The 46 Best Pop Culture Halloween Costumes Ideas for 2022

best pop culture costumes
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We’ll admit it — Halloween is our favorite time of the year, even more than Christmas. We all get one night to dress up as someone or something completely different from our ordinary selves and feel smarter, sexier, stronger, or more interesting than we do in our daily lives. And if you regularly binge-watch Netflix, Hulu, TikTok or any other streaming or TV service like us, then you probably already have an idea of who you’d like to morph into for Halloween 2022. 

To help you narrow down your look for this year’s festivities, we’ve compiled a list of the best pop culture Halloween costumes, from people and characters that we’ve grown to love to some notable throwbacks that offer a dose of heartfelt nostalgia. We made sure to include plenty of hilariously relevant costumes from recent events and popular TV shows and some timeless pop culture comebacks that everyone loves. Whether new or old-school, these costumes will help you pull off your most magical Halloween.

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1. Corn Kid

Who says that this can’t be an amazing Halloween costume for adults? One of the most entertaining pop culture costume ideas 2022 has blessed us with thus far, the adorable “Corn Kid” of TikTok became an instant social media celebrity when he explained to the world just how much he loved what he calls a “big lump with knobs”. While you could definitely sing the now-viral song to give a hint, if you show up in an obvious corn-on-the-cob costume like this, everyone should be able to figure it out.

best pop culture halloween costumes, corn costume Courtesy of Amazon


2. Boris Johnson

A bad blond wig with a choppy cut is key to any Boris Johnson costume. Then, you need an ill-fitting suit complete with a blue tie. Or you can opt for a cheekier costume with a striped jailhouse ‘fit and a guilty sign. You can even rub a light layer of sunscreen on your face to get maximum pastiness. Not in the mood for DIY? You can always get this terrifying but easily recognizable mask.

rubber johnies Boris Johnson Mask British Prime Minister UK Courtesy of Etsy


3. Eddie Munson Season 4 Stranger Things Costume

Easily one of the most important characters in the latest season of the Stranger Things franchise, Eddie Munson’s look isn’t difficult to recreate, making this one of the best pop culture Halloween costumes for a last-minute look. He rocks the signature Hellfire Club shirt with a leather jacket and a denim vest. Pair with some ripped jeans (and an 80s rocker week to fully complete the look) for an impressive look that’s basically a spruced-up, sci fi version of Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club.

Eddie Munson Season 4 Stranger Things Costume Courtesy of Amazon


4. Playboy Bunny and Bachelor Halloween Costume

This recognizable pop culture outfit will turn heads wherever you go on Halloween night. Go as the ultimate lover boy in this red satin robe costume with black trim that comes with a pipe accessory to authenticate the look. Going out as a couple? Have your significant other pair it with Playboy’s first official licensed Bunny Halloween costume.

Playboy Bunny and Bachelor Halloween Costume Courtesy of Playboy


5. Jeffrey Dahmer

Ryan Murphy’s Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is, by far, the most popular show on Netflix right now and Evan Peters as Dahmer is… well… killing it. Sorry for the pun. Anyway, if you want to rock the cannibalistic look, there’s no better time than now to do so. For this Halloween costume, we’re thinking something a little more casual and easy. The glasses, the hair, an easy shirt and some fake blood strewn about should suffice.

best pop culture halloween costume, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story Courtesy of Netflix


6. Karen

There is no better pop culture costume than Karen. And, if you don’t know Karen, you don’t deserve to dress as Karen. Everyone has run into a Karen at some point in their life. She might me your next-door neighbor, the woman at the grocery store, that lady cheering her kids on at the soccer field. Whoever Karen is in your neighborhood, they all have something in common: this haircut. Pair this with some mom jeans, a zip-up sweatshirt, some Sketchers and tacky jewelry and you’re good to go.

best pop culture halloween costumes, karen wig Courtesy of Amazon


7. Queen Elizabeth

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have figured out by now that the Queen of England passed in earlier September 2022. While it is quite sad, it isn’t necessarily unexpected. Like, she was 96 and spent 70 whole years on the throne. The lady was tired. Rep the Queen this Halloween with this mask below and take back the throne in her honor.

best halloween costumes for men, Queen Elizabeth Mask Courtesy of Amazon


8. Borat

It’s a tale as old as time. The Borat mankini. It’s easy, it’s straightforward, it’s incredibly revealing and it’s hilarious. Everybody will understand the reference and will surely get a couple of laughs out of your look. Just be sure you’re more than willing to bare it all.

