frames from brand eyebobs are more of a Persol-style frame than they are aviators. However you decide to classify them, above all else, they’re inherently stylish and will have you looking particularly cool. The yellow and brown color double down on the 1970s-vibes that seem to exude from the shades themselves. The sturdy construction, supported by the frame’s cross-bar, makes them just as appropriate for driving as they can be for more active situations. And top-tier polarization allow for both added clarity through the lenses, as well as UV protection.

Usually priced at $100, you can buy one of the season’s best polarized sunglasses for men for just $49 on Amazon right now.

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6. Rocknight Driving Polarized Sunglasses


These Rocknights are another good option for driving and outdoor sports, but their style can work for daily wear as well. They feature polarized lenses, comfortable, soft nose pads and a durable construction. They’ll sit comfortably on your face for long periods of time, which means you can transition from driving to the driving range with complete ease.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Ablibi Bamboo Polarized Sunglasses


Wooden sunglasses have blown-up over the past few years, and these polarized shades let you nail the look for just $22. Plus, they come with a cool wooden box to keep in your car. The look and texture provide a decidedly different vibe that useful if for no other reason than to just change things up from whatever other pair of sunglasses you may already own.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


8. HAKA Sports Sunglasses Polarized


These sports sunglasses feature a soft silicone rubber sleeve that keeps the frames on your head, no matter the activity. Once you factor in that rubber sleeve and merge with a stylish, vintage-inspired looking set of frames, you’re left with a hybrid frame that’s got both form and function. Plus, it makes them great for hiking, traveling, or driving. Really, they’re the complete package.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Ray-Ban Wayfarer Polarized Sunglasses


Listen, we know we’ve picked two Ray-Ban options here. But the iconic brand has, well, created so many iconic looks that it’s tough not to have them included multiple times. Wayfarer frames, specifically, are among one of the most instantly recognizable frames available. The favorite of celebrities and artists everywhere, the shades will look just as daring and dashing on you as they do on Bob Dylan. Something Dylan (probably) didn’t have back then was a polarized set that will ensure your eyes will be fully protected while also working to reduce the amount of glare you see.

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10. Nike Maverick Polarized Sunglasses


Part of Nike’s golf line, these polarized sunglasses are an excellent hybrid option, straddling the line between sport shades and traditional frames. The sunset orange and red hues provide a striking appearance, while the lightweight frame can rest comfortably on your face for extended periods of time with ease (thanks in part to the cushioning temples). Additionally, the polarized lenses will help to reduce glare from a variety of different surfaces, which only further adds to their versatility. If you don’t mind a bold choice, these frames will suit you well.

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