best pop culture costumes, Borat Mankini Courtesy of Amazon


9. Jeffree Star

Not another Jeffrey, this time it’s a Jeffree. If you’ve been keeping up with Jeffree Star these days, you might have taken note that he’s gotten into something a little… well… unexpected. He’s ditched Hollywood for Wyoming to breed and slaughter yak for their meat. And, no, we’re not kidding. This year, pair the Jeffree tracksuit with a pink wig — just don’t forget the yak plush.

jeffree star costume, best pop culture costume Courtesy of Amazon


10. Joe Biden

One of the best Halloween costume ideas is to dress up like the 46th President of the United States. You can do that with this Joe Biden mask which is a must-have for any democrat. Of course, you’ll need to start with a business suit with dress shoes and a tie. Then, finish it off with this latex Biden mask. You can even turn this into a BFF look if you pair this look with a rival Trump costume for a good old-fashioned debate.

best pop culture costumes, Joe Biden Mask Courtesy of Amazon


11. Elon Musk With Triplets

From wild tweets to a 2022 bid for Twitter itself, it’s been a rollercoaster of a year for Elon Musk. A great family costume if you have kids you can put matching outfits on; this is also a suitable solo look — you need three fake babies in matching outfits. For Elon’s outfit, rock a black suit jacket with a white button-down or a plaid Oxford shirt with jeans, which seems to be a casual favorite of his.

elon musk costume fake baby Courtesy of Amazon


12. Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

They were the couple of the summer and everyone was obsessed. But, they’re no longer an item. We all know Kanye is cheering somewhere. Although they’re no longer together, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian make a great 2022 costume idea. Luckily, recreating their looks isn’t that difficult. For Pete, you’ll need a ton of fake tattoos and a hoodie or beanie paired with his classic sunglasses and a white tee. For Kim, opt for a slick wet-hair look, tons of contouring and a tight, curve-hugging dress. You can even recreate their famous Met Gala look with a Marylin-inspired gown and a classic black and white tux.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian met gala Courtesy of Instagram


13. 2007 Britney

Alright, alright, listen. We love Britney Spears. We’re so happy for her in recent months post-conservatorship and we repped #FreeBritney from the very beginning. That said, we can’t ignore the fact that 2007 Britney is one of the most iconic pop culture costumes of all time, can we? Seriously. All you need is a bald cap, grey zip-up and an umbrella to recreate that moment we all remember.

2007 Britney, best pop culture halloween costumes Courtesy of RollingStone


14. Euphoria

Although season two was in 2022, the most recent episode of Euphoria feels like forever ago — and we already miss it. This year for Halloween, dress up as one of your favorite characters. Maybe it’s Rue, Jules, Maddy, Cassie, Young Cal or Nate (we hope it’s not Nate). Whoever you choose, all you need is lots and lots of glitter. Two favorite looks are Maddy’s show-stopping carnival look from season one and Young Cal’s wrestling outfit, which you can both find below.

Euphoria, best pop culture costumes Courtesy of Amazon


15. Barbie and Ken

We cannot wait for the new Barbie movie featuring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. So much so that the Barbiecore trend is literally all we can think about right now. One excellent couples’ costume this year is Barbie and Ken, check it out below and see if it’s the perfect costume for you and your boo.

margot robbie in barbie movie Courtesy of Jaap Buitendijk/Warner Bros.


16. J.Lo and Ben Affleck

We’ve all shipped this couple at some point in our lives, and miraculously, Bennifer is a thing again in 2022, making it a superb Halloween costume idea. For the ultimate Ben and Jen outfit this year, you can rock their 2003 Oscars look that we all remember: Jen with her one-shouldered mint green gown and Ben with his skinny tie and black suit. You can also recreate their masked appearance at the 2021 Met Gala. This time, Ben swapped out the skinny tie for a bow tie while J. Lo rocked a metal disc necklace and a trailing brown gown under a fur throw.

J.Lo and Ben Affleck 2003 oscars Courtesy of Instagram


17. Stranger Things Demogorgon

The fourth season of Stranger Things finally graced Netflix this year, and die-hard fans of the series rejoiced. While characters like Dustin and Eleven are easy to cosplay, we thought we’d kick things up a notch with our Halloween 2022 costume and go all out with a Demogorgon suit. It might be hard to DIY at home, but it’s possible with a fencing outfit and a cut-out mask. Otherwise, we recommend opting for this pre-made costume, which will help you scare all the neighborhood kids.

Stranger Things Demogorgon  Courtesy of Amazon


18. Chris Rock & Will Smith

Ah, the slap heard around the world. And the ultimate costume idea for 2022. To recreate this notorious awards show moment, you’ll need two suits. For Chris, costume-wearers rock a navy velvet blazer and a bow tie. For Will, opt for a cravat and slim jacquard tuxedo. And to bring the whole look together, you’ll need to re-enact the slap. This can be done by wearing either a giant foam hand or a Hulk smash hand. On Chris, you can also use eyeliner or costume makeup to draw on a hand-print.

Chris Rock & Will Smith Courtesy of Amazon


19. Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker

It looks like another Kardashian found love this year, and you can recreate your favorite rock n’ roll couple in a few ways. For their wedding in Italy, Travis wore a black tux and bow tie that showed off his neck tats, while Kourtney opted for an all-white lingerie-inspired mini-dress and a long, trailing veil. You can also recreate their memorable Met Gala look with Travis’s pleated skirt and suit paired with Kourt’s cropped dress shirt and color-blocked skirt.

Yazhiji Temporary Tattoos Courtesy of Amazon


20. Obi-Wan and Darth Vader

Star Wars fans rejoiced when Disney+ launched Obi-Wan Kenobi, a sci-fi adventure that takes place a decade after Revenge of the Sith. How could you not honor it with a genius costume idea in 2022? Ideal for a Star Wars-loving couple or a BFF duo, this duo costume pays tribute to the recent episode of the show that depicts this long-awaited fight between good and evil. If you invest in some light sabers along with the classic costumes, you can always bring the drama and stage a battle at any point throughout the night.

Rubie's Star Wars Darth Vader Adult Costume Courtesy of Amazon


21. Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story fans all over were anticipating the release of the franchise’s latest comeback creation: Buzz Lightyear. For many movie-watchers, this was their favorite Toy Story character. The film follows the famous cartoon character as he attempts to return home but is confronted with an army of ruthless robots trying to steal his fuel. Recreate your own Buzz Lightyear look with this family-friendly costume and experience his adventures to infinity and beyond first-hand.

Disney Buzz Lightyear Costume Courtesy of Amazon


22. Free Guy

One of the most lovable movie characters ever, Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy is all about a bank teller in a video game who discovers that he’s not a real person but an NPC in a brutal open-world video game. Recreating his outfit will require a belted pair of khaki pants and black framed glasses. You’ll also need a short-sleeved blue button-down with a striped tie and a blue name tag that says “Guy.” Bonus points if you carry around a to-go coffee cup.

BAEHEU Free Guy costume Courtesy of Amazon


23. King Richard

A better Will Smith moment to remember from this year, King Richard was the sports biopic chronicling the rise of famous tennis sisters Serena and Venus and their father’s influence. To recreate King Richard’s look, you’ll need a red long-sleeve v-neck sweater with a white polo shirt underneath. Then, white cotton shorts (the shorter the better) and some white tube socks with red stripes and tennis shoes. A white and red windbreaker can finish off the look — vintage, ideally.

American apparel Unisex Strip Knee-High Socks Courtesy of Amazon


24. Carmy Berzatto from The Bear

If you’re looking to dress up in a way that doesn’t make you look completely ridiculous, consider dressing up as everyone’s crush and one of the top costume ideas for 2022: Chef Carmy. The best thing is, you probably have most of these items or can easily get them at a nearby store. There are no fancy or hard-to-get clothes here —  just pair this white tee and blue apron with a pair of black pants that you have at home. And of course, put some styling product in your hair to nail that messy look.

Chef Works unisex adult Butcher Apron, carmy from the bear costume, best pop culture costumes


25. Lost City Couples Costume

One of the funniest comedies of the year also makes one of the best couples’ costumes this Halloween. The Sandra Bullock costume is pretty straightforward thanks to this women’s costume on Amazon, while the men’s is easy to pull together. Just pair the travel pillow and tee below with a hiking backpack and a rolling suitcase. As an optional bonus, you can grab a light-colored camo hoodie like the one Tatum wears in the movie. These characters have been through hell, so be sure to mess up that hair and add makeup that looks like dirt.

Vecborn Lost City costume Sandra Bullock Dress best pop culture costumes Courtesy of Amazon


26. House of the Dragon Prince Daemon Targaryen Costume

Ever since the prequel to Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, was released in August on HBO, people have been waiting for the chance to cosplay their favorite characters for one of the best pop culture Halloween costumes. This is one of the best pop culture costumes 2022 has given you the opportunity to play around with. A Prince Daemon Targaryen costume is a little tough to DIY, but this detailed and realistic option from Sky Costume makes it a breeze. You can rep the Targaryen dynasty more accurately with the help of this long blond wig.

Prince Daemon Targaryen House of the Dragon Outfits Halloween Cosplay Costume best pop culture costumes house of dragon Courtesy of Sky Costume


27. The Black Phone Grabber Costume

One of the scariest costume ideas for 2022, The Black Phone grabber is instantly recognizable from that terrifying toothy mask and a black top hat. You can get all the accessories including the hat, mask and sunglasses for a reasonable deal at Amazon, while this cosplay costume is almost an exact recreation of the outfit from the movie. It’s not the most family-friendly costume, but it is a must for horror movie lovers.

The Black Phone Grabber Costume Manyeer The Black Phone Mask for The Grabber Cosplay Costume Mask with Black Hat and Glasses for Halloween Prop best pop culture costumes Courtesy of Amazon


28. Sonic the Hedgehog Costume

One of the most comfortable (and warmest) Halloween pop culture costumes of the year, this Sonic the Hedgehog costume is fitting given that Sonic the Hedgehog 2 came out earlier in 2022. Dress us as everyone’s favorite video game character with this ultra-cozy onesie which is perfect for those living in chillier locations. This costume consists of a fuzzy jumpsuit with a zipper closure and boot covers.

Adult Sonic the Hedgehog Costume best pop culture costumes Courtesy of Spirit Halloween


29. Elvis Costume

With the latest Elvis movie starring Austin Butler, a whopping 90 costumes were required. Luckily, you only need one to be instantly recognizable as the king of rock and roll. Dress up like the legend himself in one of the best Halloween costumes for adults, complete with a bedazzled upper and belt. According to reviewers, the collar actually stays up, and the jumpsuit fits true to size. Just make sure that you invest in the wig and add a pair of sunglasses to fully complete the look.

best pop culture costumes, Rubie's Aloha Elvis Adult Costume Courtesy of Amazon


30. Argyle Season 4 Stranger Things Costume

Most stoners probably have the Argyle costume in their closet already, but if not, we’ve got your back with one of the best pop culture Halloween costumes of the year. In a perfect clashing print look, cozy pants and a t-shirt pair with an open button-down. This costume doesn’t come with the wig, so be sure to check out this lustrous option from Amazon.

Argyle Season 4 Stranger Things Costume Courtesy of Halloween Costumes


31. Squid Game Halloween Costume

Inspired by one of Netflix’s most-watched series of 2021, this Squid Game costume is also one of the year’s most popular Halloween costume ideas to wear in 2022.

Squid Game Halloween Costume, best pop culture halloween costumes Courtesy of Amazon


32. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender is being brought back to life in a live-action format via Netflix soon and we’re way too excited. Strut around this Halloween in an Aang costume as an early celebration for the series release.

best men's halloween costumes, Avatar: The Last Airbender Courtesy of Amazon


33. Jeff Bezos The Astronaut

Are you enthralled by Jeff Bezos’ trip into space last year? Look no further than this getup as an epic Halloween costume to celebrate the moment. Dress as the Amazon and Blue Origin founder by wearing a spacesuit paired with a cowboy hat for a look that’s out of this world.

Jeff Bezos Space Halloween Costume, work-appropriate Halloween costumes Courtesy of Amazon


34. The Hot Dog Guy from I Think You Should Leave

Go full-on pop culture as the character that spawned into one of the most ubiquitous memes of recent times: the hot dog guy from Netflix’s I Think You Should Leave. This look is super easy to recreate with a one-piece hot dog costume from Rasta Imposta.

Rasta Imposta Lightweight Hot Dog Costume Courtesy of Amazon


35. Joe Exotic, Tiger King

It’s tough to choose between all the riveting characters of Tiger King, but Joe Exotic, aka the “gay, gun-toting cowboy,” as he sums it up, is No. 1 when it comes to memorable outfits. Throw on your finest jeans and a leather belt, and pair it with this patterned shirt, a bleach-blond mullet wig and a fake mustache to recreate the look.

Joe Exotic Halloween costume Courtesy of Amazon


36. The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Halloween Costume

Hit the streets this Halloween dressed as the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda. The Mandalorian costume comes with a top, pants, vest, cloak, gloves, belts and PU armor pieces. (His helmet, however, is sold separately). Baby Yoda’s officially licensed onesie is a great companion, offering an adorable hood with baby Yoda’s face and ears.

The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Halloween Costume Courtesy of Amazon


37. Coming to America

The wardrobe in the 2021 sequel to Coming To America was just as epic as the one in the first movie, and we’re here to help you recreate the iconic attire. The pop culture Halloween costume possibilities are endless since pretty much every character is dressed impeccably in the lavish traditions of Zamunda. But for a couple’s costume, we recommend either the sharply dressed Akeem and Semmi or the breathtaking couple, Lisa and Akeem. Add to the party by allowing friends to join in as Randy Watson Jaffe Joffer, or Prince Akeem as a McDowell’s worker. Either way, make sure you have plenty of jewels on hand.

Coming to America Halloween Costumes Courtesy of


38. Jack Skellington, The Nightmare Before Christmas

The skeleton-who-stole-Christmas is a classic Halloween costume that never gets old: Jack’s bony bod would be difficult to achieve under normal circumstances (thankfully), but this costume set will give you that sought-after gaunt appearance, striped suit and all.

Jack Nightmare Before Christmas Courtesy of Touchstone


39. Assane Diop, Lupin

Is there anyone cooler or more charming on TV right now than Assane Diop in the French Netflix series Lupin? Meet the ultimate costume that still lets you flex your fashion chops without looking like a little kid playing dress-up. This stylish dresser has a look that’s classy but not too complicated to accomplish. All you need is a driver’s cap, a couple of handfuls of costume jewelry to show off the latest heist, and a well-constructed wool jacket that steals the show on its own.

best pop culture halloween costumes - King Akeem, Coming 2 America Courtesy of IMDb


40. Johnny Lawrence, Cobra Kai

The Karate Kid is a bit of an outdated pop culture reference when it comes to martial arts costumes, so opt for this Cobra Kai piece instead, popularized by the hit Netflix series. You can always purchase a black karate costume and sew on a Cobra Kai patch for a DIY costume that you can also wear to your local karate class. You’ll feel like a badass when you put on this costume and practice your kicks, remembering the mantra, “strike first, strike hard, no mercy.”

Johnny Lawrence, Cobra Kai Courtesy of IMDb


41. The Duke and Duchess of Hastings, Bridgerton

For a look that’s a bit more debonaire than Top Gun, the Duke of Hastings is a classic Bridgerton look that can easily be paired with a range of other characters on the show. It’s dashing, just the right amount of old-fashioned, and involves some breeches, a well-tailored jacket like this one, which you can easily find on Amazon. Have your significant other dress as Daphne Bridgerton in a dress that ensures she’s the belle of the ball. Are you ready to be the cause of all scandal in aristocratic-era London? Making history has never looked so good.

Bridgerton Costume Courtesy of Amazon


42. Maverick, Top Gun

Since the long-awaited sequel to Top Gun was announced, people have been waiting to see what Top Gun: Maverick has in store for us. It did not disappoint. Celebrate by rocking Tom Cruise’s look with this flight suit and some aviator sunglasses.

Maverick, Top Gun Courtesy of IMDb


43. Bachelor Halloween Costume

Take home the rose with this DIY “The Bachelor” costume. The look is simple to pull off, only needing a suit and evening gown. Add in a rose or two to really sell the look.

bachelor Courtesy of Amazon


44. Hopper, Stranger Things

This beer-drinking, chain-smoking sheriff is in town: Step into Hopper’s uniform for a day to become the most unlikely hero in Hawkins. Don’t forget his iconic cigarette, but before you light up the real thing, try one of these faux cigarettes, which create the illusion of burning without the smoke.

Hopper Stranger Things Image courtesy of Netflix


45. Jon Snow, Game of Thrones

Even though Game of Thrones has officially ended, you don’t have to leave Winterfell behind just yet: Take your place as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, and watch heads turn. This outfit comes with a cape and waistcoat. All you have to do is add black pants and a sword, and you’re all set.

Jon Snow Costume Courtesy of Amazon


46. Pennywise, It

If you’re looking for the best scary Halloween costumes, then you can’t beat Pennywise. This creepy clown is sure to terrify even the bravest of souls this Halloween, then dressing up as Pennywise is (obviously) your best option. The maniacal clown tormenting small-town Derry sports some big red hair, lots of ruffles, and a perpetual grin, all of which you can achieve with this spooky costume kit.

Pennywise It Movie, best Pop Culture Halloween Costumes Courtesy of Warner Bros


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